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  1. Time to put in ridiculously low or minus offers
  2. Scott Walker is presumably the son of Scott Walker who played for the Shire and Alloa amongst others. If he is anything like his father he will be a half decent signing.
  3. Went to the matinee performance of The Lion King on Wednesday in Edinburgh. Theatre was rammed with many school kid there and they must be complemented on their behaviour. Great show but the seats are needing upgraded.
  4. Has anyone seen warning signs of variable speed cameras between M8 junctions 24 and 27 on the way to Glasgow Airport? Got hit with a notice of intended prosecution for doing 67mph in a temporary 40mph at 0330. Cannot recall seeing any warning signs or would certainly have slowed down. Looks like I was the Kunt on the road at that time.
  5. There was some talk about a month ago that the MPU was too low and there was some talk about it going to 75p/unit. That will really help those who are not eating or heating but still purchasing alcohol. They need to ditch the scheme and invest more in education, social improvements but that is unlikely to happen.
  6. I would be surprised if Bryson was on that figure but then again I do not know if anyone knows what the current going rate is for a player in L2. £700 per week would equate to roughly 90 fans paying at the gate (1 home game every 2 weeks). Given that that is a 6th of our usual gate it does not leave much for the rest of the team and the club. A lot will depend on how much money we are receiving from QP. It was rumoured in 1998 that Alan Lawrence was on £400pw and Albert Craig on £350pw so perhaps that figure of £700 may not be far of the mark. Lead us to promotion and it would be money well spent.
  7. Premier Sports Cup Draw Kilmarnock, Partick, Montrose, Stenhousemuir, Fraserburgh first round of games take place on the weekend of July 9-10.
  8. If he had been facing action by the Trust Board how has been elected to the Trust Board and allowed to continue to behave in an inappropriate way? All this is making a mockery of your club unfortunately.
  9. Is it any good? Have passed it a couple of times but not been in it yet.
  10. How bad is the commentary? 90 minutes of gibbering rubbish and now another 30.
  11. Not to worry - Little Miss Regrettable has spoken and apparently, just like our health service, our train service is better than other parts of Great Britain. When there is no train to take you home or you have been lying on a hospital trolley for hours waiting to be seen, you will be able to bask in the glory of this and applaud our leader for her sterling efforts. It could be worse you could be waiting on a ferry to take you to the islands!
  12. Apparently 100 FPN's issued but that p***k Rees-Mogg thinks it is a non story. He truly is the C***s C***
  13. Absolute shocking decision to give a penalty.
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