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  1. Ray McKinnon. He single handedly ruined my joy in watching Falkirk. He has no idea how to motivate and can't set up an attack minded team. A horror worse than Hartley
  2. Quite a lot I would think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #####
  3. Remind me never to try to buy FALKIRKFC. the dirt that would be dredged up would put me off
  4. Agreed. But as with any game I still am happy when Falkirk win. I could not give a damn about this cup and view it as a mere distraction from our one and only goal which is promotion. It does however give our fringe players the chance to get to know each other in a real game situation. Colt teams are shut but let's face it we could have been a Sunderland colt team. Enough football talk. Was MC at the game?
  5. Have absolutely no idea how Montrose play or what their strengths or weaknesses are so I would not dare predict a score. Think the impetus is with us though after Saturday's scores
  6. Good player. Impressive post match interviews all talking about the effect of last week's showing. Good response but now we know what is to be expected
  7. McKee had his moments with us but unfortunately they did not appear often enough. Good luck to him
  8. Just back from Stadium. No signs of Bexley Coffee Baron but I noticed a nice car with DKD in the number plate
  9. The terrible thing is on paper we have the ingredients required to make a very good L1 team. We all know where optimistic feelings have taken us recently. Won't be happy until we finish the first 1/4 on top
  10. We will just have to keep the ball in midfield and go for no score draws. No change there then
  11. Phew! Alliance nearly ruined the party by equalising. We know ICT can leak goals. Bring on Saturday
  12. From the reports of reserve games and the only time I have seen him he looks like a energy bomb and perhaps that could be useful tomorrow against a RC defence that is not the quickest
  13. A point would be like a win for us I feel. Look RC you are 8 points ahead with a game in hand so why don't your players just take it easy and save your efforts for Saturday. You know it makes sense
  14. Will never forget when he played against Ayr ( I think) He skinned two players stopped and waved at them to try again. Showman supreme
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