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  1. I found that quote from your manager bizarre. Base your plans on winning a coin toss? Never a manager - you’d better get rid of him quickly. Or not from our point of view.
  2. Can we finish off our second manager this season?
  3. OK then. The “played for Arbroath and Dundee” first XI.
  4. I don’t think you’ve looked at Spence’s recent goal scoring record. 🦆
  5. OK here goes. Just like McCord last season it must now be clear that it’s time for Steven Doris to go. He’s a club legend but if he can’t get fit and stay fit (game time or not) he won’t be playing.
  6. Let’s hope we can beat Falkirk so all this effort is actually worth something.
  7. Gold at right back again and Omar instead of Stewart. Virtanen back in. I’m saying nothing...
  8. I was talking about the “official crowd”.
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