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  1. Somebodies research had bonesy down as one of our star players?
  2. Really depends on which Dumbarton turns up, the gang that shitfest their way through matches or the team that looks like they can get a result against anyone.
  3. Wondered about the Duffy situation myself, all managers have to deal with inheriting a squad so regardless of Duffy staying/going it makes sense to get the better performers tied down. Arbroath benefited from a settled squad signed up for two years and although we don't have that financial luxury, we pretty much know our fate and can start planning now for next year to get us on the front foot.
  4. Would applaud the board for some future planning, get some of key players signed up right now. P.s. would pick one of Carswell/Hutton, not both.
  5. A couple more wins before I start to feel a little more secure.
  6. Will be surprised if this goes ahead even with our groundsman's dedication.
  7. I think this might be our grand plan for the remainder of the season. Law of averages suggests we will still pick up some points.
  8. There's a feeling of resignation about the team right now, we could finish 6th or 9th and no one seems to have any enthusiasm either way. Need a run of good performances/results to re-ignite interest imo.
  9. I doubt there will be a change of manager even if we drop to 9th. Most likely scenario is we limp to the end of the season and part ways.
  10. This season is a bit of paradox for me. I'd have bitten your hand off for mid table at the start of the season but strangely feel disappointed about how it's likely to end.
  11. I think the refs have a far harder job than we give them credit for, but football is a bit pantomine and we like easy targets (says the man that regularly gets caught up in the moment and gives the refs pelters) [emoji2960]
  12. Kudos is due, but I don't know how many of signings were by design or opportunity. The proof will be on the field, if we can get the new(ish) signings to click the optimist in me says we can we should be targeting the playoffs which would be remarkable given the early predictions.
  13. Two recently spring quickly to mind: Mick Dunlop (snr & jnr) Owen and Paul Ronald
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