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  1. I've just noticed the walking frame which convinces me that at last the Captain Tom pair are a wind up.
  2. The trainers are so bad I question if they're genuine or a wind up. Does anyone know?
  3. Yes, and they all have to park as close as possible to the ground.
  4. Another example of how the AXIS powers of WW2 were apparently all masters at running train networks!
  5. The penalty area on the right had side of the picture looks to be about 1/2 the pitch Great looking venue but I bet it's a nightmare on a windy day.
  6. I spent the night with Joanna Lumley once. Well, we were on the same overnight flight back from India.
  7. Ponderous is a very good word to describe the Scottish style of play. Our clubs and national team too often play slow, deliberate football and struggle to be incisive and clinical when required. Years of coaching kids to pass 10 yards to a stationery team mate are taking their toll.
  8. Aside from the money being a dentist is one of the least appealing jobs I can think of.
  9. Former ICT, Ross County and Hamilton player and Canada international Richard Hastings appointed as Inverurie Locos manager.
  10. What has happened to turn the previously quiet(ish) cobbles of Coronation street into the M25 at rush hour? The majority of characters don't even appear to have a car. Then Maria goes from not signing Sally's petition to full scale eco revolutionary in 20 minutes. Corrie going to the dogs.
  11. Picture 4 doesn't look quite right in terms of the relative positions of players, linesman, ball, pitch markings and the crowd.
  12. I saw the start of that last night. Definitely not a spectator sport.
  13. 'No nonsense' people seem to come with more that their share of nonsense.
  14. Whether by design or unintended consequences there must be a strong chance that this will indeed push Fort William over the edge. Staging home fixtures at an opponents ground will have numerous practical and financial issues. If the groundholding team were to take care of the match day organisation (gates, stewards, first aid, refreshments, cleaners etc etc) they will certainly look for some financial recompense from FW in whatever format. On the other hand I just don't see that FW would be capable of organising a home fixture at an away ground (or 16 different grounds) by themselves. It looks like a very slippery slope I'm afraid.
  15. The floral arrangement looks like the kind of wreath you see at gangster funerals. Is there someone buried under those bricks?
  16. One positive I see in having 24 teams is that almost all teams go into their final group match with a chance of qualifying which can create some exciting games. In this tournament we saw Denmark scoring against Russia to sneak through on goal difference after losing their first two matches and the Germany/France/Portugal/Hungary group going to the wire.
  17. Locos were recently advertising player sponsorship for £200 per player per season.
  18. You'd have to think the prospect of relegation would be a wake up call for some teams. I hope it can be competitive rather than one team getting dropped early and effectively being consigned to relegation before Christmas.
  19. It could be an interesting season in the Highland League. Given the long lay off and changes at various teams and the introduction of Brechin I find it hard to predict how the league will work out. Might be a few post COVID hangovers then again some teams might start with a new enthusiasm and ambition. Locos have a few signings but I'll need to see them in competitive action before commenting. I still think we're missing a really influential midfielder but I'm always optimistic that we might maintain a challenge that doesn't peter out into our perennial Europe League finishing position. Roll on 24th - can't wait.
  20. That's a hell of a team Liverpool put out. Must have been pretty much their first choice 11 at that time. Saints team wasn't too shabby either. Unlikely that you would see such a star studded line up in modern friendlies (and only 2 subs).
  21. Or worse, those who do bring their stupid wee dogs even though they are too weak to climb hills.
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