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  1. Games to give guys game time , at no time did we have the 11 players who will likely start on Saturday on the pitch at the same time , we have had a few terrific pre seasons results followed by poor seasons , team should judged when playing meaningful games
  2. Don’t think he is far away from arriving now , he has passed the English exam to get his work permit
  3. I will ask the question tomorrow regarding online version , I know we provide a postal subscription and post out the day they come into shop
  4. Yes , this year our kit is all white at home and all black away
  5. I would have thought that would have been part of the due diligence before they got him to sign a 2 year contract , it’s not as if he is someone we are looking at , he has signed the paperwork
  6. I would reckon we will have the squad ready for first league game , so far we have no loan players and usually have at least a couple , I would say potentially 2 signings and 2 loanees
  7. Don’t think anyone here cares two fvcks how many season tickets you have sold , crowd wankers stick to your own thread
  8. If Robbie does not come to Ayr I don’t think it will be through his choice
  9. This has now risen to another 10 season tickets given to charity , real good community spirit from our supporters
  10. Well done to him , he has started the ball rolling, another couple of fans have now purchased tickets to be given to charities
  11. Definitely correct in his description, not concrete yet but had the signs of a very interested player , would think it could be next week before more is heard , good thing is I think there are more irons in the fire ready to be pulled out if needed
  12. Hartley brought in over a dozen , we have brought in 3 in a squad of 20 !!! massive difference ,
  13. If we sign a player who can only play one position he is going to limit his game time , think it’s obvious the pairing is Musonda and McGinty in middle of defence and if McGinty can keep up his form from end of last season any new guy will find it hard to get a game
  14. I would say a defender who can play at least 2 positions in back 4 and a midfielder who can play box to box
  15. Yes. 28 games in his clubs first team last season I think
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