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  1. This League Cup format with an early July start is a farce. Someone at the SPFL needs to sort it out. It’s far too early to start competitive football. Give the players a break and give management time to build a squad.
  2. Shanks penalty saved? Great save or poor penalty? (For future reference.)
  3. He’s obviously trouble. I doubt he’s good enough for the Championship and we already have two strikers like that.
  4. Looks like 1320 was the man of vision in hose days.
  5. Chris Hamilton doesn’t so much win headers, through sheer determination he doesn’t lose them.
  6. Thanks. I’m not sure where the aerial goal threat stat comes from. I don’t remember one header on goal.
  7. Sunday Post say Nicky Low is staying at Arbroath. Phew. That’s a relief.
  8. His stats must be mental. I’m guessing at or near the top of defensive duels won for a midfielder and not good on passing.
  9. Good for him to get full time football. If he develops more confidence on the ball he could do well.
  10. Paterson was out on loan to Stirling Albion. He should get a game time with us pre season and League Cup. Then we’ll see.
  11. I agree. Too good to be sitting on the bench - or playing left wing. He should have played at left back.
  12. I’d be gutted. He’ll go a long way. A class defender.
  13. Seriously? Are you saying we’d have won the league playing Ford and Bakare more? Dick is a terrific manager and our results have been outstanding. His “weaknesses” are he’s quite defensive (so Bobby gets few minutes because he has no defensive side) and he is over-loyal to established players (eg he could have tried Henderson at left back and he persists with Donnelly). But his strengths are a very solid defence and a strong group who will play for each other and for him. Two sides of the same coin. They have been the basis of our success.
  14. 7 sounds right. 3 leaving, Swankie retired and 3 loans going back.
  15. He’ll have had lots of practice saving shots.
  16. I’m well over it. I just thought Inverness appealing was amusing and pathetic. I put it on this thread to avoid the inevitable ICT backlash but the stalkers are still here. Sorry.
  17. “Inverness are "astonished" Devine's red card appeal was unsuccessful. (Press and Journal)”. Who would have though a last man rugby tackle was a red card? [emoji23]
  18. I know it was only half a season but for me he was our player of the year. What an impact.
  19. I was surprised too given how good he was in his first loan for us. I expected him and Jack Hamilton to be a great partnership. He showed flashes of skill but didn’t make an impact. He couldn’t have been showing much in training because Dick quickly switched to favouring Donnelly.
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