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  1. Temporary tables and chairs as a number of fans were looking to pay hub a visit , but stupid covid rules would only have allowed 50 , now we can get double that following the covid restrictions criteria
  2. Would reckon we will finish up around 3500 if continue to sell at current rate
  3. He is correct , Ayr tickets picking up really well today also , game day is a big day for home fans buying tickets , very decent crowd going to be there , going to be a very good atmosphere
  4. Park at Craigie Park or Racecourse , both a couple of minutes walk to ground
  5. Will there be new players in the squad before Hamilton ? Of course Are the important people in making these decision worried , don’t think so is there a plan in place , certainly Are some fans panicking for no reason , yes
  6. Someone has said it looks like permission might be granted
  7. Had a few regional managers who could talk a good game , but physically doing a job they were worse than a man short
  8. Awaiting clarification from SPFL ,wasn’t looking good on Tuesday
  9. We have 4 games to play before coming up , why do we need to buy tickets now ?
  10. Could see you having over 2000 if sales continue at current rate , can’t keep up with changing tickets due to the number of fans who have bought West Stand but wanted Railway end
  11. Latest in this is that it’s another club that have offered him a deal and we are trying to get him to change his mind , location does play a part in it though
  12. I don’t think we are in any jam , I trust the club have everything in place and have confidence we will have a stronger team before we play Hamilton
  13. Easy , Your match ticket will have the area of the ground you are going into
  14. Agree on the last part , Fjortoft seems to be way down the pecking order ,
  15. I think a few will have had discussions and it’s maybe waiting on us getting the right person , some times you need to convince people to move as they are happy where they are , it’s a certainty we don’t have all eggs in the one basket on this one
  16. Most important bit of your post is giving time , this rumour only materialised on Friday ,
  17. Must be 2 stands as we had sold nearly 600 before first game was rescheduled , unless some refunds have been given
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