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  1. Not a fan of Kemp, tbh. Think he's over rated. When he was last with Buffs, he was greedy with the ball, & was all about how many players he could go past, imo.
  2. Everybody wants us beat Aye, especially us Buffs supporters!
  3. Tomorrow's result at Auchinleck, could define our league title ambitions, imo. Anything other than a defeat, will keep our hopes alive! C'mon the Buffs!!
  4. To be fair, Lokloyal, the whole Buffs team were, that day! It's the only league match we've lost so far...... Hope I haven't jinxed us in saying that...
  5. I recon 'keeper David Marky, & defenders Tommy Maitland, & Davie Syme must be on top form, on Saturday. If they can stop Talbot from scoring.... especially early in the match, Buffs can get a good result! As you said, McWaters is playing well, & I think Monti can be a match winner for us. C'mon the Buffs!!
  6. Got to laugh at aw these "things you've heard" regarding Buffs, mate!
  7. Good point, bud. Kilbirnie Ladeside's Valefield is an example. There's a dis-used railway banking beside the park.
  8. Is there any particular reason why many Junior grounds were set beside a railway line, back in the day? Arthurlie, Troon, Irvine Vics, & now Kilwinning's new Buffs Park,by coincidence, are some that spring to mind. Do you know of any others?
  9. Totally agree, fm! Carlo has found his mojo this season! He's relishing being 'the main man' again, & thriving in this season's performances. He's 'chipping in' with his share of the goals, too! He doesn't score many tap-ins.... his goals so far, are contenders for Goal Of The Season, imo!
  10. Yeah, massive game for both teams, this weekend, TFW! Even this early in the middle of the season, surely this can't be classed as a league title decider, can it? Always enjoy our matches at Beechwood, too. Should be a healthy Buffs support! Looking forward to hopefully a good match.... all the best bud!! C'mon the Buffs!!
  11. Heard it was Alex McWaters that hit the winner! Another great 3 points for Buffs!
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