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  1. I know nothing about matchday programmes but Westhill Amateurs are no more - folded at end of 2017/8 season I think. Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire amateurs generally don't get what we would call crowds. Mostly it's just team officials, subs, non playing squad members, hangers on and a few family and friends. If you throw in a couple of dog walkers and passers by then 40-50 people might be about the maximum (maybe more for key matches).
  2. I'm coming to the same conclusion. I really can't enjoy televised football with VAR and last night was a difficult watch. Watching live in the stadium must be close to traumatic. Other sports almost make the decision part of the spectator process but the decision making in football is cumbersome. I do feel that VAR is necessary but we need to consider how it is applied. Taking last night as an example I feel that the situation of a goalkeeper being on/off the line doesn't merit VAR, the referee and assistant should be left to make such decisions. On current trends we'll be using VAR to decide throw ins on the half way line in injury time with one team leading 5-0.
  3. I flicked on to Family Brain Games on BBC2 last night and tolerated it for 10 minutes - what a bunch of smarmy [email protected]#ts.
  4. Indeed, it was always going to be a disaster. VAR was always a case of 'be careful what you wish for'.
  5. It is a feature of HFL fixtures that there and a good number of 'extra' hanging around the grounds.
  6. People who can't find their seats on a plane. I've been travelling with work recently and taken quite a few flights. I'm amazed by the number of people standing in the aisle looking lost and creating havoc at the same time. It's not complicated - an understanding of numeric and alphabetic order is all you need.
  7. Although Buckie won the HFL only 3 years ago they've finished 7th and 8th in the past 2 seasons. They'd need to have a step up before next season of they were to seriously challenge.
  8. As indicated in previous replies, published HFL attendances are difficult to find. Locos usually announce 300-350 over the speakers on match days.
  9. You can apply the 'big oil club' tag to Formartine 'Rollstud' United but Locos have a wide range of corporate and community sponsors. In terms of fans Locos typically have 300 at home games which would be boosted by promotion although I don't expect that to happen.
  10. Agreed, the Broch can beat anyone on their day but they have too many odd results (they tend to drop points against Locos too). I have them down as an outside chance but probably too inconsistent to really challenge.
  11. Having finished second last season and with their financial backing Brora start as my favourites. Formartine have promised much since they joined the HFL but to date they haven't delivered but if they can hit consistent form they should be a strong challenger. Fraserburgh looked strong last season (only team to beat Cove in league) and if they can cut out the occasional poor result I think they could go close too. Outwith these 3 I don't see anyone else. It would be great to see Locos putting in a challenge - on our day we can match anyone but consistency is always our problem.
  12. Cove have dominated the HFL in recent years but now that they have moved up to League 2 who are favourites to be HFL champions next season?
  13. I did attend a few Cove games when the were playing at Harlaw and would have estimated the crowds between 200-300. Admittedly it was probably some of the 'bigger' games I went to. I saw very, very few Inverurie locals at any of the Cove 'home' games.
  14. But that's exactly how it is in Orkney and Shetland. Both island groups have a number of amateur clubs playing in local summer competitions. The Orkney and Shetland teams are essentially a select of the best players in the amateur teams.
  15. Published HFL attendance figures are difficult to find. Even more so in the case of Cove as they've ground sharing in recent years so any figures would not be realistic. Based on numbers announced at matches Inverurie Locos normally get around 300-350. I'd expect Cove to draw something similar, probably a bit more given the boost of a new stadium and SPFL football. League 2 attendances are in the range of 300-700 so Cove crowds would be in this range.
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