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  1. Ayr United are actually going to be playing their last home league game in next seasons new home strip
  2. I think it’s down to how strong Dipo is that he’s not getting banged about by big defenders therefore running less of a risk picking up an injury
  3. Highly unlikely we will see much/any of him anytime soon , currently down at Arsenal getting treatment
  4. Room for around 7000 without the North Terracing
  5. They had an information night showing and explaining it to the fans , great thing is the cost is being absorbed by the chairman and will not be effecting any club budgets , think you will see lots of information coming out in press etc when the bulldozers move in early May ,
  6. That’s already in place , North terrace ( opposite main stand ) is being demolished at end of this season and being replaced with a new stand which will have a standing area at the front and sated area behind along with new offices and hospitality suite included , area will be closed off all next season and reopened in 2024 , below is the way it’s going to look
  7. I think people need to realise this is his first managerial position at first team level and has improved us a great deal , the great start to the season put a lot of pressure on him and we need to take into account that the team is currently about 2 years ahead of the plan put in place by the chairman
  8. The club get told by the SFA the rearranged date it’s not up to the clubs to arrange the game
  9. Because he was not fit enough to play on Monday , 4 days extra recovery certainly helped , on bench just to get back into warm up and match day routine
  10. Was always going to be moved due to Scottish Grand National being that day , luckily the BBC have now chosen it as the TV game otherwise it looked like the Morton or Raith game would have been changed to the Friday also
  11. Of course you can that’s what won and lost the game for both teams
  12. Cant criticise Musonda for the way he has performed this season , but why oh why was his hand up there on Monday if we don’t give away a stupid penalty we win the game I believe ( again if we could have scored our penalty we certainly win and nothing would have been mentioned about how we played the previous 84 minutes
  13. No still here , just disappointed at how we went out but know most people feel the same way , agree with a number of posters comments and feel it’s not worth debating some of the other stuff that the usual glass half empty posters continue to post
  14. There is 2 cash gates for Ayr Supporters tonight , if you don’t yet have ticket you can pay at the gate we have around 3/4 of our allocated space already , let’s get it full
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