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  1. Not seen or heard any abject abuse of the team/players, yeah you get one or two shouts from the crowd but you'll get that anywhere.
  2. Twitter says we've scored a goal.. must be a mistake.
  3. It's a strange one, last season Duffy made a limited changes during the Jan window where he added balance and stability to the team, we finished the season strongly. Post season, Duffy made public comments about how overpaid the squad were and then how needed convincing of our budget for this season. Fast forward to him (allegedly) making little effort to retain core players and then replacing them with juniors/exit trial players who look a mile away from being ready for this level. All this against a backdrop where the club have little money (well documented) but a undisclosed third party seems to have underwritten debt and increased the playing budget, also the trust rep on the board who puts in a ton of work behind the scenes has allegedly taken a step back. I'm confused as f**k as to were we stand at the moment.
  4. The team looked completely anaemic tonight in every way. Can we recover? Possibly. If we can ship 3/4 out on loan and get some reinforcements in then we may be able to pick up. I don't know if the money or players are there though. If we don't change something, I don't see Duffy lasting long because when we're not a shambles, we have no cutting edge.
  5. Carsy's went off injured [emoji33]
  6. Will Kyle Hutton reaching 100 appearances trigger the four horsemen of the apocalypse?
  7. Well done, a post without mentioning you know who....
  8. Willing to bet it's Rankine with a sizeable interest getting land on the cheap.
  9. Jim Chapman, won the third division with a quality side.
  10. Financial security with calculated risk.
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