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  1. Red Dead Redemption

    The graphics really are breathtaking.
  2. Bob Mortimer

    Used to hate them. Then they were my favourite. Then Adrian Lewis happened.
  3. More than anything, "skelf" and "papa" revealed me to be from the Central Belt.
  4. Coronation Street

    On the bright side, I did enjoy trying to understand anything that Welsh bloke was saying.
  5. Bob Mortimer

    Fucking incredible.
  6. Bob Mortimer

    Talking of Athletico Mince...
  7. Bob Mortimer

    Bob's appearances on Would I Lie To You are amazing. The Chris Rea / Egg in a Bath segment that appears about 1/2 way through this clip is, perhaps, the funniest thing I've ever watched.
  8. I love Bob. Here's his Desert Island Discs.
  9. Coronation Street

    I’ve probably been a rare voice of support in recent weeks, but this week, especially Monday and Wednesday, were amongst the worst episodes of Corrie I’ve seen in a long time. Rita screaming at people and everyone piling on Liz to give Jenny a break were infuriating. Friday rescued it all a little bit it was still slim pickings.
  10. Coronation Street

    Amazed Liz being on a cardboard plane from the 80s wasn't worth a mention, tbh.
  11. *Deep breath* 9 for Tuesday, 7 for Wednesday, 7 for Thursday, 4 for Friday.