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  1. Heard Tayport have certainly improved which is good to see and the top 4 in that league will be interesting..... Surprised Saints haven't strengthened after a frustrating previous season for them, but a hard area to attract players....
  2. MacKinnon will expect wages that Brechin can't afford so i would be very surprised if he is appointed
  3. With only 5 weeks away from the season starting again i would like to think a new management team would be put into place by the end of this week as it only gives the team a limited amount of training sessions before the season starts and what's even more concerning is the lack of a squad. The new management team will have a job on their hands working with the same squad again.. any decent players up for grabs will be snapped up so will be a case of chipping away at the side and adding when they can.
  4. Cheers for the update, a step in the right direction by the sounds of it and hopefully get a bit of light soon on our next league destination
  5. Anything decent come out of last nights EGM?
  6. You just never know when this mob and i am pretty sure the top 6 would be more than happy to play out 50% of fixtures. Would be better someone going up and giving them a chance in the Lowland than not.
  7. No today is the day where the league decide the PPG and declare the champions as being Jeanfield Swifts..... Mic Drop
  8. Excellent start.... one of the best footballing sides I have seen for years at this level..... exciting and direct
  9. Always keen to see what's going on for the best of the club. I hope you are well
  10. Was the wrong appointment in the first place IMO however, that is done.... The team have looked totally disjointed and the shape all over the place in games. Fair enough having attacking flair, however, there is no clinical finishing and certainly no structure defending as a unit. The new manager will have a job on his hands and no doubt pressure from fans to succeed fast. Philip McGuire has had successful stints at St Andrews and Carnoustie with promotion and league title (last season would have been theirs) worth a punt Thomas Courts also very handy and doing well at Dundee United with plenty of contacts...... McCunnie and Gibby also other ones in contention i would have thought...... appointment will need to be quite sharp though
  11. Some of these comments from Tranent fans are embarrassing regarding black. His two yellows were well derseved and it looked like his rash challenges were somewhat out of frustration with him not playing regularly in the starting 11. He also had a high feet challenge after his first yellow and also wiped out a swifts player while on the attack just before he got his red. Tranent played better without him but it was a thoroughly deserved win for Jeanfield swifts who impressed me again.
  12. One thing i don't really understand though is Stevie Campbell has outstayed the last 2 managers? Surely an assistant manager will have a big say on team selection, formation and training etc....... unless he is helping fund the club is some way? I would have liked to see a whole new management team rather than dead wood....... Just my opinion
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