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  1. Finch Basically just Tom Hanks, a dog and a robot but a very enjoyable film.
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-59289707 Swinney tells us that people in Scotland can have a "normal Christmas" with some Covid measures. He says the extension of the vaccine passport scheme and other mitigations will help people live normally In the meantime an outbreak of positive tests at a Primary school in the Falkirk area has caused at least 1 class to study from home.
  3. Certainly is a pre-announcement - She shat it today.
  4. Just had the booster jag this morning at the old F&DRI. Fair queue but it kept on moving and in and out in about 30 minutes. Looks like a well oiled operation they have running.
  5. How he was not the sponsor's man of the match is unreal. If he keeps playing like that he will not be around much longer - offer him a new contract now.
  6. No Ross Forbes and probably no James Lyon as well. Hughes or Anderson for Forbes? Looking forward to the game for a change with a sense of expectation now rather than trepidation.
  7. Looking forward to tonight, enjoy a game under floodlights for some reason. Both teams going well over last few games so hopefully it will be a good match tonight.
  8. Didn't think we looked like losing yesterday but despite the scoreline we should have been a lot better. That was the chance to show we could play high tempo attaching football but again failed to do so. Not impressed with Forbes or Anderson and Orr, despite his goal, still looks off his pace. Again yesterday we fucked about at the back until we lost the goal. At half time had the feeling if we did not score early on we may become shaky and concede, thankfully that did not happen. If Frazer Wright and Co think that was a competent first half then they can f**k off. Pity help them the next time we are poor, they should remember we were playing against a poor HL team and not really impressing. Mixed feelings about Albion Rovers game being postponed but at least we lose a week where we will not miss Robert Thomson. Still a long way to go before I can feel confident in the management team.
  9. Swifts comments to the Falkirk Herald is the only mention of it. Fans should be the last to know.
  10. The lack of feedback from the club is appalling, would rather speak to the Herald than inform the fans. Agree that we cannot always dive into the transfer market but in this case the lack of alternatives seems overwhelming. Are we talking 6 weeks until he is match fit or 6 weeks for the injury to heal and then resume training? Can we afford to go another 6 weeks, at least, without a half competent striker as that could easily leave us in a more precarious position?
  11. Thomson out for possibly 6 weeks! Does he really trust Orr or Tierney to lead the attack? Anyone decent available on short term loan would be good idea.
  12. David Murie - Man of Fury, remember the incident well, someone shouted abuse at him, which was not very nice in its content, he then went and kicked an Albion Rovers player and walked off the park before he could be shown the red card.
  13. It is however Scotland's and SG;s problem when they leave if there are issues.
  14. We're just about to have Cop26 where people, from all over the world, vaccinated or not, will be gathering in large numbers, we have to be restricted by covid passports when we go to nightclubs, football etc, but they are free to gather without them. Would not take odds on numbers soaring after it and another lock down on the cards. This should have been done by video or cancelled meantime. If we have a large outbreak due to this then she should resign.
  15. A victory is a victory but let's not get carried away it was against a piss poor team. If we win our next two games then the optimism may rise. If Thomson is long time injured then a quality replacement must be brought in asap. Orr and Tierney will not do
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