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  1. Not seen a l lot of Stranraer this season but was impressed today. Was a game for the football purists but thought we were very organised, set out with a game plan, few different free kick and corner routines and stuck to the task well. Elliot and Hilton did a power of work, defence stayed strong throughout and was hardly breached but best for me ( can’t believe I’m saying this ) was Jamie Hamill. Played like a real leader. Didn’t think he’d have the legs to play there but rarely caught out today and distribution was far better. Unlucky not to have a goal or two in the first twenty minutes, don’t really recall any periods of sustained pressure from Dunfermline in the first half. A bit more threatening second half but don’t recall anything to clear cut. Free kick off the bar the only real threatening effort. Must have something about us beating, Raith, Dunfermline and a decent Clyde team this season. Hopefully find a bit of consistency and climb up the table when we get back to league business. An extra pint for Queens Park tonight.
  2. We all know football doesn’t work this way but feel we’re due a win. Heart over head crap probably. Results have been a bit more positive of late and injury woes not quite as bad so hopefully put a run together starting today.
  3. John Osborne is one that sticks out for me. Signed from Larkhall. In fairness to the guy he realized himself he wasn't going to cut it and got out of dodge. Probably could take your pick from the Britton, Ferguson, Knox era. A few dodgy signings under Reid too, any of the token foreign players he seemed to like to sign.
  4. Certainly wouldn’t be giving him a settlement. Crap that players have clubs arms twisted when it comes to this. In the normal working world you’d be put under performance review and heaved out the door at you couldn’t perform. Don’t see why it should be any different in paid sport. Especially when everything is so tight money wise. Club owe Gallagher nothing, picked him when was out of football and he left to join another part time club. Came came back ( literally is seems ) when he was again struggling for a club. Wonder if signing Gall was a bit of desperation from the manager. Given his troubles. Funny situation at the same time with Smith. We were told he’d be invited to pre season to prove he was fit then we signed him before pre season training started, all be it on an amateur contract. Don’t envy the manager trying to recruit. Budget and geography really hamper things.
  5. Not that Burgess is at fault for our defeats but I’d have Currie back in goals. He’s been one of best performers the last few season. Won us far more games than he’s lost us. Heard tonight Gal is out for the season. Anyone know that situation with his contact, pay as you play or weekly wage? If he isn’t pay as you play and there’s truth that he’s out for the season we need him off the wage bill ASAP and get someone else in. Unfortunate and harsh on Gall but squad is thin enough without passengers. Seen enough from the team to suggest we’ll be ok but going to be hard fought season once again.
  6. The easily offended will have a field day with the Dumbarton, Layne Dance-floor tweet.
  7. Celtic, Kelty Hearts, Rangers U21 Paying 15/1 Celtic - 1/2 Put up a good fight in first leg and are flying in the league. Big crowd at home should help see them over the line. Kelty - 23/10 Squad of players most league 2 sides would be happy with. Opportunity to prove they’re capable. Rangers 21’s - 12/5 Stranraer with as many as eight first team players missing. Brining in five for the South of Scotland side. Difficult task, Murty seems hungry to do something in this tournament. Despite Stranraer managers comments, getting our first three points on Saturday is more important than this competition.
  8. Hope the boy can get a full season. Showed real potential at Stranraer but was unfortunate with injuries.
  9. How has Robbie Murray been playing?
  10. Can’t see it happening again unfortunately, think it cost the club a lot more than anticipated. Not sure we have the cash to do it again. Think we’ll maybe have one of the Old Firm down at Stair Park pre season. Also a couple of years ago someone was working on a book to release for the anniversary but not heard too much about it. Did hear a rumour of a concert at the ground but didn’t come with much substance.
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