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  1. Why no polls?

    Want a second Independence referendum within two years? Yes 27% No 51% That's one of the main reasons why there isn't going to be one.
  2. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Today's performance really was a throwback to the Pressley era. We've been badly let down by Houston's recruitment policy stretching as far as half a tank of petrol get you (return). This was all very predictable in the summer. Countless of us said he'd gone for quantity rather than quality. We are a club completely without ambition or direction. Even the attempts to be a Championship youngster shop window selling club is fucked. That well has run dry for a while. I'd bite your hands off for Hughes' return. I was happy when he left as I thought we could do better. How wrong I was. But he only won the league due to the board gambling on doing so by giving him the biggest budget in the league for a season. We'll need to do that again to go up. Doubt there's any appetite to do do. We'll bumble along hunting a playoff spot until someone ponies up the cash to have a go. Houston has to go though. Squad is awful.
  3. Hard Brexit: Relation to Scottish Independence.

    The Yes movement are in a really bad spot here. This should have dawned on people the second there was a Leave vote - it was horrendous for Independence. Unless it was the softest of Brexits, which is why Nicola Sturgeon has been agitating for that. iScotland would be facing on day one a substantial budget hole to fill. If everything was as it is today. That's going to require increased taxation from somewhere and/or cuts in spending, of a significant amount. Scotland would be poorer at the start. Now there's the real problem. It's largest trading partner is going to be out of the single market (assuming here that Scotland is successful in its EU application - a reasonable assumption). There's been some idiotic nonsense talked about that . 'Uhhh, so yer saying that the UK won't trade with Scotland'. Err no. Trade will continue as it did before but it won't be tariff free . It will be more expensive for Scottish firms to trade with the UK. This will add costs, and reduce income. Which reduces tax take. This also pishes on the chips of the SNPs wheeze to slash Corporation Tax. The UK are wise to that game and are fully intending to do that too. Of all the EU members in a future world most disadvantaged by the EU and the UK not negotiating a friendly mutually beneficial deal, it's iScotland. As I said before, the SNP should be Theresa May's biggest cheerleader in any Brexit negotiations with the EU. Which they will be in private. Of course the flip side if that is that the bigger a success the UK makes of this whole fiasco the less appetising Independence looks. So what do you wish for? The SNP won't call a referendum. The financial position is far too uncertain, and as you say the 'pound in my pocket' types who won the 2014 indyref will not sign up for massive uncertainty and likely austerity as a fledging new nation, in the EU, but with the UK out. The psychological conditions for Indy have undoubtedly improved. Leaving the EU and the direction Britain is going in will worry a lot of moderate No voters. But the economic position is much much worse than in 2014. Oil has tanked. The deficit has grown. There's no appetite for increased personal taxation. And there's little prospect for massively increased corporate taxation. Until Scots steel themselves for a high taxation high public spend economy and buy into that model, there will be no Yes vote.
  4. When will indyref2 happen?

    The ball isn't in Westminster's court at all. Whatever happens in the Brexit negotiations, there won't be an indyref. I said that months ago. Others on this thread and others said , after the Leave vote, that there would definitely be a second indyref in this Parliament. I explained why they were wrong. And why the Leave vote was an utter disaster for Scottish independence. Indyref isn't still on the table because it was never on the table to begin with. It's gone for many years. I'm very much enjoying the rewriting of history though. And the presence that the Nationalist movement isn't seeking a new referendum. No siree. Perish the thought. Must have imagined all of the National's 'Lets get the gang together again' tubthumping, and the Summer of Independence was it? The facts are that the post-Leave climate is brutal for separation. The polls show no good signs for it. The GERS figures were horrific. And the UK is by a huge amount Scotland's critical export market. Sturgeon now has to pray that Brexit is Featherlight. The more difficult it is, the worse things get for her. She's in an utter c**t of a position here.
  5. When will indyref2 happen?

