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  1. Not quite fair I think. We’ve got the Scott Allan+Bobby Linn thing going now. 7 league and cup goals for Bobby already; and we’ve got Bitsindou in front of the back 4. We need other attacking avenues (E.g. Oakley crossing for ???) but compared to a few weeks ago I have a bit more hope.
  2. I said 4-6-0. Was I really wrong? I agree that Scott Allan through balls to Bobby Linn is our main (only) attacking threat, and I love to see a pair of intelligent footballers combine. It’s a bit disappointing though that no one else is making the runs for Allan. Dick put our best 11 out yesterday? Maybe if we agree neither fit striker is capable of playing against a highland league team. McKenna is wasted trying to play centre forward and Hoti was not good. Great to see Bitsindou back - not his best game but he did his job and got an assist. Positivity? It’s great to get a win and be in the next round of the cup. Cmon the Lichties.
  3. I though he’d made sensible substitutions today, but then Corfe for Allan.
  4. Hilarious- camera hasn’t moved after 2 minutes. Just seeing the centre circle.
  5. Yep. Dick has gone full 4-6-0 with 2 strikers on the bench. Baffling - but not surprising.
  6. Livestream PPV - https://tv.fraserburghfc.scot/
  7. McKenna was hopeless as a centre forward. A waste of a good player.
  8. This is very weird. Did anyone see this or anything like it? “This conduct can be summarised as using foul and abusive language towards Players and Management of both teams as well as aggressive conduct towards both Arbroath FC and Partick Thistle FC supporters. This behaviour caused concern and anxiety amongst other Arbroath FC Supporters who loyally attend all Home and Away Matches and who properly vocally support the Players and Management Team”
  9. He’ll loan us Colak and Morelos. Dick doesn’t need strikers.
  10. Our worries are over. Dick will be joining Rangers next week.
  11. I was very upset that we let Henderson go. He is a talented younger defender and seemed to me a great start to renewing our ageing back 4. When he did play centre back, left back or defensive midfield he was excellent but Dick played him in the left wing which must have been annoying. I know he wanted full time football but if it was clear that he had a big future with us he may have stayed. Of late Dick has relied on long time stalwarts and loan signings with little or no thought of the future.
  12. Tait and Allan. Bitsindou very promising as defensive midfielder.
  13. Pointless statistic. We haven’t lost a league match when Isiaka has played. 6’ 8’ 20’ 24’ WDDW.
  14. He did start Hilson. Hilson cannot play lone striker. Hilson is a trooper who gives 100% but not good enough at this level.
  15. Agree, that “apart from up front” bit is carrying a lot of weight.
  16. He’s a good left back with some potential. We’re a bit odd with our needs for a defensive loan player because we have such a settled back 4. Someone who can play defensive midfield or centre back/ fullback - like Bitsindou- is what works. Sticking Hancock on the left wing was criminal.
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