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  1. Fair enough, he was certainly due to start then. Deal is just about done
  2. Think it was Cooper at fault for 1 st goal !!
  3. Elgin looked the more likely winners at 1 all. 2nd Edinburgh goal top drawer finish but Elgin should have had a free kick. 3rd goal of which ended the contest was offside and fourth irrelevant but was deflected
  4. Disappointing after the way Elgin looked after him yes but if he wants to go let him and take what you can get . No one player bigger than any club .
  5. Missed the game yesterday , by all accounts seemed unlucky , defence deal better with Mcallister (didn't bully anyone ) not seen Bronsky bullied by anyone in games I have see . Still waiting on news of who is staying ??
  6. 7 nil in one game in which we changed our defence
  7. Yeah unless a big injection of cash is forth coming getting better than what we have wont be easy. Youthful. New squad this season and hopefully Shane fully fit for start of season keeping most and adding a couple in the right areas . Have contracts been offered as it would help to be searching for 3 or 4 rather than 9 ot ten. Would like to see Eadie and Bronsky stay.
  8. Who is staying , who is going , who do yo want to stay/go ???????
  9. Last 3 games centre backs have been excellent,however yesterday's man of the match was Long
  10. Clyde will not win this one, Easy home win
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