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  1. Mike Wozniak has made it on to my Top 3 Best Taskmaster Contestants. Best contestants for me: Wozniak, Mortimer, Giedroyc Worst: Lou Sanders, Alice Levine, Russell Howard
  2. Sidekick Simon is still mouthing Alan's autocue. It's still cracking me up.
  3. Took me by surprise too, even though all the signs were there earlier in the week. The last couple of episodes have been tough viewing but I don't think anyone put a foot wrong. The young crew, and Roy and Abi in particular, along with the writers did an incredible job and I'm SO glad that Gail wasn't available for a monologue.
  4. I think you are right that Corey's main reason for disliking Nina is her relationship with Asha but he has ridiculed her Goth look and way she dresses so there is an element of that too in his hate. Right. They were taunting her about her appearance, but I think that would've been true if she'd been a POC, or if she'd had pink hair, or if she'd been wearing ten-bob sliders. She'd have been mocked for whatever difference stood out. If anything, it's a bit weird that they didn't mock her for her sexuality into the bargain. I don't think any of this downplays the horrendous, vicious, pointless, unprovoked nature of the attack, just seems a stretch to call it a hate crime. Also, saying someone was attacked because they were a goth seems a bit victim blamey when I think about. She was attacked because Corey is a c**t.
  5. Thought it was great tonight. Roy is one minute hilarious as he fumbles with a fake Kev tash and then heartbreaking the next as he wonders if he’s looking after Nina’s jewelry or keeping it. I’m finding it a bit weird reading the assault on Nina and Seb being described in the press and ITV as a hate crime, though. Nina wasn’t attacked because she was a goth, she was attacked because of her relationship with Asha. Or am I missing something?
  6. Watched it recently for the first time in probably ten years and it was just as good. Brilliant fun.
  7. I never really cared much for the Oliver storyline, mostly because he was a kid we never saw, they decided to run the Sam story along side it, and Leanne's fury at the world was a bit hard to take for weeks on end, but I can recognize that it was one of those "important" storylines and there were elements that were done pretty well. The fact that this has descended first into a drugs storyline and now into a witness protection storyline doesn't really do much for all those families touched by the death of a child, and the fact that they've had to re-employ a character not seen for a quarter of a century who has turned up with a sign round her neck saying I AM A SPY to make a flimsy narrative work, just adds insult to injury.
  8. I love how you've got into bullet points, Lynn. I knew you'd like them if you tried them.
  9. Anyone have the clip where Madeley tells his daughter she was an accident? "Well, you were."
  10. I'm sure you're right. But we also kinda did that a few years ago with the copper also being a nonce story with Beffany. I'm giving the Sam / Sharon thing a pass for now. He's being groomed by the only person who seemed to give a f**k it was his birthday.
  11. It's the other Riz, Riz Ahmed. But you're absolutely right, he's great in this. Seems he spent seven months learning sign language and how to play the drums, which kinda explains how he manages to sell both 100%.
  12. It's not even been 24 hours. We've still to get through the Chris-De-Burgh-Peddling-His-Own-Mawkish-Tribute phase.
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