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  1. A potential week-fucking 8 out of 10 for Wednesday. To be fair, I couldn't have had many complaints had I got 6.
  2. I really hoped we'd understand why Scott was so hellbent on getting Johnny involved in this caper in the first place when he's so obviously utterly unfit for it. Instead, Scott just tells him he doesn't really need him two minutes before the job begins and then pistol whips him. Nice to see Johnny recover so quickly from that. At least PC Tinker was as incompetent as ever.
  3. I re-read Less Than Zero during lockdown. It's aged very well and remains my second favorite Bret Easton Ellis, pipped by Lunar Park, which I know people hated but I just loved. The ending breaks me, the massive sentence that talks about where the ashes travel and the final line are perfect. In order after that, I'd go American Psycho, Rules of Attraction, Glamorama, and then the utterly dreadful Imperial Bedrooms which barely passes as a novel.
  4. To be fair, that was never going to end in any other way than it did. Mick was never the murderous gangster, no matter how many times Todd insisted that he was a dead man walking. If anything, the show couldn't make up its mind if he was truly threatening or goofy, so they landed in a weird middle ground that satisfied nobody. From last night, I'm just pleased that they finally addressed how icky it is that Shona's constantly wanting her hole. The exorcism stuff with Mary was fairly amusing, as was seeing Tim getting chased round his cab by Erik. I'd forgotten how shouty Gemma and Bernie are. Poor Chesney's tinnitus must be like a kettle constantly on the boil. Steve's flying out to Germany to see Dr Schmitz because he hasn't responded to three messages within an hour. Sure. Can we just kill Oliver and get on with our lives, please?
  5. A somewhat jammy 9 for Monday. Couple of guesses came through on the race and the revolution. Missed the capital.
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