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  1. Hopefully followed shorty be a decent centre forward
  2. Supposedly something to be excited about coming potentially this week
  3. Possibly not managed properly and played out of position in a large number of games last season, with the right coaching they have certainly proved in the past they are decent players , hopefully Hopkin can get the best out of them , the extra 5/6 players could be the difference
  4. Voting currently very close for both awards , in YPOTY I believe there are only a couple of votes between 1st and 3rd
  5. I think Ayr will have a decent season , don’t think new owner and director will be shy with a budget to ensure no repeat of season just past
  6. Only Hearts and ICT goalkeepers have conceded less goals than him
  7. We would need a forward line of Mbappe, Neymar and Augero to have any chance of winning a game with that defence
  8. His name is in the rumours but believe there’s someone closer to being signed than him
  9. A few defenders names being mentioned, Lithgows though was not one of them
  10. Good to get another true supporter on the board , his experience will definitely improve hospitality income , along with providing the experience he has to make the hub a successful project
  11. Strong rumour kicking about that a Scottish club are showing an interest in Mark McGhee
  12. Hopefully we will have better things to discuss soon rather than this loser
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