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  1. Mick will be in the dugout on his laptop firing our deals, don't worry. If you saw what he uses the laptop for you might have a different opinion, the players love the information it gives them on everything they do in training and during matches
  2. 5? Does that include Drinan and Houston? Just Drinan , if everything goes to plan tomorrow, fingers crossed 🤞
  3. Why keep players that either don’t fit into your plans or were always looking to further their careers , that’s why we are bringing in more than likely 5 and only 1 definitely leaving in January
  4. Anyone who thinks these players wanted to sign longer contracts than they did are quite delusional, they signed contracts that they were happy with and that’s a fact , Shankland was offered a longer contract and turned it down
  5. Earlier I stated Stranraer head off recruitment was at reserves , forgot that he had moved to Airdrie and that’s why he was at game , Stranraer coach was in attendance
  6. Stranraer enquired about him , but believe if the offer was there he would be interested
  7. As stated earlier this week , I would not be surprised if he turns up at Stranraer
  8. He said that about Shankland last season and he missed a number of games
  9. Him or Ayr must have had other thoughts since late yesterday , don’t panic Kerrso has everything under control , unlike McCall he says nothing until contract is signed
  10. That will be on SRE shortly and people combusting
  11. Think you announced last night McCall was the current manager 😁😁
  12. I am sure I heard Kerrso saying that’s why they were holding it back 😁
  13. Can’t see it today , players and management day off on a Wednesday
  14. Just noticed I got him mixed up with McKay , put it down to poor eye sight , I thought he was number 22 all game
  15. Hopefully you mean Kerr , or are you saying Partick are getting another 3 , if it’s the former , come on you need to get over your old pal leaving us
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