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  1. I’d go a bit further and say with players like Gold, Stewart, McKenna, Craigen and Hilson we are one of the quickest and fittest teams in midfield, and at the back Ricky and Tom are no slouches. As you say, a bit of creativity - Low would be a start - and killer finishing would make us one of the best Arbroath teams ever. Where are the new Jimmy Jacks and Eric Sellars?
  2. Thanks to TASC for holding us together through a difficult but ultimately very successful season. [emoji122]
  3. [emoji444]Two Bobby Linns, there’s only two Bobby Linns [emoji444]
  4. Best player on the park by a mile. I loved seeing him taking charge and bossing Williamson.
  5. Oops. I missed that we finally got a win - against Ayr - in game 8. [emoji23]
  6. True. We had a shocking first third of the season. 2 points.
  7. Congratulations on staying up. Great for us - you were the worst team we played.
  8. Great to see Ricky walking off with all the POTY trophies. He wasn’t my pick (TOB) but for drive, enthusiasm, sheer hard work and defensive excellence it is well deserved. I was surprised Williamson got young POTY and not Hamilton. How many goals did he need to score to win it? I like Williamson and would love him back but he’s been inconsistent.
  9. Best opposition manager post match interview. Knows how to lose. Hmm.
  10. Bossed the game? 50/50 possession and no shots on target? [emoji848]
  11. Right, Dick. Tomorrow, sign Nicky Low and get onto Rangers and Livi about keeping Williamson and Hamilton for another season.
  12. Only if they’re good at penalties. They’ll never score.
  13. Support folk got me in via Vimeo. Well played.
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