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  1. Interestingly that of late the Directors Box at McD is very sparse with bodies?? think there was 4 at the Ayr gams, 6 yesterday, Geoff was there but still no sign of Steve???
  2. Got us 3rd in the league ! He is older and wiser now!
  3. As like everyone else on here i have no in sight to what has happened/not happened on Cleary, However there is the potential for a deal to have been done to keep everyone happy! If Dan has been unhappy for what ever personnel reasons his agent would have known! Shamrock are in need of Centre back as their star CB has been injured and possibly out for the rest of the season and they are still in the Europa league so urgently needed a replacement, Shamrock were disappointed not to get Cleary when he came to us so there could easily have been discussions and a deal struck to facilitate the move back home! Every one is a winner!
  4. After watching Steve May on Saturday (Even allowing he was not feeling great?) Id even lower my expectations and pride to get Leigh Griffiths FFS!.
  5. Be worth the experience ! never mind the financial gain!
  6. Detroit67 , get tree house Tam, Kyle and SLF from WAP who you Know! also get the Dundee fud Bigmouth Strikes Again , really Jim Spence. on the Saturday pre match Show! anything better than Garry Bollan and everybody called TAM!
  7. Wonder if Brian Graham is about ready to sign for us now? Ticks a few of our requirements wonder if we could meet his wage demands though and entice him from Partick.
  8. Anybody that phones "Mutley" for advice should be a sackable offence in its self!
  9. Yesterday, So Gilmour is playing RWB! We have the initial kick off ! Now for the last 25/30 years we pass the ball back and punt it up the Right side about to the opposition 18 yard line and we have a challenge and hope we win a throw-in. 50% success rate i would suggest! He has to be told just as we kick off what to do ? So even if he has not been instructed to do so you would think he has watched enough games to realise that we do???
  10. There you go you believe someone is then about 25 yeas later you find out he is somebody else? where have i hears that before?
  11. Okay, ill take your word! I was told when Scott played and won the Scottish school cup when at with Perth High School he was Jakes son!
  12. His father was a goal keeper for Aston Villa and Luton Town as well Jake Findlay from Blairgowrie!
  13. Anybody getting three grand a week in Scottish football is disgusting! but Shit happens!
  14. Random! Watching some of our older generation ( Yes older than me!), going mental at Calum for putting a centre forward (9) at left back was the high lite of the day.
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