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  1. Think it could be down to transfer market being very poor this January , clubs not likely to pay decent transfer fees with the current uncertainty and money at most clubs being non existent,
  2. And all those posters recently saying he would not sign for us as bigger teams were interested and likely not liking Kerr’s tactics , he is obviously enjoying his time here
  3. Correct , he is not a sports scientist, he is exactly as you described, he is only doing players data which every player at club says is what they have been looking for for a long time and it’s certainly driven their fitness levels ,
  4. I can only think that it’s down to him still being a Dundee United player when he agreed the extension, likely just transfer protocol
  5. Read 3 papers today and following teams managers said they wanted to continue ( I know it’s up to boardroom so some might change ) Hearts, Dundee, Morton, Dunfermline, Alloa , ICT and Ayr
  6. I don’t believe it is a vote , it is only a questionnaire based on some comments by a manager which were misinterpreted by the SFA , 7 clubs have already indicated that they want league to continue, due to testing taking place there is only a very small chance of SFA taking any action , numbers are no more than last week with actually today showing lowest number of positive tests since late December
  7. Can’t see government taking any actions this week , cases no worse than last week , with today being lowest figure since 28th December, due to all teams in Scotland now taking tests I can only see action being taken if a number of clubs have an outbreak
  8. 7 clubs already stated in today’s papers saying they wish to continue season
  9. He agrees with McPake and said game should have gone ahead , both teams were happy to start game
  10. Why would Ayr look like fools ?? They wanted game on , referee said pitch is unplayable, confirms game not taking place and Ayr players leave
  11. Ayr wanted the game played , referee was adamant that the pitch is not playable ,
  12. They can’t delay kick off as Ayr players have left
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