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  1. Brechin fans are worried they won't be able to wash the strips on time to fulfill fixtures so maybe they could be replaced by Celtic or Rangers Colts for the rest of the season as a trial. Old Firm Colts can play a televised play-off with the winner getting the sought after spot.
  2. Not wholly, no, but the vibes from Brechin fans on here are that they don't wish for football to start again. Is that in the hoped they are saved once again? Not really trying to be controversial to be honest. Having seen the work clubs have done to get games going, a longing to watch Stranraer again be it on a stream, over a wall or in the ground, it's crap reading football fans coming up with reasons not to get playing again. Seen money used as an excuse, clubs were furnished with grants from the government, a gift from James Anderson and were able to furlough players and staff. With no training facilities to pay for, stadiums out of use surely outgoings can't haven't been all the great?
  3. Understand that logistics could be a pain and part time players or volunteers getting getting to as many mid week games could be tough. Kits not so much, surely just alternate between home and away as much as possible.
  4. They can't just keep sparing Brechin every season.
  5. For me this is the best of our orange kits. Was a real bright number, think we've had three to date. Two seasons with ICIS, from what I remember they were pretty well made.
  6. One of the teams I’d of chosen to avoid, especially away from home. No denying it winnable, especially on our form but will be testing. Think all the attention will be on Kelty which might help up. One bonus for us is the plastic pitch. Not everyone’s cup of tea but, we struggled to get going on the heavy park on Saturday so hopefully we are able to get back to playing the football we’ve been used to seeing the last couple of months. Would have been a great one for supporters to take in. The Scottish Cup always brings a bit of excitement and always nice to take in a new ground. Suppose we just have to appreciate there’s still football at the minute.
  7. Hard pitch to handle but Annan seemed to cope with it better than we did to begin with. They had a good 15, 20 minute spell where it felt like we couldn’t get out our half. Luckily they never seemed to make this count. We ended the first half a bit better and took that in to the second. Started playing a bit of football again and manger to create a few chances. Andy Stirling looked a threat and starting to show more of the Andy we became accustomed too in previous spells. Huge fan of Tom Orr and his work rate. Similarities to Craig Malcolm, in the sense that he pesters the opposition the whole time and chases everything. Glad to see he’s getting the goals to reward his efforts. Crazy sending off from one of Annans better player. Would say they were still in the game and every chance of at least a draw at the time. Now ten unbeaten. What a difference a year makes.
  8. Not the draw I would of chosen but certainly winnable, especially on our for at the minute. Last season I’d of written us off.
  9. Too true. Sad. Would of been a great result. Still very tight for play off spots but to be there we need to see games like this out. Can’t say much about Stenhousemuir first goal but the second is a real f**k up between our defence and goalkeeper. Really frustrating. As much as I appreciate coverage once again pixleot (sp?) absolute dog dirt. These poor clubs have been had.
  10. Keep your negative comments about Gregory Tade to yourself.
  11. Decent pricing for the coverage. Not been a lover of the automated camera thus far. Annan and Brechin were both poor. A bit of commentary may make it an easier watch though. Think this game is similar to Edinburgh City and Stirling Albion whereby it would be great to take three points off another playoff contender. No reason we shouldn’t be looking for a win tomorrow. Confidence is high and in recent weeks we’ve shown how far we’ve come. Team seem well suited to artificial pitches so hopefully goes in our favour. Hard to make any changes and not aware of any that would be forced upon the manager. Andy Stirling and James Hilton must be champing at the bit to get a start, both very worthy players, great to have coming of the bench. Disappointed not to see Hilton get on last week when we were chasing a win. Expecting a closely contended match.
  12. In fairness I agree with your point about travelling from one tier to another given the rules. What the boy was actually doing, I have no objection to. It’s open air, there are less than a handful of others involved. The club could be a bit more cute about how they’ve acted during covid to be honest. Not an easy task but some things could of easily been avoided by, keeping hush or staying away from cameras.
  13. Is football essential? We could shut it down, starting with your stupid club!
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