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  1. Some reading for Ayr fans - https://www.niferry.co.uk/stena-line-25-years-in-belfast-the-stranraer-years/?fbclid=IwAR2nnXFgMv8OAEdrubvUxcytsBan8wNhmdzU0mtdRGMXukW1Qn4MvgFsAD8
  2. And we had idiots wanting the manager sacked. These people don’t know the first thing about football.
  3. Granted, injuries and finances have not helped but, you can also help yourself. In the last few seasons we've went out and signed an injury prone Grant Gallagher and an injured Andy Stilring. We were told Ian Smith was being invited to pre season to prove his fitness but, then signed him before pre season started. I didn't object to the signings of Gallagher or Stirling at the time as both when fit can easily prove their worth. What I do disagree with is using it as an excuse. Knew what we were getting when they signed. The longer the abject performances are going the less expectant some of our support are becoming. People seem to take comfort in saying we deserved a draw from that game or we created a couple of chances, keep playing like that and it will come. Well sorry to state the obvious but, it didn't come. I'll keep repeating this, two games we won last seaosn. TWO! In what world is this acceptable? Do you keep rolling with the same lax attitude this season and face relegation again? Put the entire existence of the club on the line? Our last home game in League 1epitomised things for me. Playing Montrose, our last chance to keep things in our hands mathematically and we couldn't even register a short on target. Lost a goal and the team threw the towel in. Captain is standing with his hands on his hips head down, as if they were defeated from that minute. As for fans getting behind the club. Stranraer FC are served by a small bunch who have a blind loyalty. 300 or so who are there whatever. There are many who give up their own time to go out and do odd jobs at the ground, stuff the players or management probably don't even realize goes on but, all to give them a better environment on a Saturday. You've also got the Fans Fundraising group who've done a power of work during close season, not just helped financially, but brought a bit of feel good and helped engage with the community. So absolute no question of fans getting behind the club. Getting behind the manager is a different story.
  4. Can’t say I noticed the time wasting but this is something we accused of regularly. I know it’s part and parcel of the game if you’re protecting a lead late in the game. Would have to question, are we doing this as a tactic, is it because of lack of ideas or possibly lacking in fitness? Any of the three point to a failure though. I can’t see it but hopefully the committee meeting tonight results in the sacking of the manager ( that’s if they still meet on Monday nights. ) Someone new in for the two cup games which would be a free his as no way we are progressing anyway.
  5. Committee have to have a big think as to which direction the clubs going here. Nearly a year since our last competitive won, one point from nine so far, no cup of wins, crowds are awful. This in on the back of a relegation and only two league wins last season. it really doesn’t make tor good reading. The
  6. So d spoiled the game but, didn’t think there was much between the two teams. great chance for Stranraer at the end of the first, other than the we failed to create anything clear cut. Looked organised at the back and Miller was really good in the middle. For the payers they have Queens Park didn’t do much for me although, fully aware had not been so windy they probably would of hammered us.
  7. They were all in the pub last night.
  8. Last week was an improvement, took a bit of guts to dig out a draw after the Elgin shambles. No matter how we are playing Queens Park would probably be a team to be feared. We have the makings of a good team but haven't really shown it yet. A positive result might give us something to kick on from. Be nice to register a couple of wins before the break for the cup.
  9. May as well wind up football forums as based on this logic there's nothing to discuss. Surely football is all about ifs and buts.
  10. If a Stranraer player doesn’t challenge in that position I’d be disappointed.
  11. Wish Purdue a speedy recovery. If he’d got up and walked away nobody would be talking about the tackle. Some of the criticism I feel is unfair. An honest attempt to win the ball. Anyone that’s watched Gallagher will know that. Took a lot of guts to hold on for a draw yesterday given how soulless our performance was against Elgin. Happy enough with a point away from home.
  12. A could of played better than that and I’ve got a severe peanut allergy.
  13. For any Annan fans wanting to see their goals seeing as Pixie Lott didn't manage to capture it live. What a waste of £10 that was. We looked good in spells, that's when the camera wasn't watching Fleming scratch his balls. Well worked goal managed to see that much.
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