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  1. Pray tell, why do Killie fans use an extremely racist word for Ayr fans ?
  2. The stewards never saw it because it never happened, there was even one clown on the radio the other night claiming it was a brick [maybe it was a brick inside a buckie bottle] anyhoo anyone who goes to Ibrox can see how many stewards, police and cctv cameras there are in that section of the ground yet nothing not one person has any evidence of said incident.....................tell a lie often enough.
  3. Best not to comment then eh ? To put it in layman's terms for you Talbot and Cumnock need a bumper crowd on Saturday to see them out a sticky hole as both are struggling financially and another game and bumper crowd would help both clubs greatly. As I previously stated I believe both clubs will be hoping to get through at the first time of asking but another big pay day wouldn't go a miss, lets face it one of the teams are going out and may not get the opportunity of another big pay day this season.
  4. WTF ? Don't be daft all I am saying is both clubs wouldn't turn their noses up at a replay and the chance of two decent gates as both club aren't flush. I am sure both will try their hardest to get through at the first time of asking but both treasurers will give a wry smile if its a draw on Saturday.
  5. As a spectator sport football at all levels in Scotland is dying for a variety of reasons,clubs will just need to cut their cloth accordingly as time goes on. As for the juniors the next step will be an East/West merger the pyramid system will be pushed and junior clubs will need to adapt or be left behind a more professional approach is a must within the juniors for it to survive at a decent level.
  6. Game should be on this weekend as the forecast for the week isn't to bad, both clubs will be desperate for a big crowd and I dare say a replay wouldn't be unwelcome if what I heard is true.
  7. Tuckers first trophy as Talbot manager not a good day for you lads was it ?
  8. Can't comment on the lad only seen him briefly coming on as a sub the one game I did see him play was against Cumbernauld in the senior Scottish and he played right mid, and to be fair to the lad Talbot where mince that day and well beaten. I have been told the boy is a central midfielder so its unfair to judge him considering he was played out of position in that game.
  9. Always felt Grey lacked something as a manager both at Beith and Auchinleck his negativity cost Talbot a few trophies especially, his teams really should have won more than they did.
  10. There are a lot of average players walking about with winners medals in their pockets, some of the greatest players ever to pull on a Talbot jersey never got to a Scottish cup final Grey, Goudie, Hitchell to name but three, as you say everyone's entitled to their opinion mines is the two who now occupy the central midfield for Talbot are the weakest Talbot have had under tucker. Considering tucker has been at the club for just over a decade and in the time his central midfield pairings have been Slaven and Arnie then followed by Spence and White, the two that are there just now are pale imitations of those four.
  11. No mate never gets a game and when he does he's stuck out on the right wing.
  12. What I have seen of Talbot this TB the quality is just not there I think all Talbot fans agree a centre half is a must imo Butch apart Talbot have nothing in midfield..............Boyd, Hyslop aren't Talbot class Latta is running on empty and no point in Whitey going back in there as his best days are behind.............Talbot are lacking 4/5 players of real quality, aye they will still compete but considering the standards they have set themselves they have let it slip. Tucker must be thinking of ripping this team up and rebuilding from next season they need to get away from the long ball game and start playing football again they way they did a few seasons ago, teams who can compete with Talbot fitness wise have more than a decent chance of getting a result against them, as Rob Roy, Kilbirnie, Cumbernald, Maybole and one or two others have shown this season.
  13. Hepburn was good in Gregory's Girl some set of t*ts on it as well.
  14. Well according to what's been posted all over social media by Stranraer fans they do gift wrapped in an Aldi's bag as well.
  15. Lost too many quality players and replaced them with inferior ones also two or three are at the end of their careers and are not the players they once where.
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