    And so the climbdown begins. As many of us already knew, there won't be an indyref2 this decade. Probably not in the next Parliament either. Will be an interesting sell to the faithful, as the dawning realisation hits them that they aren't going to get another referendum in a very long time.
  6. Rangers v Celtic. 31st Dec

    Fairly bemused as to how that wasn't a 3 or 4 goal win for Celtic. The blue bigots are rancid. Sirens already going off near me the instant the final whilstle went. Let the games commence. Feel sorry for A&E departments everywhere as the mouth breathers club each other and their spouses.
  7. Rangers v Celtic. 31st Dec

    Hills has Celtic - 1 at 9/4 which is just way too big. The gulf between the two is enormous. Sevco are an absolute gang at the back. 3-1 to the green bigots
  8. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Season's gone marginally better than I thought in the summer, after the obviously horrific transfer dealings. It's a shame Houston and the board made such a c**t of the summer given Hibs have been much shiter than expected and the league was very winnable with some investment. Just need to try and cling on to the playoffs over the next few months even though we have zero chance of progressing through them. Think it will end up going to the last game or two with 3 teams competing for 3rd and 4th. Hibs and Dundee U will go up this season with some dross coming down. Next summer better see a completely different approach to the squad. Shite like Craigen and Rankin filling jerseys.
  9. Why no polls?

    Really? What is your definition of 'any time soon'? Give me a timescale. There are large numbers of moron Nats desperate for a referendum in 2018. They are going to be sniffling into their Saltires again though as there isn't going to be one. Watching this realisation dawn over the coming months will be amusing.
  10. Why no polls?

    Uh huh. Both sides will have to compromise. The UK and the EU. But it will be more difficult in future for rUK to trade with iScotland if iScotland is in the EU and the UK isn't. This is true of both rUK and iScottish businesses. And as Scotland relies massively on English trade, anything which makes that more expensive and difficult is horrific for Scotland. Hence why leaving the internal market we currently have with the UK is a catastrophic choice. And as the GERS figs show even with the current environment of trade, Scotland has an enormous deficit to address in day One. The conditions are atrocious just now for Scottish independence. Which is why there isn't going to be a referendum . We know this. Well maybe apart from you and Lambie's doos. Which is awkward for you .
  11. The Alt-Right

    Godfrey Elfwick certainly isn't an 'alt-right' account. Its a hilarious parody account. Some of 'his' work on Craig Considine is superb. He also wrote this gem, which was pounced upon enthusiastically by the 'white people are evil' types.
  12. Why no polls?

    Err no. That's a bizarre post. No one would be being 'blackmailed' unless the EU want to 'punish' the UK which seemed to get unthinking Nats very excited as a prospect in the summer. It would be a consequence of Scotland choosing to leave our current tariff free market with the UK in preference of joining the EU, which (should there be a hard Brexit), will have barriers to trade with the UK. Which EU member post Indy and application to the EU for membership by iScot, will be most adversely affected by a hard Brexit? I can give you a clue if you like.
  13. Why no polls?

    Good post as usual. It's only really the '45' badge kissing types that are going to be butthurt about the delay. Basically the thick leaflet distribution fodder. Nicola Sturgeon and the sensible Nats know this is not winnable currently. The can is just being kicked down the road. There will always be an excuse not to have one. Until it's going to win. If that's ever the case. It's fascinating stuff really. Watching how the narrative will be spun so the gimp Glengarry wearing clown types get brought along with the thinkers so they think delaying it for years is a good idea. Best hope for Scottish Nationalism is that the UK negotiates a brilliant Brexit deal. Ironically. Nicola Sturgeon should be Theresa May s biggest cheerleader in the negotiations.
  14. Why no polls?

    Well no. The 'elephant in the room' is, as I said months ago, the UK leaving the EU is an utter catastrophe for Scottish Independence. Scotland needs barrier free trade with rUK given the enormous reliance we have on intra-UK trade. Being in the EU with the UK outside is absolutely dreadful. That's why there won't be an indyref any time soon. The SNP know this .
  15. Why no polls?

    Now there's a poll. Just confirms what we already know . Indyref2 is a dead duck. No way that's happening this Parliament.