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  1. If Clydebank has signed 5 starters from talbot then I don’t think mr happy would have posted the same disbelief. Maybe because it was from rossvale? A club who I think should now have earned enough respect that this is not a surprise, bringing players through better than most clubs
  2. You do realise sometimes players actually decide where they want to play their football ?
  3. Disrespectful player. Watched him play several times including an absolute disgraceful representation of his character at a marymass derby. He is strong and powerful lad but my opinion remains ladeside deserve better. There supporters will no doubt agree with this, especially after watching players like scullion and long worth who can change games with magic moments
  4. Greg Vernon? Ladeside should be aiming for higher quality than that
  5. Teams at the bottom starting to pick up some points again, will the bottom 3 as is be the ones for the drop or could any of them escape and at who’s expense ?
  6. George Fotheringham was outstanding within coaching role at cambuslang and can bring any squad of players together! Also I believe he has strong contact with a lot of players who would play for him under any banner
  7. Would of thawed for kick off 100%. Best weather we could of hoped for at this time of year, poor.
  8. Don’t think you realise posts like this aren’t good for the team morale at all. Non named players will feel they’re efforts are for nothing. Demoralising
  9. People seem to be pulling in the same direction , in support of the manager.
  10. The only player that billy has brought that started yesterday was one of the CB’s and we lost 6 goals.. The two boys up front ? They have been our wide men last couple of weeks. Was surprised to see them both up top, however I thought they done well 1 st half but never got near play in second. Put together one nice move in second half which ended in a 1v1 for the winger that ex camby stopper Iain Stewart saved well.
  11. Cambuslang learned the hard way with the corners today! Conceded 4 goals today direct from corners, great balls in from the gartcairn player. Crazy game today gutted cambuslang couldn’t see the game out from a 3-1 position but second half gartcairn stepped it up and thoroughly deserved the win.
  12. Shame my own club are down the bottom [emoji23] thought we’d be there about but hope we can turn it around
  13. Agreed both teams in for a battle to stay above the drop. The referee was shocking, every minor decision incorrect, throw ins, offsides especially, 4 corners Cambuslang should of had given as goal kicks. Irvine vics 5 should of been sent off potentially 1st half and then multiple incidents second half early doors that should see him sent referee. He even two handed pushed Cambuslang player whilst he’s talking to the ref and still avoided the second booking, dived aswell. Joke of a boy to be honest, every time I’ve seen him play he’s either been sent off or should of been sent off. I actually thought the penalty was soft aswell even though it benefitted Cambuslang hence another reason why referee was poor. Lino’s on both sides with the worst offside calls I’ve ever seen. As for the end, 11 and 7 for cambuslang go to shake hands with the Irvine vics players and the vics number 8 refused one and slapped the hand of the other in a rediculous manner then the 14 for vics steams in with a push and it escalated from there, to point out that the whole Irvine vics squad rush over to where the Cambuslang team go into their dressing room off the pitch including boys not even in squad and the two sent off players. Was a disgrace, vics manager in the thick of Cambuslang squad aswel rather than maybe getting his own team in ?
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