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  1. Thought this was going to be quite good but gets worse by the week. Really poor script.
  2. Normally you can generally see who will be there or thereabouts at the final but this crowd are the worst I have ever seen.
  3. Sorry for your loss. Not an easy thing to do - will you be able to hold yourself together? Take advice from what has been said above and most importantly say it from the heart. Good Luck.
  4. Sniffles, sore throat and blocked nose during the night. 2 Bars this morning. Had a feeling it was coming my way. Wife still negative though.
  5. Neil Alexander - Goalkeeper for Scotland Stewart Kennedy - Goalkeeper for Scotland Simon Vella - Defender for Malta Willie Wallace - Forward for Scotland Keith Wright Forward for Scotland Kenny Miller - Forward for Scotland
  6. Great stuff, a manager there has identified a flaw in his team and taken steps to rectify it.
  7. Utterly disgusting and shameful performance today. Congratulations to Cowden, desire to win, first to every ball, backing each other up and obviously had a game plan. We produced another Swift masterclass of being utter shite and being clueless both on and off the park. Surely today he will have learned for the umpteenth time that Tapping and Crighton are two liabilities and to play them together is just inviting trouble and defeat. Presumably Corbett is injured as not even on the bench but playing Adam Brown at wing back is a complete joke. Cowden go 2 goals up and it takes Swift just short of 20 minutes to bring substitutes on, did he not realise the game was gone at 2-0 and changes had to be made at that time? Bringing on James Lyon, who has contributed Nada all season was also another masterclass from Swift who is so clearly out of his depth. What the F*** was the point of bringing on Cammy Graham with a couple of minutes to go. Swift has been given the benefit of the doubt week after week but the man has had his chance and shown in both his signings and tactics that he is not up to the level required and at this time it is a low level to achieve something. His time is now up and the board must act or we will clearly know that they have no ambition either and are also conning the fans. After match interview will be a joke as normal. Instead of telling him, his team selection and tactics are utter nonsense it will probably star with "Well a 2-0 defeat at home, to Cowden you must be disappointed Stephen..." For goodness sake ask probing questions like what were the actual tactics for today? do you really have a clue what you are doing? Why did it take you 20 minutes after the second goal to make changes? Are you bringing in another keeper? Will you do the decent thing and go now?
  8. You have got to seriously consider that Buzz will not be back between the sticks any time soon, if at all. Surely the club have had a medical assessment done on him and will know the prognosis and timescales. A new keeper may well be the difference between a play off spot or not. Had we been bottom of the table I think money would have been found to have brought a keeper in. As Nigel Blackwell says above there are a number of players who could be encouraged to leave at this time and that would free up some money. I think the thought is all is well until the next time Marshall has a calamity, then we will bring in Wilson until the same happens to him. Neither keeper instills confidence and both in my opinion will cost us over the remaining games. Would dearly like to be proved wrong but on the evidence we have seen so far. Swift seems very reluctant to get rid of his mistakes as can be seen by the continual playing of Crighton. Hopefully nothing will come back to bite us this afternoon.
  9. I take it he has lost the title "Prince". If so it will be interesting to see how the press refer to him - The Andrew formerly known as Prince, The Dupe of York, Andy Windsor?
  10. perhaps its about time that these cretins filled in their own documentation rather than try and blame others.
  11. I thought that we would have a new keeper by this point. Surely he cannot believe that Marshall and Wilson are still the answers after all this time. If we fail to bring in a new keeper and the existing two cost us then he should be shown the door. It is rank incompetence to continue with them.
  12. Having just watched FMQ and her latest car crash when is someone going to remind her that this is Scotland we are living in and not England? I am sure that every leisure and hospitality business that is about to go to the wall will be glad that they are here and not in England as she constantly pointed out. At least she managed to get her silly wee laughs and condescending looks in. What is she going to blame when we are free from Covid? What will be left of the country? How can anyone still believe that she is the person to lead the country to Independence?
  13. For me with Sturgeon it's the condescending, arrogant attitude she gives everytime shes questioned she genuinely gives of a "how dare you question me" attitude everytime someone asks her any question that isn't entirely to her approval. I'm not sure if it's a new thing or if it's just become way more evident during the pandemic, the eye rolling and the looks she gives some of the journalist is childish and pathetic. You forgot to add the silly wee laugh that indicates that the question is either, in her opinion, not serious or is below her to answer. This has been going on for a while now.
  14. She was quizzed on that last night in her interview and the crap reply was how you got to the venue. Buses and trains take people to the football where there is a higher risk of infection but people generally travel to shopping centres by car. She forgot to mention that the football is in the fresh air whereas in shopping centres all indoor with air con and everyone together.
  15. Just watched the highlights and how it was only 2-1 is a mystery. Looked a very impressive performance on a poor pitch. Tam Orr has turned things round after being rightly critisised for some of his earlier performances. Will be interesting to see if he sticks with this formation. Hard to believe, but not surprising, that Marshall is back in the team - Swift must get a decent keeper in the next few weeks.
  16. Who was the third man at the back - Corbett or Jamieson?
  17. Someone needs to question her about that today, her answer would be interesting. Can't see either Ross or Sarwar doing it though.
  18. How the mother did not get jail time is unbelievable. Must be so frustrating trying to get a case past the CPS. Perhaps those making the decision need to come to the front line and see what is happening. Hope that b*****d suffers on a daily basis in jail.
  19. Agree with giving Forbes a rest but Lyon has been very disappointing, how often do you give him a chance to prove his worth? Difficult game for Swift given injuries etc, but sick of listening to his excuses. He has had a week to bring in a replacement keeper, surely he was looking weeks ago and was ready to pounce when the window opened.
  20. Strongly rumoured that as well as Goodwillie, Alan Lithgow and Craig Thomson are also being pursued.
  21. As soon as they have put hands on him he has to go. Imagine if he makes a claim that he was injured during the fracas but the stewards either in their lack of knowledge or sheer incompetence decided to now allow him to remain after physically tying to remove him.
  22. FF and Old Fashioned Stramash sum it up perfectly. You could clearly see what was going to happen early in the second half and if we could see why could Swift not. Albion are a fairly physical and robust team and we failed to match them. Again we created very few chances but Orr had a decent game today. Tapping and Crichton are disasters that happen every week, he must pair Jamieson and Corbett for a run of games when Jamieson is fit. Forbes has reverted back to being Mr Anonymous again. He also needs to bring in a goalkeeper asap. Although better than Marshall it is abundantly clear that Wilson is not for this level. How Swift thought both were suitable for this level calls his credibility into doubt. Swift uttering the same pish as he did earlier in the season in the after-match interviews. Is he the man for the club? No I do not think so but I am sure the board will persevere with him until the end of the season at least. It is a huge game for him next week. Finally our stewards need to get their act together. First they challenged a fan at the turnstile telling him he could not get in with a cup of coffee but he could buy exactly the same container inside the ground? Clearly they have no idea of the legislation. Secondly the way they acted with the clown in the red jacket was nothing short of embarrassment. While trying to deal with the situation one even allowed a fan to walk up to him and take the hat of his head. It is easy to see that they were not in control of the situation, were dictated to and looked stupid. As well as being a joke on the park we are turning into a joke of the park as well. Changes MUST be made.
  23. Utter class and also the one where he was Irish dancing in the caravan.
  24. Yet another inept, clueless, trying to deceive, SNP minister.
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