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  1. Berra was a decent centre half for the majority of his career and that’s at English premier league/championship level. He’s finished now don’t get me wrong but he was always a player I’d rather was missing from a hibs point of view.
  2. Just seen the Picture clearly showing a glass bottle on the pitch having been thrown at a rangers player. I think I speak for every right minded hibs fan when I say that the guy who threw it should be absolutely ashamed of himself! How did he miss from there ?
  3. There’s a few Masonic lodges in Edinburgh that would cater to the type of fan that Kilmarnock attracts although I’m not sure where the nearest one to the stadium is. It may be a good old (Orange) walk to the ground.
  4. There’s not many clubs in Scotland with the same religious beliefs and general outlook which is a crying shame. Celtic of Glasgow, Hibernian and St Mirren all sing from the same hymn sheet so you’ll never hear me say a bad word about St Mirren. More power to them.
  5. Some nice words in your post pal even though I don’t understand half of them, that’s non segregated schooling for you but that’s another debate for another day. As for BoB Williamson, he had a habit of running his mouth off on here after a couple of bottles of Morgan’s. His fate was sealed by his own stupidity but pet jeden has nothing to worry about now as like you say i just think he’s a new age Hearts fan and there’s no malice about the lad unlike Bob. My days of crashing strangers of the internet are like gone as I’m way to long in the tooth for that carry on now. That’s not to say I don’t long for the days of chasing each other up and down London road in the late 80s/early 90s or going at it hammer and tongs outside of Diane’s pool hall or Luckies, not a quarter given or asked on either side and I know deep down you feel the same but alas it’s only memories that remain. Fucking come on Hibs.
  6. You and glen must be two of these “new age” football supporters that only really seem to appear on Internet forums and social media etc. Your type are totally out of touch with what the Edinburgh Derby is all about. That’s not to say I agree with what Jamie Thomas, Falcon Roar and the rest of them sing when they are in their own pubs and at Tynecastle but by god I will fight for their rights to sing them. You probably don’t even know the subtle differences between Stone Island and CP Company.
  7. I think you’ll find it’s you that not the real Hibs fan, fella. If you were you’d know that Hibernian is a club open to all and has been since our inception way back in 1876.
  8. I’m genuinely thankful that people such as yourself are in the minority at Easter (rising) Road. I’ve yet to meet someone such as yourself at the game or even in the pub before hand having said that, i tend to avoid Masonic lodges when on the hunt for my usual pre match bubblegum daiquiri.
  9. Having a look through the thread and this post really stood out for me and I’m glad somebody has said it as I didn’t want fans of other clubs getting the wrong impression of our support. Let me clear something up....the views expressed by Glen here absolutely do NOT represent the views of wider Hibernian support. As for “real” hibs supporter, you’re maybe better suited to watching football from the slopes of Ibrox Park I’m sure you’ll fit in well there with your anti Irish views. We all live in a Catholic housing scheme.
  10. Personally, I’m quite glad that it’s St mirren we play on the opening day and not a proper team. We really should be looking to boost the goal difference early and get some of our fringe players like Oli Shaw etc up to speed. Having said that I’m expecting a real “cup tie” atmosphere here my only hope is that the game is played in the right spirit. It would be really disappointing if the opposition players started going for our boys legs after the 3rd or 4th goes in. That may seem harsh on the saints players as for all I know they may not be like that but in my experience, the team on the receiving end of a footballing lesson normally look to injure as many of the other teams players as they can, taking as many scalps as they can back to whichever backwater shanty town they came from.
  11. Decent price to watch the greatest Scottish side of our generation and if we’re honest, probably one of the most iconic teams in world football. I bought one.
  12. This fixture really does seem to bring the sectarian element of the Killie support out of the wood work. The last few games at Easter Road have been marred by the actions of the away support. I pray to Saint Peter that this match passes without incident.
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