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  1. Hope must be about 10 by now. I’m sure generally speaking the writing hasn’t improved significantly since you stopped watching either show.
  2. I’m sure I’ve said this before but before the pandemic, Craig told someone on the street that a) he’s not allowed to have his beat near the street where he lives and b) he’s not even allowed to be seen in uniform near where he lives. The producers clearly thought, well, what’s the fucking point of him being a copper, then, and promptly trashed their own rules. COVID might also have had a say in matters. And let’s not forget, until recently, he was supposed to be on the fast-track to CID. In the last week, in a throwaway line that’s easily missed, he seemed to suggest that he’d removed himself from the programme. I was surprised that PC Racism managed to remember that his nickname on the force is Clogs.
  3. I was quite pleased with the Todd Comeuppance thing, if only to cement what a sanctimonious cuntbag Billy is. The Charles Manson in Skinny Jeans line was a nice update on Norman Bates with a briefcase. And I quite enjoyed Paul’s smug saunter down Coronation Street as Todd was getting lifted. I’m hoping Craig does close ranks on James and Michael. He’s already demonstrated the capability of being a wrong ‘un with Faye when he became a bit creepy about getting his hole, and suggesting that Faye didn’t deserve her promotion and stuff, so to see him go full Tommy Robinson would at least give his character something of a dimension. Best of the week so far, though, has been wee Hope. Isabella Flanagan is really giving it her all these days and the potential is there for Hope to finally live up to her destiny and kill, Alina looking like the prime victim number one, probably followed closely by Ty if she doesn’t get those fucking trainers pronto.
  4. Liking the Twilight movies and reviewing them like he was being paid by the studio was very much a line in the sand for me.
  5. Mayflies by Andrew O'Hagan. Given the rave reviews, and recommendation a page back, I was surprised by how much I hated this book. I just took against the characters from the start, so by the time we got to the emotional second part, I was already wishing them all dead. I think it just reminded me of a couple of stag dos I've been on and how I really don't want to read a novel about those stag dos. A Small Revolution by Jimin Han. Quite an interesting tale of a college hostage situation, set in the 1980s against a backdrop of political upheaval in Korea. A very short read told in a couple of threads in time and a debut novel, I understand. Decent stuff. I'm now on to The Thursday Murder Club by that tall chap off of out of Pointless. I'm not far in but the writing is so crisp and effortless and engaging, I have high hopes for the rest of it.
  6. If I hadn’t read her other work and loved it so much I’m sure I would’ve enjoyed The Glass Hotel more, and there’s still plenty to admire in it. I’ll be interested in your thoughts on Station Eleven once you get round to it.
  7. Thanks for the recommendation. After The Sense of an Ending, I can see me working my way through his stuff.
  8. Todd was wearing his ninja baseball cap. He can move around unnoticed when he's wearing that and I guess it also gives him superhuman strength.
  9. Been on a bit of a binge over the last week or so. The Glass Hotel by Emily St John Mandel -- follow up to Station Eleven. It's probably my least favourite of hers. Beautifully written but way too much navel gazing about the operation of a failed Ponzi scheme. 3/5 Ruthless Women by Melanie Blake -- apparently this is a bonkbuster. It's been all over my Twitter feed so I gave it a go. Fiftysomething women involved in the world of TV and soap operas, all with perfect breasts topped with perfect nipples, all of them never more than a passing rumbling truck away from multiple earth-shattering orgasms. Quite amusing in places, not always intentionally. Utter trash. 2/5 Phrase Seven by Chase Hughes -- one of my Lockdown Rabbit-holes on YouTube has been The Behavior Panel, a group of body language experts who pass opinion on interviews by celebrities and royal nonces and highlight their giveaway red flags. Chase Hughes is one of the panel, has signed up for Dan Brown's Masterclass, and come up with a high-hokum bit of people running around explaining the plot to each other which secret phrases are enough to hypnotise, corrupt, and even kill (dum-dum-dum). 3/5 The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes -- pick of the bunch, a super short novel about memory and refelction and reliability and betrayal. My first foray into Julian Barnes' work and I thought it was something of a triumph, let down my a frustratingly obtuse event in the denouement. 4/5
  10. Agreed. And when Will offered his left hand to shake with Todd, and then covered Todd's left hand with his own right, I found this perfectly normally. Never in a month of Sundays would I have predicted that Will was going to steal Todd's ring (behave) right off the finger.
  11. Might hang about for that Crouchy shite now.
  12. We don't get many tornadoes in Michigan. We get the occasional Tornado Watch alerts but this weekend we got only the second Tornado Warning in the nine years I've been living here. I dunno if it's fear of the unknown, or that you're at the mercy of nature, or that IT'S A FUCKING TORNADO but I found the whole affair pretty terrifying. In the end, one did touch down but it was about a mile outside of town and headed north through fields rather than south through my house. Some amount of rain, though.
  13. Thought the exact same thing. She's a grass. I keep reading a lot of love of the Sharon character and her "av it" line. I've found her a peculiar pantomime addition to a storyline that should've ended before her reintroduction. And her nose just does not stop fucking running.
  14. I'll pretend I have a Peter avatar and say that Tommy O's probably been in the show a dozen times or so over the years. He was in it a few times last year when the show was solving homophobia in football. I think this is his first appearance this year.
  15. Heard he has a lethal right foot! Aw, man. Too soon! ETA -- It was introduced fairly recently. There was no mention of his footballing prowess during the whole Asha scud tape thing.
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