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  1. This is why it’s a very bad idea to send this guy anything, especially something that could be read as negative. You’re opening up a can of worms by complying with this, particularly if your boss / HR is unaware of you doing it. He’s at it. You’re being set up. Go along with this and I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re out of a job long before this c**t is.
  2. Knives Out -- Stellar cast in this traditional whodunnit and a lot of fun. The question of who actually did done it wasn't all that much of a mystery and it chose to show its hand fairly early but it was still pretty enjoyable stuff, if not exactly mind-blowing or spectacular. 6.5/10
  3. Nicky Wire out of off of The Manics is on Adam Buxton this week. Pretty interesting stuff.
  4. Yeah, even if you're not expecting house guests, maybe on top of a shelf, in a shoebox, sat on top a stolen laptop isn't the best place. All that said, I thought Paul did a great job with the new, improved, non-belching Gemma and it was nice to see Bernie do the right thing for the first time since she's been on the show. Still a few too many If You've Been Affected By This Storyline storylines in flight at the minute. Needs a bit more light to contrast all the dark.
  5. Thanks. As depressing as I'd feared.
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