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  1. If he can replicate his goal scoring exploits in the big games we’ll be laughing.
  2. I have to say I like the look of McKirdy. Having read a bit about him and having a quick look at his instagram, he seems to be a total bam. I think the bam to normal ratio in the squad has been off for a while now so good to see that the recruitment team have taken steps to address that issue. Now it’s time to browse the free agent market for a maverick, ball carrying, South American playmaker who may or may not smoke 40 fags a day.
  3. It reminded me of peak Rangers TV during the banter years. McLean screaming for the penalty
  4. I have never heard commentators white knight a team like McLean and McFadden have hearts tonight. the gorgie roar
  5. I reckon these Hertz supporters letting off fireworks to presumably unsettle the Zurich Squad for an 8pm kick off the following night has got to be up there. Especially considering they have went to the wrong hotel.
  6. While Tavares doesn’t look ready to play first team football for us just now I definitely think he has something about him and would like to see how he Develops over the course of the season. It may turn out that he just can’t cut it in Scotland but I have a feeling that he may be worth the wait. Bojang I’d like to see more of as he’s only really had a couple minutes here and there since he came on against Bonnyrigg. He’s definitely very raw and that miss against livi didn’t do him any favours tbf but I think he’ll cause a few problems for defenders as he’s very quick and direct although I’d like to see him get more minutes. I can’t imagine he’ll be on much money either so I’d give him the benefit of the doubt just now.
  7. I think I’d rather stick with that version of events than admit that we’re just plain old shite tbh
  8. I don’t think that’s how the game went at all but your entitled to your opinion buddy. I just googled Livingston and I see that they were formed in 1995 so maybe that’s why you don’t know as much about football as me, you’ve just not had as much experience that’s all. go out and enjoy that win today…..Livingston earned it.
  9. We really need to be smarter at grounds such as this in future because as much as we want to play the fast, free flowing football we are known the country over for, teams like Livingston are never going to allow that, Wether it be physically or by their great leveller(the pitch). Livingston perform the “dark arts” of football so well, very streetwise, very physical (I feared the worse when melkerson went off injured) Fair enough there’s not much, if any, actual footballing ability in their side but they more than make up for that with the blood and thunder aspects of the game. As we’ve seen It’s a god Dam effective game plan in This country whereas Hibs are more suited to a European style of play. I also think our manager and players really underestimated Livingston today and paid the price for it. Just because we haven’t heard of any of their players, doesn’t mean we can just turn and beat them. This game was a cup final for their team and fans. There was a real carnival atmosphere in West Lothian today, the whole town was out for This one.
  10. For context, you would need another four at this point to take you into a double figure IQ level.
  11. It sounds harsh but until they prove they can be trusted i think we should stop the provincial teams from representing our country in European competition. Don’t get me wrong if say for example Dundee United or Motherwell finish in a European placing through league placement then by all means give them the prize money and let them have their day in the sun but we’ll let Hibs, Hearts or Aberdeen take over from here lads.
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