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  1. Cheers pal. Do you know anymore on the home strips? Heard there was an issue with the sponsor apparently Got the completed top in this week for approval ( looks much better than the picture as in that the sponsors badge was photoshopped on ) it’s been approved to be produced , would reckon within next couple of weeks it will be available for sale
  2. That’s correct , claim anytime in shop , we have details of purchase date , heads up , if you have selected a seat in the stand you will also get a new ticket as it will be printed with your seat number on it and will contain a new QR code
  3. Looks like another season after this one Ayr United announce "club record" four year deal with kit giant hummel
  4. Away top is very nice , sponsor even looking to change colour of his logo to black and white ( looking promising) , should see it soon with on sale date around mid to late July , ready for league campaign , not seen it in the flesh only been shown a photo of it via a member of the sponsors
  5. The issue with Hummel and bespoke strips is you only get one chance to order it , with no top up orders throughout the season
  6. Must have taken a wrong turn as never arrived before club was closed
  7. Yes , ticket will come in around 3/4 weeks , collect voucher anytime , you were one of the first people to buy a ticket Edit well done just checked you were first fan to buy a 22/23 season ticket
  8. Home strip being badged and printed and hopefully in shop 10-14 days ( pre orders info coming soon) Away kit looking like end July instore but will see it soon ( this one should keep the fans happy) 3rd Kit October but will see it in near future
  9. It was rumoured there was a company looking to cover all streaming giving SPFL a fee for the rights ( not heard anymore since it was rumoured around 6 weeks ago)
  10. Not 100% sure but I have heard that SPFL are saying games can’t be streamed due to lifting of all covid restrictions, but nothing official has come out yet , I have put the question into the team as I will be selling tickets tomorrow and need the answer , will post as soon as I get reply Reply We hope to be able to provide a streaming service for matches next season. Unfortunately, we are currently not in a position to confirm.Still awaiting any official announcement from the league
  11. We are still one of the cheapest tickets in the league , walk up price has gone up £36 season ticket £25 , buying an adult ticket saves you £75 on pay at the gate if you are planning to attend all games
  12. Just putting us in line with all other clubs , being cheapest or joint cheapest club to watch for 3 seasons
  13. Looks like Bullen has identified where we were struggling last year and has taken the steps to improve it , looks like we have lost a couple of players who were going to be fringe players and will replace them with first team level players , and frees up some salaries
  14. Not Muirhead , was classed as full time but only trained 3 days
  15. Been a delay on the sponsors logo , believe pre orders will be end of week or the following week
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