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  1. The Arbroath Thread

    I bet you are. [emoji6]
  2. Arbroath vs East Fife

    Watching live from the other half I was terrified that TOBs challenge on 88 minutes was a foul and maybe a red card for being the last man. On replay it doesn’t look much better but luckily the man never went down. A foul would have been fair though. We got lucky - it evens out over the season... they say.
  3. Arbroath vs East Fife

    Some thoughts on one of my infrequent long distance visits. The back 5 were very sound. TOB was generally immense with a couple of big howlers thrown in. Ricky solid as usual. Thomson was a regular attaching threat and Hammy was class. Jamieson the best keeper we’ve had for years. Whatley was busy and effective all game. McKenna was unbelievable in the second half. Gold was a bit out of it but always trying - he’s not a winger. Bobby the best player on the park as usual - a goal and an assist. Swankie is class and did a good job. Donnelly was ineffective first half but very good second half and I was a bit disappointed when he came off. Wallace looked class when he came on. Overall we played a good second half and easily deserved the win despite a nervy last 5 minutes. We’ve got this.
  4. Arbroath vs East Fife

    McKenna was immense today. Some mistakes, some wild tackles, but he was everywhere. A lower league Kante. Him and Whatley in centre midfield are not the most creative but they give us the control we need to set the forwards free. Whatley was very good too today.
  5. Arbroath vs East Fife

    [emoji67]‍[emoji573]Puts on tin helmet. I thought Donnelly had a good second half and got a well deserved round of applause when he was subbed.
  6. Arbroath vs East Fife

    The wife and I are travelling 500 miles to see This match. Last match she saw was EF 0 Lichties 5 last season. Same again please. She thinks it’s always like that.
  7. The Arbroath Thread

    But, but, but... you’re a football fan.
  8. The Arbroath Thread

    Hopefully we’ve won the league by then and everyone can go down dressed as Bonnie Prince Charlie or Flora MacDonald and get on the telly.
  9. The Arbroath Thread

    Do we get paid for this?
  10. Arbroath vs East Fife

    We’ve been a wee bit too generous of late and need to watch the points now.
  11. Arbroath vs East Fife

    I think that would give the midfield resilience we need with Gold and McKenna tracking back. I feel sorry for DD though - he can be a real goal threat.
  12. Arbroath vs East Fife

    F*** knows what our best lineup is right now. I’m glad I’m not Dick. But don’t worry, I’m travelling 500 miles to watch this one so the lads will win for me. Promise.
  13. Arbroath v Stenhousemuir

    Just finished watching the full match recording. Masochism.
  14. The Arbroath Thread

    Level of humour going up as team performances go down. That’s the spirit. LOL
  15. The Arbroath Thread

    I’m guessing Dick sees him as a longer term Swankie replacement.