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  1. 😂😂😂 Strong words there on the stream , no wonder it went off after about 5 seconds , obviously never expected to be live at that moment “ I could not give a flying f*ck “ whits that Wee guy Jacobs name
  2. Dundee 2-1 Raith Dunfermline 3-0 QoS ICT 1-1 Arbroath Morton 0-1 Ayr
  3. Same , by all accounts it’s not a bad streaming experience supposedly
  4. Think it will actually cost the clubs money to let fans in , the numbers are going to be minimal and will mostly ( if not all ) be season ticket holders , Ross County only allowing 750 ( that’s just over 10% of ground capacity ) if we could get crowds in even at that 10% we could accommodate all season ticket holders and around 300 paying fans as our ground is recorded as just over 10,000 capacity
  5. He picked up a thigh injury blocking a tackle and think he missed about 2 weeks worth of sessions
  6. Just , I just went back and logged in again and the picture and sound is now working
  7. Just got an email reply from SPFL saying they have deducted £10 from the card number I gave them and said payment valid from 23rd to 26th October , then went into games and there is an icon ti click on to watch game live, tried pressing the link and nothing happens, hopefully have more luck later today
  8. Honestly not in the know , no names revealed here until minutes before announcing, just got told that our next signing will cause some discussion.
  9. Are you hinting that we're signing someone free the juniors? No , just seeing what some people reactions would be , but still think there are some real decent guys out there who could do a short term job for us , at a very low cost
  10. As I said yesterday before this signing it would split the fans , too many people more interested in where he came from rather what he can give to our team , I thought the world had moved on but for some obviously not
  11. Where they played prior to coming to us I could not care two f**ks , as long as they do the business for us , too many fans acting like bigot brothers from Glasgow , I hate Kilmarnock as a football team but have no qualms with some of their players wanting to step up to a better club
  12. On paper that’s a very competent starting 11 I think any signings coming in before January will be players who are capable of playing in defence and midfield , Budget must be almost spent now looking at the signings so far , a number of very decent ex pros and top level juniors now available due to some big teams pulling out leagues this season , is there maybe someone we can get from there to cover the bench and be capable of changing a game
  13. Arbroath 0-3 Hearts Alloa 1-3 Dunfermline QoS 2-1 Raith Dundee 2-0 Morton ICT 1-1 Ayr United
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