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  1. Agree with you , the unfortunate issue we have is where the segregation fence is , if we did not use away end we would be only be able to get about 1400 fans in , we could limit away fans to end of stand and enclosure allowing about 120/50 away fans I would think
  2. Do you honestly think many teams thought about the bigger picture ? most of the clubs voted in their own interest including Hearts and Thistle going by votes casted
  3. Social distancing is the biggest hurdle , current guidelines would only allow approx 20/30 in the hospitality suite , even if it goes to 1 metre it will only go to 50/60, last season supporters club membership was 120
  4. That’s what we are planning for currently, until further information is provided by government, not sure what the live streaming situation is currently
  5. Will be the same in a few grounds , government guidelines issued at moment is to plan 20/25% , which gives us just over 2000 , current social distancing means we would need the away end to accommodate home fans , hopefully the guidelines on attendances have increased by then
  6. Hope they show a good number of our away games as it looks likely away fans will not be allowed into many grounds till next year ( certainly the case at Somerset currently)
  7. why do players and official get comps for their family or friends to watch them , they should be paying to get in , as someone said above they are just going to see them at work , club gives out over 100 comps every game which go to home& away players and officials along with match official approx £2000 loss every home game ( just under £40k a season )
  8. When doing complimentary tickets last season we had on average half dozen scouts picking up tickets every home game , mainly Scottish clubs , always had at least 1 from south of the border
  9. Hoping to open w/c 13th July for 2 afternoons per week , will be announced next week , starting to fill up with new Hummel range a lot of it is quite smart
  10. Will be available for pre order within 2 weeks and instore is looking like very early in August , lots of new Hummel gear going on line also , will be instore within next week
  11. That was part of it , still more to come , going to stretch it out a little now
  12. Kerr is on part time furlough , I think that’s maybe where he has got mistaken, still employed full time just working on phased return to work , 1-2 days paid by club rest still on furlough which I think a number of clubs will be using
  13. That would be a blow , good to see though that our loanees who are not returning are stepping up a league and not going to any of our competitors
  14. Suggested maximum limits issued to clubs currently ( which is based on currently reported R number ) is between 20 and 25% , we would be allowed between 2000 & 2500 , no plans to allow away fans in as away end would be needed for home fans ( to follow current social distancing rules ), my understanding ( nothing concrete yet ) is where you decide to stand you stay there ( no standing at Somerset road end first half then changing to Railway end at half time etc) season tickets holders priority then ticket holders , which must be purchased in advance ( online , call shop and pay over phone or visit shop before match day , everyone should be able to complete at least one of those tasks )
  15. You read into it whatever way you want , saying entitled to some other benefits in no way says entitled to equal benefits , I am going to leave it at that
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