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  1. Really is an embarrassingly ridiculous song to sign anywhere never mind a football stadium , would rate it as the worst song I have heard at any Ayr match ,
  2. Yes , when the SPFL look at that today I can only see a red card being awarded for simulation
  3. Where they change is not the issue here , the issue is definitely the people supposedly signing the song ,
  4. Red zones have not removed yet , there is the option to lift them but some clubs still not willing to go back to the areas they used previously to change
  5. Some were even thicker than that and actually bought QOS tickets , they must have been desperate to watch the Super Ayr
  6. Cant move fans into an already full capacity section of ground , send them up the road
  7. Lucky you , because hundreds of fans from other clubs have not managed to see any games , Raith Rovers were the first club to notify fans from what I can see online that they could not show games to fans with IP addresses in England , surely the root cause is he internet provider and people should be contacting them to get it rectified , instead of blaming nearly every club
  8. I live in Ayr and for some reason my location is Saltcoats , at least still in Scotland so will be able to watch stream whilst attending a wedding this afternoon
  9. Can’t see them being allowed into home end , if identified I am sure they will be ejected
  10. When was last time you bought another clubs stream ? A rule was put in around 3 weeks ago by the English FA which stops the streaming of any games from Scotland ( not sure if other countries are included) , this is down to your internet provider as posted earlier some providers have your IP address registered in England no matter where you live , it’s not an Ayr United issue it’s where your IP is registered , it’s even effecting Skyline drifter who said his office is based in Heathhall and can’t get stream as the address there is registered somewhere in England he might know how to get around it
  11. Only thing I know of is contacting [email protected] , from what I am led to believe it’s your internet provider that’s the issue
  12. Any away fans still looking for tickets , as of 11pm Friday you still have 250 available for the Railway End , West Stand has sold out
  13. He has been out injured for 2 weeks and more than likely out for next couple of weeks with a dislocated shoulder injury
  14. Quite a few people have the same issue seemingly some internet providers registered all user as being based in Manchester , possibly someone will post how you get around it , I know of a number of Ayr fans based in Scotland have the same issue edited to add if you email [email protected] They may be able to help you
  15. Have you tried refreshing your screen it seems to work
  16. Folks seemingly if you press the refresh option in the Ayr game ticket link you get straight in to order tickets
  17. Only found out myself a few minutes ago , passing information on to hopefully get it out there
  18. Not sure what’s up company can’t find the issue yet , as I have just posted I was 2978 signed out , signed back in and got a ticket right away
  19. I just tried was position 2978 , signed out , signed back in and got a ticket right away
  20. Only 350 seats available in the away section , due to segregation
  21. The only way they can buy by mistake is by going into incorrect link , there is 1 which says away fans and 1 saying home fans , that is not a system issue that is a human error , but can be corrected if they contact Ayr United ASAP as as soon as allocation is sold we cannot move fans , online currently I can still see just over 1000 tickets available for the Railway end ( as of 20.05 Thursday)
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