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  1. Ross County and ICT have both come from non league established themselves at Premiership/Championship level as well as winning major cup competitions. Cove and Kelty will surely look at their achievement and feel there is still the potential for them to progress further.
  2. Great pic - the keeper and outfield players look to be dealing with the ball coming from opposite directions.
  3. My understanding is that floodlights need to be on at the start of a period of play. So you can play the first half without lights but if they're likely to be needed before full time they have to be turned on at half time. Same applies to extra time.
  4. The traditional drinking pub doesn't look to have much future. People of all ages are more aware of their alcohol consumption and while they will continue to drink they are looking for a different experience linked with choice, food, entertainment etc. Added to that, in general people have better facilities and entertainment options at home compared with 20-30 years ago so having friends around is more of a possibility.
  5. I might have been checking scores all afternoon on my phone but I do like to listen/watch the 'classified' results being read out. i always pick up a couple of interesting results I might otherwise not have seen.
  6. This is going off subject slightly but the picture reminds me of a business card I saw a few years ago. The owner worked for a specialist metalwork fabricator and the card was a thin strip of steel with his name and details all stamped out. Pretty ostentatious or a thing of beauty depending in how you looked at it. Does anyone even have business cards these days?
  7. Yeah, some of the clubs said they hadn't been made aware of what league they were in yet, and the season starts in about 10 days. Leagues were published last Thursday I believe. Even before season starts there's reports of two teams potentially dropping out from Division 2.
  8. Aberdeenshire leagues (AAFA) are always slow with their new season tables.
  9. Rory McAllister transfer listed by Cove - any takers in the Highland League?
  10. All things considered I think BoD would have been looking for 3 points on Saturday. Only other 'surprise' based on last season's league placings might be Turriff getting off to a good start against Huntly. Not really a major upset as, by various accounts, Turriff are an improving side and Huntly always have a bad game in them.
  11. No there is no promotion from the B league That seems logical given most of the B league teams are already linked to an A league team. Is there anything to restrict a non linked team eg Bressay applying to join the A league separately.
  12. To my shame I admit I'm engrossed by this nonsense. I've no interest in or affinity for either Rooney or Vardy but I'm intrigued that anyone goes about life in such a bizarre way.
  13. I heard that on Radio Scotland this morning - not even the slightest hint of irony in his voice.
  14. Strange choice of attire given that the weather conditions don't look particularly bad.
  15. This brings back one of my earliest memories of seeing football on television. It was Hearts v Celtic on Sportscene or Scotsport with Willie Gibson scoring 3 in vain as Hearts lost 3-4 at Tynecastle. Just looked it up on line and it was 1976. I would just have turned 5 so not overly familiar with players of that era but I've a remembered the name ever since.
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