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  1. Stranraer v Brechin

    Should of been four. Ball clearly over the line.
  2. Rotterdam

    Usually do the ferry once or twice a year as get it for nothing through work. I can't say much for Rotterdam itself, only spent a few hours there waiting for the coach back to the boat but the areas close by have a lot to offer, lovely beaches and costal towns. The Ferry is good fun, entertainment is that awful it's good. The crowd can make it a bit more exciting, weekends usually the bar is populated the hen and stag parties. Rest of the facilities are pretty decent, piano bar, cinema, al la carte restaurant, buffet restaurant. Usually some excellent deals in the shop for alcohol as well.
  3. Next Scotland Manager

    Some mentalist that will set fire to your house or eat your kids if pull out of their squad. I really struggle to think of anyone fit for the job, that would actually want it and do a better job than our last couple of managers. Names like Steve Clark are great but how realistic are the chances of getting him.
  4. Class 156 Sprinter

  5. The League 1 Squeaky Bum Battle

    We seem to of found a bit of character the last few weeks which makes me feel a bit better. Fortunate in that it's in our own hands with Brechin, Dumbarton and Airdrie being our opponents. A good few twists and turns to come yet.
  6. Chairman and Director of Football.
  7. Club Badges

    Stranraer have a ship to represent all the silly goals they ship. The committee has this season discussed changing this to Jamie Hamills face.
  8. Keep the ball on the ground and he’ll do a job. Put in the air and you can watch him run the opposite direction and start to quiver. He’ll do a job I’d think.
  9. Looked pre season as if he might have something to offer but, hardly played at all. Hard to judge. Can only assume he wasn’t doing it in training because we’re not spoilt for choice when it comes to players this season.
  10. Stranny v Mo

    Couldn’t build a good team between the two of them. 90 minutes of long ball crap. Different referee different result, Wilson wasn’t for to referee amateur football in the area when he did it so don’t know how he’s got to where he is.
  11. Poor Referee

    Loyd Wilson at Stair Park today. 2 pens that nobody else in the ground saw.. All for Referees doing well and progressing but not before their time. Anyone wanting to make an easy £ get yourself a referee course.
  12. The sack attack

    Beat of luck Neily.
  13. Stranraer -vs- Dumbarton

    At least Ryan Thomson still has the X Factor.
  14. Stranraer -vs- Dumbarton

    Aitken has given Stranraer fans plenty of good memories and a player and manager. Some of the best football I’ve seen at Stair Park has involved Stevie. I’m still not over his substitution again Morton though in deciding game, brining on an out of sorts Chris Aitken rather than Stephen Stirling. He also said he’d finished taking Stranraer players when he first went to Dumbarton but went on to take a few more only a matter of weeks later. It’s football I know but for that, f*ck him! Fickle I know.