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  1. Pretty sure he was an academic or other ‘expert’. If I'm thinking of the same photo I'm pretty sure that the zoomed in section was photo-shopped to make it look they were all dodgy titles.
  2. Over the weekend I saw several adverts for Britain's Best Parents, starting this week on Channel 4. I have no intention of watching but you can be sure it will feature some of the most disagreeable people ever to appear on television.
  3. He was in the 1982 World Cup Squad too and played in the first game against New Zealand.
  4. Or add a letter, particularly 'R' as in countries like Chinar or Indiar.
  5. Wouldn’t have objected to that. Fash is an utter fucking oddball. Caught part of a documentary on BT Sport last night about the Wimbledon Crazy Gang - Fashanu was and probably still is an absolutely horrible character.
  6. I plan to watch it later but I caught 5-10 minutes of it last night when it was recording. It looked like a crazy, crazy job to have taken on so I'm looking forward to watching the whole programme.
  7. Salary caps are open to all kinds of enforcement and manipulation issues even in sports where it is recognised (see Premiership Rugby in England). If it were to come into force I'll be looking to buy shares in any company that makes large, brown envelopes.
  8. Perhaps allowing some restrictions on movement or contacting the alleged victim I would have thought bail was a formality.
  9. During lockdown I've been watching some of the old football from 70s and 80s being shown by Sky, BT Sport etc. You'll Never Walk Alone seems to be sung during quite a lot of matches involving various teams.
  10. My previous work used to have an annual briefing day which always had a section on safety. One year they had a Fire Office come along and his presentation was on the Bradford fire - it certainly made you think about a lot of the places you might frequent.
  11. Probably is - but these are the main players in Scotland in 2019/20 (Except Thomson of course). UPDATE - If I read the SFA website correctly only Category One referees can cover SPFL games. Taking 42 teams that theoretically requires 21 referees per week before you think about injuries, availability, travelling for UEFA or FIFA duties etc. I'd guess there are > 30 Category One referees in Scotland but I take your point that most of us will never see or hear of quite a number of them.
  12. I've no idea where I might find a definitive and reliable list but I'm pretty sure there must be more than 15 category 1 referees in Scotland.
  13. The best pair won, they came across as really genuine guys and their donation to charity is a great gesture. I was please the annoying 'bunhead blonde' didn't win.
  14. Not many Dutch accents at all.
  15. When you can't remember what it's for that's the ultimate definition of a pish advert. Same with the one with the little plastic figure that slides down windows, I never remember what it's about.
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