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  1. Yes , very easy , we sell tickets from the shop which is only a few yards away from turnstiles from 11 am to kick off on game days ( along with selling in shop on Mon,Wed,Thu,Fri leading up to game ) , at Ayr home games around 75/80% of non season tickets holders buy their tickets online before arriving at ground , would be good to see how other teams perform , we cater for all situations, we have a purchase over the phone and collect on game day scheme also
  2. Your team takes control of the sale of tickets for away fans in the majority of games , so yes home teams except Partick take control of away fans allocations ,
  3. You can buy your ticket at Ayr club shop from 11 am to kick off tomorrow if you continue to have issues
  4. Yes that correct , got to move with the times , majority of fans prefer a ticket on their mobile devices and more and more clubs are moving in that direction
  5. All home teams with the exception of Thistle in the Championship take control of selling tickets to away supporters , Thistle ( GB) have confirmed that this situation is being caused by their system not being compliant to provide an away fans link to tickets and hope to have it rectified in the coming weeks
  6. We offer our fans and away fans a stress free way to purchase tickets , but you carry on with your defence of selling tickets in an inconvenient way , if you provided the link that most other clubs give to away fans to purchase tickets there would not be an issue , it’s your club causing the issues about time you accepted it , now is the time to ignore your pathetic defence
  7. What does selling tickets in the past have to do with your inconvenient way to sell to away fans , club has moved on with technology that makes it easier for fans to purchase tickets , but I you prefer to live in the past jog on
  8. We are posting if people ask , don’t get away from the inconvenience Partick are causing away fans when they have an online facility and chose not to provide to away fans , utter disgrace in this day and age
  9. We have already had a number of sales over the phone , we are posting out with a registered post cost , don’t get your point about Ayr selling tickets , we have been selling tickets online for 3 years which 75/80 % of our non season ticket holders including away fans take advantage of , that’s customer friendly , Thistle making fans go to grounds to get tickets is a bit in the past now
  10. How can we not cater to needs ? We are doing exactly as Morton and Kilmarnock done , just that for all our home games we make it easy for away supporters by putting tickets online that are electronically sent to their email address and we scan the QR code from their phones or they can chose to print ticket , Partick have the same company as us , why don’t they make them available online ?
  11. Utter nonsense , we can sell up to 2000 tickets , the first drop was 400 and they will deliver more when required , Partick are the issue here , they have same online ticket system as us but chose not to make tickets available online for away fans next week , think any queries should be directed to them
  12. Option was buy in Glasgow up to Friday or buy in Ayr I believe , think the right decision was taken as Ayr have a home game tomorrow giving more people the chance to purchase a ticket , why Partick chose not to make tickets available online for either Killie or Ayr game is questionable
  13. Partick have the same ticket company as us and only they can make them available online , they have told us today they have no intention at moment of selling away tickets on the day , they have done the exact same process with us as they done with Kilmarnock ,
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