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  1. Hearts v Celtic

    That’s absolute nonsense! When I sing about the IRA at Celtic and Hibs games I sing about the provisionals
  2. Tbf Hamilton fans pretty much do follow a junior team.
  3. Wins a win but let’s be serious here it was against a quintessential diddy club in Hamilton. I could go into the local boozer at shutting time and drag 11 folk out that would give that mob a game.
  4. The Hibernian Thread

    Couldn’t agree more. Before the interview even starts the applicant should be asked to sing an impromptu verse of “Broad Black Brimmer” to determine wether or not the club are wasting their time.
  5. The Hibernian Thread

    Bring him home.
  6. The Hibernian Thread

    Every time that I read one of Pet Jeden’s posts, I have a sudden urge to claw my own eyes out.
  7. The Hibernian Thread

    Absolutely gutted Efe is away, our best player imo.
  8. The Blue Arsecheek vs Spoonburners - Boxing Day

    You got lemon with me before on here before promptly apologies once you realised how much of a radge I was and the bevvy had worn off. Which leads me to assume you were pished when you wrote this post.
  9. The Blue Arsecheek vs Spoonburners - Boxing Day

    You’ve already shat it from me once bob so less of it eh ?
  10. Livingston vs Hearts

    The wee Jambo with tears in his eyes after witnessing his team getting their clock cleaned to the tune of 5 zero. Glorious.
  11. Tommy Robinson to visit Hearts

    I wasn’t too keen on this Robinson fella but he’s maybe an ok bloke after all.
  12. Heart of Midlothian Season 2018/2019

    Well known racist hopes to attend the game of a racist club. Shocked by this.
  13. Is Lennon resigning, or not??

    I’d hate to think Lenny will be forced to flee the country but it appears the bigotry against catholic’s has came to a head, absolutely shameful stuff. This will be another string to Heart of Midlothians bow as they have already forced a family to flee the country after suffering racial abuse.
  14. When Hearts clinch the title....

    You can laugh about it now, but I got a parking ticket that day.