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  1. Go to Ayr Utd home page , next game , then you will see a link for home fans and below it a link for Away tickets , buy ticket link is only for home fans
  2. 1100 tickets sold , QoS fans very slow on buying , then again it will be easy to sell the 100 tickets to their Away support
  3. Nice one, cheers. Will give them a call tomorrow Yes still available £55
  4. My understanding is that it is that daft Welsh Channel and possibly Alba , would rather they showed Nomads v Cove
  5. Heard today it’s almost certainly on Tv , likely 12.15 or 17.15 on the Saturday , hope this is not the case
  6. Hopefully an away game to any team we won’t meet in league this season
  7. Think if you look again there is a comma before I asked the question , agree with the question mark though
  8. Maybe wrong on the second goal , but tv does not lie he is definitely pushed off ball by Nesbit , he is on his feet winning race until out muscled , can’t seem to convince you or Yenited that he is one of your poorest players , as I have said earlier the only player I have seen in your team that I would not have in my team , then again football is all about opinions and our seem to be different
  9. Just did , and he was definitely bullied off ball , watch the highlights on Dunfermline tv at 36 seconds and come back and tell me if he was not bullied off the ball by Nesbit who then crosses for the goal
  10. I think if you watch it again he was bullied off the ball on the touch line by Nesbit a guy half his size and weight that led to the goal
  11. Pointless debating anymore with you as you seem to think he is decent , tell me who on the park was worse than him yesterday , yes and low standards if you rate him , I think he was poorest player and obviously you don’t , he is the only player who I have seen this season for Dundee that I would not have in my team , against Dunfermline he was your worst outfield player was marginally beaten to worst player by your keeper for his horrendous mistake ( at least he improved yesterday with a couple of good saves)
  12. Nothing about heads gone , if you think you Centre half Forster is a decent player then you have very low standards , he is by far the poorest player in your team , that is the only point I am making , being part of a team who has not conceded in 5 games is not a valid point it’s down to the other decent defenders covering for him , re look at both goals against Dunfermline he was at fault for both and was not very good again yesterday
  13. Spoke to a number of your fans in Frews Bar after the game and in their opinion it was a good save as keeper gave Hemmings no time to pick his spot
  14. I think you will find that a number of your fans thought the same as us that the save at Hemmings feet was a tremendous save as all the Ayr fans level with it thought he must score
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