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  1. Movie 23 (Me) -- Murder Mystery 5/10. I picked this because I hate Adam Sandler movies and I hate Jennifer Aniston rom-coms and I kinda hoped that this would be a movie so bad it would be good. It was mildly entertaining for a poor man's Knives Out. Sandler and Aniston have both been in worse. A mindless way to spend 90 minutes.
  2. Movie 22 (Kid #2) -- Jumanji: The Next Level 7/10. Meh. It was okay. The initial introduction of Danny DeVito and Danny Glover didn't really pay off as well as I hoped it would. Not as good as Welcome to the Jungle and I have a feeling my 7 is generous.
  3. MSU


    Think he said it was a zipline accident. Either way, not a rollercoaster.
  4. Yeah, I'd imagine that as AMC commission it, they want people on their channel before and after as much as possible.
  5. I know, right? The other guy does it more as a form of entertainment, although he's doing good work keeping the scammers occupied for hours on end and disrupting their operations, but Jim's approach is far more methodical, and entertaining from a perspective that he's so fucking smart and misses nothing. The four part series I linked to is one of the best documentaries I've seen on YouTube in many a year.
  6. How are you supposed to pronounce James Tavernier's last name? Most people seem to go with Tavernier, but I've heard others say Tavernier? And I've even heard it pronounced Tavernier. It's so confusing.
  7. One of the consequences of the lockdown for me over the last few weeks is I disappear down YouTube rabbit holes. The other week it was Penn & Teller Fool Us videos, this week it's been scam-baiters fucking over Indian based scammers. Particular highlights are a guy called Scammer Payback who poses as a confused old granny (in other videos he typically deletes the scammers files) and a hacking genius called Jim Browning who manages to get into a scamming call center CCTV. Fun stuff.
  8. Movie 21 (Kid #1) -- Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle 9/10. I'd never seen this before and I absolutely adored it. Great fun in the same way that National Treasure was great fun. Hoping that Kid #2 will pick the sequel tomorrow night.
  9. See, at this point, I think she's just saying what she thinks he wants to hear. There were clues on Wednesday that suggested to me that she was just placating the c**t.
  10. Movie 20 (Missus) -- Onward 6/10. Lackluster Pixar fayre that has the confusing scenario of mythical creatures living in contemporary times, eg the elves have phones and sat nav. Basic premise is two elf brothers, the younger of which never knew his dad before he died, on a mystical quest to re-animate the dad until the sun goes down tomorrow. Best bit was being able to regale my American family with "She turned the kids against me" gag towards the emotional finale.
  11. Movie 19 (Me) -- Tremors 7/10. I was sure I was going to go for Jaws tonight but changed my mind at the last minute. I have fond memories of this movie when it came out and it one of those that if I'm channel-hopping and happen upon it, I'm likely to watch to the end. It has aged much better than I had any reason to expect. Still funny and gave the kids a few jump scares and the urge to pull their feet from the floor at several points. "Run, Kevin Bacon. Run" was the cry from MSU Towers.
  12. The concept of “tomorrow” is going to be fucked in many cases with them halving the number of episodes. In Corrie, tomorrow usually means the next episode. But anyone saying tomorrow on Monday’s episode won’t see their event happen until Friday at the earliest and possibly as late as next Monday. So for the next while “tomorrow” on Corrie might actually mean “next week”.
  13. Movie 18 (Kid #2) -- Shrek 7/10. Of course it's a good movie but I've seen it so often that I focus on Mike Meyers shite Scottish accent. Got caught up with Words With Friends, tho.
  14. MSU


    Finished Sunderland Til I Die Season Two. Agree that it's not quite as enjoyable as the first season, but it's always nice to see disappointed Mackems and imagine Andy Dawson crying into his blue drink on the train home.
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