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  1. CSAFL

    Eastfield will down tools today..Absolute FACT! stpatz will murder them! The WEASEL might show up this week! No 1 wants CP winning league! Its a carve up! Colville will beat the Burn aswell. Goodluck chaps
  2. CSAFL

    After yesterday nothing much has changed...still all to play for! BIG Arnie took his troops to the battlefield and they came out alive...JUST! BIG midweek ahead. Will that Local Ref help StPatz out again and get them over the line! Eastfield will have massive say in this title race!
  3. CSAFL

    Easy 3pts in the bag for colville which takes them top? Right? Be glad of the rest no doubt before going to WAR with big Arnie n co on Sat! Winner takes all for me! Do stpatz have the bottle, certainly got alot to say! Who is the lucky man in the middle for this 1 Good luck!
  4. CSAFL

    All the big 3 won again today! Colville dishing out another lesson..turning the screw big time on StPatz! Will they crumble or keep putting points on board! CP Will be back top of Pile very soon i think!
  5. CSAFL

    Couple a rabbits pulled oot the hat today for the Saintz n BBurn i see! Surely StPatz have one hand on trophy? Points on board are better than games in hand! BBurn stpatz n colville all still to play each other????
  6. Scotland Select v Ireland

    5 players on stand by..i am sure there is a forward in amongst them. They go and take a laddy from Giffnock North instead! This shouldnt be allowed to happen...appalling treatment really of stand by guys!
  7. Scotland Select v Ireland

    Hope scotland get horsed tomz, for the way they have SHAFTED the boys on Stand by! How some1 can be drafted into squad who is not even on stand by is appalling from them! Stinks from top to bottom!
  8. West of Scotland 5th Round Draw

    Well that was an absolute thrashing the boys in green got! St Patz shat the bed once again. Surely they wont blow the league? Will they? Bottle gone? Bburn wide men put them to the sword very impressive display. Big 7 for stpatz 'Arnie' best of a bad lot.
  9. CSAFL

    Colville on the rapid rise up league table..spanking handed out today i see. 9 zero! Things starting to click come the business end! Stpatz will be sweating now the gap is closing! All to play for x
  10. West of Scotland 5th Round Draw

    So we are here again!!! Will the Cage hold out in this Weather for Southside to put St Patz to the Sword ..if so good auld cup tie in store! Let the battle Commence! Big Arnie to lead his comrades into the War! Fancy bannockburn to bulldoze the Accies! So no local derby semi for me. Good luck chaps x
  11. CSAFL

    Never mind league set up and teams folding.... who is picking that Scotland side??? They should be put Doon! Theres a good few in there who would struggle to get a game with Pub Teams! Miller - Colville The Weasel - St Patz Granty - Bburn Just to name a few who should be in the squad surely! Bring Back Bruce!
  12. West of Scotland 5th Round Draw

    Who goes through tomz then? Couple of smashing ties! Bburn v dumbarton looks a beltar! Will the Southside boys win the battle in the cage....most likely i think! Be crazy to play it anywhere else than there. St Patz to shite the bed n the WEASEL to have his gub dubbed once n for all Goodluck troops x
  13. West of Scotland 5th Round Draw

    Who goes onto to win it now? Big Arnie n Co must fancy it after super result on sat at Hares. StPatz n the Burn must be hot favourites! They will want to avoid eachother. Oban will be the draw everyone wants to avoid especially away..very strong at home. Dumberton Acc n Cambria very handy sides too!
  14. CSAFL

    So the Hares humped stpatz on Sat i see. Big Arnie n the Angry Weasel stinking , shat the bed! Colville to beat the burn this week in the Big Yin. Keep on talking StPatz!
  15. CSAFL

    Score draw on Sat for the Big Yin between cp bburn. Back to the ladywell for a proper cup tie on a muddy park!