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  1. Correct. This nonsense was still a thing in cricket until the 1960s... Along similar lines amateur jockeys were always referred to as Mr So and So (this may still be the case).
  2. Late 60s. (Which, coincidentally, is my age now.) Fair enough, you're doing well if you can still read a bit of French after so many years.
  3. That might be the flaw in my argument... There does look to be some level of ranking system - regular players get surname only, 'gentlemen' of Corinthians FC get initials but SFA president gets full first name and surname,
  4. I'd like to break that man's neck and slowly drown the c**t. But was it Innis or Gunn?
  5. I've no idea when your day might have been (or will be) but I did O grades in the mid 1980s and they were graded then.
  6. Maybe they were amateurs? Probably something along those lines although Lambie from Queen's Park is only listed by surname. Were QP amateur in those days?
  7. Interesting that the two Corinthians players for England are the only players listed with their initials.
  8. Can't think why drivers might have wanted to strike on such a weekend?
  9. I entirely agree with you about future league winners and pyramid contenders. It will be well funded, well organised and ambitious teams who progress - Cove are the perfect example. Fraserburgh are just about keeping up with Brora but I'd say they've been a step ahead of Formartine in recent years.
  10. He seems to have had the same reaction I did at the time. Did he grow up to be Stewart Kennedy ...
  11. If the OF were to leave Scottish football I just can't see it being to England. Much more likely it will be to some sort of regional and/or multi division European league however that may come about. I'm sure we'd be left with an interesting and competitive Scottish league but one down side I see could be the demise of traditional European qualification and participation.
  12. I think Dragon's Den has become repetitive and an ego trip for the dragons themselves. There's still some pointless ideas but most of the pitches now are at least reasonably professional. I it enjoyed it more when they allowed the more eccentric and delusional 'entrepreneurs' an opportunity. I'm out!
  13. One of the best managers I ever worked was one who bucked that trend. He wasn't thought of as particularly competent so when he was promoted from a technical to a management role it was a surprise and for a while caused a bit of ill feeling. Turned out to be a great manager and ran his department with the right mix of empathy, humour and authority. He kind of knew his weaknesses and often said that if he could do the job himself he wouldn't need you so you should just get on with it.
  14. I worked close to 10 years for French run company. It never really occurred to me at the time but thinking about your comment they probably did do a lot of management training. From experience though training is not necessarily the same as competence, there were some [email protected] in management positions.
  15. Ben & Jerry's are all about peace, love and cookie dough! I'm partial to ice cream but it isn't going to change the world.
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