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  1. The only player that billy has brought that started yesterday was one of the CB’s and we lost 6 goals.. The two boys up front ? They have been our wide men last couple of weeks. Was surprised to see them both up top, however I thought they done well 1 st half but never got near play in second. Put together one nice move in second half which ended in a 1v1 for the winger that ex camby stopper Iain Stewart saved well.
  2. Cambuslang learned the hard way with the corners today! Conceded 4 goals today direct from corners, great balls in from the gartcairn player. Crazy game today gutted cambuslang couldn’t see the game out from a 3-1 position but second half gartcairn stepped it up and thoroughly deserved the win.
  3. Shame my own club are down the bottom [emoji23] thought we’d be there about but hope we can turn it around
  4. Agreed both teams in for a battle to stay above the drop. The referee was shocking, every minor decision incorrect, throw ins, offsides especially, 4 corners Cambuslang should of had given as goal kicks. Irvine vics 5 should of been sent off potentially 1st half and then multiple incidents second half early doors that should see him sent referee. He even two handed pushed Cambuslang player whilst he’s talking to the ref and still avoided the second booking, dived aswell. Joke of a boy to be honest, every time I’ve seen him play he’s either been sent off or should of been sent off. I actually thought the penalty was soft aswell even though it benefitted Cambuslang hence another reason why referee was poor. Lino’s on both sides with the worst offside calls I’ve ever seen. As for the end, 11 and 7 for cambuslang go to shake hands with the Irvine vics players and the vics number 8 refused one and slapped the hand of the other in a rediculous manner then the 14 for vics steams in with a push and it escalated from there, to point out that the whole Irvine vics squad rush over to where the Cambuslang team go into their dressing room off the pitch including boys not even in squad and the two sent off players. Was a disgrace, vics manager in the thick of Cambuslang squad aswel rather than maybe getting his own team in ?
  5. Referee and linesmen in Irvine Victoria v cambuslang today? Disgraceful. Irvine vics players discipline and at the end disgraceful. Cambuslang 1st half disgraceful. Cambuslang 2nd half delightful. Coming back from 3-0 down delighted. Good value for £6 [emoji122]
  6. I thought that everything was saying this team was better than last years team ? From what I’m reading it doesn’t seem that way. Shame I was looking forward to a strong arthurlie making it back to top division again
  7. Going to take a guess at who darvel legend is after today’s game. Loud guy with glasses shouting at cambuslang players calling them c*nts, diving b*stards and then shouting at cambuslang management whilst surrounded by his rabble of idiots who only wanted to shout at everyone instead of support their players? Onto the game, darvel very comfortable after cambuslang sent off after 20 mins, thought cambuslang done well to keep the scoreline respectable with the 10 and went for damage limitation. Not good for the spectators but not much else they could do I thought. The man in the middle today however, had the worst performance of anyone on the pitch. The first darvel goal is the clearest offside youl see all season. All the best to darvel Players and management today who at least conducted themselves in a professional manner must be hard with the total nougat thinking he’s the top dog screaming from behind the dug out.
  8. We will see come May. Darvel will be top closely followed by Cumbernauld who I believe should of went up last year. That’s what I’m saying you have a great squad, fantastic players and a manager who’s had nothing but success all be it in amateur football but between the top amateur sides and outside the top league of the juniors its not too big a jump. It’s the manager and the players that get darvel praise because there representation from whoever be the fans or committee on here is an actual disgrace. You get it tight off some I agree that some posters go heavy on darvel but I honestly don’t blame them the way you dismiss other teams success against yous down to excuses and rather than credit to the others? Last season was laughable. Apparently no one deserved to beat darvel last season and they finished 8th or something. #darvellegendcertainlydoesgiveamonnkeysorhewouldntbeonherehisentirelife #hashtagsarepish
  9. Every team has injuries and players missing. Your squad has good enough players to be beating an out of form st Rochs side and avoiding defeat against a newly promoted shotts side. See this toilet about mostly amateur squad. Don’t talk absolute rubbish your squad has one of the most senior football experience depth than probably any other side in the whole of the juniors. That’s why they get the money they are on. The players are of a higher quality to the league they’re in which is why they will eventually win the league. Being honest tho I thought they would do it undefeated but it’s a credit to every team they have played to have made more than a game of it. Last thing for me to note: I have no respect for the darvel followers because from what I can see on here they have absolutely none for anyone else unless your singing their praises. joke of a club, the quality players in the dressing room may enjoy the laugh they get from this forum but their ability deserves to be represented better by the “legend” and all the other posters of the club for that matter.
  10. Great highlights. Watching it back there could of been even more goals 🤣
  11. Fantastic goal! Well done to the player
  12. Not a problem I was just hoping so as sometimes you see cameramen at games and the footage seems to never surface. Yes the gentleman - gerry- always produces some fantastic highlights and I don’t think the good folk like him get the credit they deserve! Well done Gerry! Also lokpars, Irvine Victoria and Ardrossan cameramen are the other folk that I most see coverage of matches surfacing so well done to you all and anyone I missed !
  13. Seen a cameraman at the Cambuslang game, will there be highlights posted ? Looking forward to rewatching a thrilling game
  14. The Neilston 8 was the best player on the night. The 10 for Neilston terrible, offside all night and full of moaning. Game could of went either way up until 70 th minute. Then it was chance after chance for cambuslang. The match was won with just that little bit extra quality in front of goal from cambuslang, will be a close rematch I believe
  15. That’s only 6 and then 3?
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