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  1. A prime example of British justice. [email protected]@@ the victim. This started off as a road accident which was really not investigated as such and they decided at the scene of the accident to go for GBH. The Detective Inspector was laughable regarding the attempted break in - " Leave the investigation to us and we would have found them" You have a detection rate in the region of 8.2% for burglary at that time but yeah leave it to you. During interview the driver is trying to assist police by telling them what happened unlike the scum and the smart arse lawyer. Surprised the jury found him guilty, were they aware of all the circumstances, and the sentence was a joke. During interview there was no mention to the scum of the stolen motorcycle they were on and latterly they were not even charged for being in possession of a stolen car with false plates. With these injuries it was okay for them to go out committing crime, one had a young family to care for after all, but not to be jailed for their injuries. Next thing they will be claiming criminal injury compensation for their injuries. Really raging with the injustice of it all after the programme ended but ultimately not surprised.
  2. Give Zeller Bistro a try - highly rated and when we were there it was incredible value for money. Located in Izabella utca (Between Oktogon and Heroes’ Square) in the 7th district Zeller is not too far off the track and can be reached easily from the city center.
  3. BBC initially reported that we were one down - thought here we go again, but turned out to be wrong. Win was the main thing although we are still conceding late goals. Will we see this line up again? Can only hope we get a good money spinner next round.
  4. "My Jackson did a bungee jump" "Was it for charity" "No he was at a festival and was on drugs" An absolute classic
  5. Just back from the US of A and sick of hearing about gratuities. Most places are now expecting a minimum of 20%. Had a couple of drinks in a bar and when bill came service charge had been added but barman still looking for a tip. Change out of a $100 bill was $4 but insisted on getting it back. Went to cruise terminal and porter was expecting to be tipped for lifting 2 cases from boot of car and placing them in a cage less than 6 feet away. Told to whistle. Although gratuities were included we tipped several crew members for exceptional service. Went on an airboat and heard repeatedly that they did not get paid and relied on tips. If you are not getting paid then why are you doing the job? In fairness the bloke was quite decent and we went one of the few who actually gave him a tip. Still at the same place we saw an alligator show and blow me if this bloke is also doing it for nothing and looking for tips. To round things off the on bus which took us to the airboat and then to the airport the guide made repeated requests for tips to be given to her and the driver if we thought that they had done a decent job. I must have been mistaken but I thought they were employed to provide a decent, acceptable service. Go out of your way and I will certainly tip you but for merely doing your job? Incidentally met an American travel agent who told me that TIPS was an acronym for - To Ensure Perfect Service
  6. How did they manage it during the Covid crisis and how did it manage to become a problem again?
  7. Perhaps they should follow rugby union and put the clock off whenever there is an injury.
  8. Thought that this had went downhill with the last series but this new series is so far back to form with some good laugh out moments.
  9. The interview was a man clutching at straws. If he thinks the majority of fans are behind him and his management team then he is sadly deluded. Let's see if the board have the balls to act this week.
  10. Just wondering how many we will concede. "But the boys have been working hard on it all week" has now worn thin. Would take a defeat if it meant the quicker departure of Swift.
  11. Just back from Miami airport and it is an utterly joke of a place. Arrived at Immigration and it was a complete joke, only 2 officers to service several incoming aircraft and they could not give a [email protected]@@. Took ages to get through. Security on the way back was just one lane to service everyone going through the airport and none of the staff giving a toss. An absolute joke of an airport and one which may prevent me going back next year. Day and night with Edinburgh in all honesty and even Heathrow was not too bad today although the queues at security were horrendous.
  12. No surprise there really. " I'll not be told or it's all Westminsters fault" and all the time doing her silly wee laugh as if the question is beneath her. Swinney greeting that the country is skint - pity you wasted so much for no show on the above and also spending valuable money on mini embassies abroad. Why?
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