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  1. Did it come from the man with John Deere cap and blue dungarees on? If so I’ve previously reported this person for something similar.
  2. Would like to see us start this one with Sonkur or Robertson upfront. Obviously neither are strikers but we need someone to try and retain the ball at the top end of the pitch.
  3. In Glasgow all week for work and looking to take in a few friendlies at grounds I haven’t visited yet. Going to start with Kilsyth on Monday night. Any advise on the best way to get to Duncansfield Park via public transport? Cheers.
  4. Bit more light hearted banter but, there are mascots that have spent more time on Stair Park the last couple of seasons than these two
  5. Fair do’s your source has come good. Lamont was signed to play for our South team any way…..
  6. Has enthusiasm and passion in abundance. He wasn’t at every week with us but scored some important goals and as big part of our season. Has to be admired, took a knock back from Hibs and stayed in the country, plugged away, probably deserves a crack a full time. Seems a good boy too.
  7. Been desperate for Kilmarnock in the cup for years. Between the league and cup we seem to have played just about everyone else in the last 20 years. We’re yet to get past this stages since the new format and I don’t see that changing. Club in a bit of turmoil at that minute and our recent record against Clyde and Morton isn’t great. East Kilbride tie is similar to our games against Brora and Kelty last season, whereby we’re on hiding to nothing. Win and they’re just a lowland league side, lose and outsiders point and laugh, when the truth is they’ve probably better resources and higher wage bill than us.
  8. I’m led to believe Mark Durnan signing for you guys. Steven Bell has been offered terms but hanging out for a possible player coach job at Stranraer.
  9. Been very little speculation. Would imagine the committee met on Monday night so hopefully here something by the end of the week. I would have Jamie Hamill and Alan Jenkins down as two applicants. After that I’m not too sure. Not so long a go a former committee member said nobody wouldn’t want the Stranraer job .
  10. The only other that's came in is Mark Lamont. Rest were already with the club. I'd be surprised if there is a queue of people looking for their release. There's a group of players vying for Jamie Hamill to get the job. He has taken training in the past when Faz had other commitments and the feedback was very positive. Have said over the weekend I'd like a fresh start with someone new coming in to the club but, the more I hear of Hamill the more I'm swaying.
  11. Goes from bad to worse. Chairman has now resigned. We have a very able person to step in, in the vice chairman but Mr Dougan was an asset to the club, Really sorry to see this. https://stranraerfc.org/a-message-for-stranraer-fc-members-and-supporters/ We need an end to this saga ASAP.
  12. I wouldn't have the post removed but, I don't believe it should be out in the open in the first place. The clubs reputation stinks amongst the locals as it is. This only add fuel to the fire. The timing doesn't help either. All concentration should be on appointing the next manager and getting it right.
  13. Anyway small matter of a new manager required. Any rumours or preferences? A lot of people calling for Allan Jenkins. I wouldn’t mind Allan but would like someone experienced beside him. Would hate to see him fail, especially being a local. Jamie Hamill probably in with a shout but I really feel we need someone from the outside to come and change things. I’d personally bring back Stevie Aitken with Farrell as assistant.
  14. I know one of the admins is not. I've been asked to remove comments by members of the committee befoe so don't know if that's been the case last night. If we could get everyone commenting on the facebook page through the gates on a Saturday we'd be flying.
  15. This should never have been aired in public. Deal with it at a committee meeting. Club are still trying to gain trust of locals due to corruption many years ago, this does not help one bit. If it's not being heard in meeting call it out at an AGM or try and get EGM. I would take a guess that this isn't football related and is more to do with running of The Fitba Bar as the three men who have stepped down were the sub committee who run the bar. The work the three gents do or did at the park is phenomenal, they were assets but I can't agree with how this has been approached. Hopefully a statement today to put things to bed. At present, no manger, no team and only three quarters of a committee.
  16. Hilton and Paton yet to sign. Don't think there's much love between Hilton and Faz. Led to believe Paton has a few full time offers. Wouldn't be surprised to see him follow the manger if nothing else comes up for him though. Would be a good addition.
  17. Hopefully take the whole back room staff. A complete overhaul would be nice, timing is awful though.
  18. His performance are probably reflective of his budgets. By far the lowest budget in league 1, by far the worst team in league 1. Built a decent team last season, things may have been better had we not had the break. Always speaks well and seems well respected in the game. Club have stayed loyal to him. He was given a two year deal before even securing a play off spot. The season before we only won two games and he kept his job so our committee must see something in him. Be neither up nor down should Faz move on, only frustration would be the timing .
  19. We’ve not seen much of his connections with junior football. He seems to be well though of by many managers and players though. Ryan Stevenson said he’s the best he’s worked under. Still chose to sign for Troon instead of us though.
  20. Do Darvel players turn up to games with wash bags under their arm and silly looking headphones? How many of the players have pony tails?
  21. Duffy, Elliott, Hilton, Paton and Stirling are the only players yet to officially make a decision. All have something to offer at our level. Hilton would piss over that league, he’s bit part in our league as not suitable for games when dirty work is required. Duffy will score goals at any level. Paton and Stirling both good talents and will no doubt have offers from better outfits than Darvel. Elliott is ok. Wouldn’t be my first pick but offers a good physical presence and can run all day. Victoria has turned down a new contract, being Portuguese, Mr Kennedy may be able to attract him with his peri peri chicken. Or just a ridiculous wage.
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