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  1. Pence seemingly does call his wife, Mother. Which is funny because she's just his cousin.
  2. I haven't been in years, but I used to enjoy 1 Golf Place in St Andrews for lunch. Their chicken caesar salad in particular was amazing. Dunvegan, around the corner on North Street, was also pretty good.
  3. MSU


    Months late to the party, but finished The Last Dance in a couple of sittings. What an incredible bit of television. Was really interesting to me that the only time Jordan let the emotions really get the better of him in the interview setting, wasn't when he was talking about the death of his father, it was when he was explaining why he's motivated in the way he was, and that's why he was aggressive, and that was how he played the game. Also loved how he invented personal gripes and slights to get himself fired up. I thought, overall, what came across was his 100% dedication to whatever it was he was doing, be it basketball, blackjack or pitch and toss. Sure he could be a bit of an asshole. We can all be assholes without the pressure of being the GOAT in our fields. Scottie Pippen is a fucking diamond.
  4. Yeah, it's ... it's definitely something.
  5. If Kebabish on Graham's Road is the same place I remember from about 10 years ago, the people working there were so friendly and polite. How they kept their cool during all that is amazing.
  6. She gets her yams out in the second part of the video if that'll help id her?
  7. When I saw David Baddiel's tweet, I thought the complaint was against Jo Wiley. Genuinely amazed that the Wiley I'd never heard of was allowed to tweet his racism uninterrupted for the best part of half a day without Twitter shutting him down.
  8. Mrs MSU felt pretty much the same about the Rockwell character.
  9. Fucking hell, that looks good. Needs a crown of beans, tho.
  10. Not convinced G450 x2 understands all the words they wrote.
  11. Freakonomics calls bullshit on the "rule of thumb" definition. Good enough for me, and it also renders questions about my cock now moot. https://freakonomics.com/2011/07/01/rule-of-thumb/
  12. I'm pretty sure I read about both in the same Times article. Not saying that makes it any more or less credible.
  13. By "your cock" do you mean my cock or one's cock?
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