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  1. Announcement coming soon We will be posting details of all his events on all social media platforms, I will update this forum all details , It’s going to be kicked off with a Race night held in hospitality suite/hub , anyone wanting to sponsor the night or a race please PM me for prices , also looking for prizes for race winners ( ie bottle of spirits ) Details on timings and ticket prices along with the opportunity to purchase a horse in the event will be announced at his official launch
  2. We at Ayr have a large collection of past programmes, pm me the Ayr games you are looking for and I can have a look
  3. Don’t get the losing to 9 men part , we only had a 1 man advantage for last 6 minutes as we had a man sent off before Morton’s first sending off
  4. I would say we will see what he has to offer tonight
  5. Yes, we have your name on the list and will have an AP put buy for you
  6. Yes, they are looking at potentially doing 1 more this season and if demand is there doing more next season
  7. Yes shop is open 1-5 on that day , we have 2xl available in Home, Away, 3rd Kit and currently Ayr Advertiser retro , the Ayrshire Post Retro will be delivered this Friday (23rd) or at latest Monday (26th am)
  8. We have now updated to have 3 service points to purchase match tickets on game day when busy for both home and away fans to purchase tickets from 12 noon to 3.15, these were implemented prior to postponement of Partick game
  9. Either that or at least play them all on the Sunday ( be tight getting from Cove etc to Glasgow on the Saturday )
  10. Think it was more respectful to play , that game was governed by UEFa and not the SPFL/SFA , glad some associations have sense
  11. Clubs have had notification from the SPFL that games will be on next week as long as the funeral is not on the Saturday ( which looks it’s going to be the Monday ) protocol of the mourning is only no games to take place during the hours of the funeral
  12. SPFL have stated domestic football matches will be played next Saturday unless that’s the day of funeral ( which now looks like Monday 19th ) so off we go to Kirkcaldy next Saturday
  13. SPFL have informed clubs that next weeks games WILL take place unless funeral is on the Saturday
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