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  1. 7 sounds right. 3 leaving, Swankie retired and 3 loans going back.
  2. He’ll have had lots of practice saving shots.
  3. I’m well over it. I just thought Inverness appealing was amusing and pathetic. I put it on this thread to avoid the inevitable ICT backlash but the stalkers are still here. Sorry.
  4. “Inverness are "astonished" Devine's red card appeal was unsuccessful. (Press and Journal)”. Who would have though a last man rugby tackle was a red card? [emoji23]
  5. I know it was only half a season but for me he was our player of the year. What an impact.
  6. I was surprised too given how good he was in his first loan for us. I expected him and Jack Hamilton to be a great partnership. He showed flashes of skill but didn’t make an impact. He couldn’t have been showing much in training because Dick quickly switched to favouring Donnelly.
  7. Scorers 2021-22. Draw your own conclusions. But we do need a couple of good strikers.
  8. Thank you for your valuable contribution.
  9. It’s a good line but I haven’t found yet the post where an Arbroath fan calls it a lottery.
  10. A few standouts for me yesterday. Bobby was near his brilliant best. He really added a threat we were lacking and was always demanding the ball. TOB was imperious in defence as always and looked like he could win it on his own. McKenna never stopped running and really looked the Championship player of the season.
  11. It did work for you. Good luck against St J. We would rather play them next season. You’re obviously our bogey team and Perth is closer.
  12. So it’s yes to everything except “he didn’t have his arms round him” (which he clearly did) - but he did bring him down. Ah well, doesn’t matter now.
  13. Did Jack Hamilton win the ball? Yes. Was he past the defender? Yes. Did the defender put his arms round Hamilton and bring him down? Yes. Was he the last man? Yes. Would VAR have changed the decision? no. I was standing level with it. It was obvious. What’s your problem?
  14. I was at the game and couldn’t really understand the “Willie Collum is a disgrace” and “Arbroath had 12 men” stuff so I rewatched on iPlayer to check my maroon glasses. Michael Stewart was mental. He should be dropped for a while to calm down. For the straight red the defender put his arms round Jack as he fell and brought him down - a pretty obvious red and one that VAR would never overturn. The two yellows that got Duffy sent off were straightforward too. For the second one he flew in studs first with both feet off the ground and clattered Bobby. Caley defended well but deserved every card they got.
  15. One bad mistake by an 18 year old loanee cost us the opening day match. I remember thinking we couldn’t afford to drop points like that if we were to avoid relegation.
  16. Henderson will be good enough at either centre back or left back.
  17. I thought at first he was just running down the clock a bit but watching it back you could see how he got hurt and we are all now worried he won’t be fully fit for Tuesday.
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