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  1. Sadly it's the new normal. If you can't get a shot at goal run into defender and pretend you have been shot
  2. Keena and Ruth need to play together. Neither is capable as our lone front mam. Last two games show this clearly Paul so just watch the highlights and admit it. Or even better just skiddaddle! From 8th to 3rd in two goals. Bizarre
  3. In all my 58 years as a fan this is the worst I have felt about the team. Sheerin has one style of play and teams know it. He can't and won't change it as a matter of blind faith. He needs to go so we can perhaps see what this group of shit can deliver. He moved to 2 strikers at the end of last game and we scraped a draw but then back to impotence. Just go now
  4. Sheerin must be dumped sadly. This is crazy.
  5. Anything other than Keena and Ross together up front will be the end of Sheerin. It was only when we used this tactic that our chances turned to goals. SURELY!
  6. Sad thing is like others I have lost interest in the team this season. There needs to be a radical sustained improvement before I get excited about games again. 58years and now on Saturday I basically could not care less
  7. A bit early but I think Sheerin and Holt need sacked. This is not sortable with current regime. When we went behind I knew that's it
  8. Get this shower to feck in previous years you had something on the bench to fight back we have nil
  9. Time to see if our new team has any backbone? Would like to see changes with Hetheringron dropped and EK making his first start. Is it worth the chance of playing young Weekes in the Morrison role ? That's if McDaids signing is not a finished job. We need to get back to playing with energy as last week was not good enough
  10. Don't like the look of that team. Telfer will have a lot to do and Ruth needs to start quick
  11. Latapy was a real legend. His thinking was so sharp that as he aged he did not need speed. He used to tell young players that they should just play the ball to his feet and he would do the rest! Class act
  12. Thats a perfect description of a young player who is raw to these type of games. Give him a chance
  13. Cue Ompreon netting a hatrick against Killie. You have got to have a dream
  14. Mark Beck was taller. Did not do much for us but has done okay since
  15. Agree with lots there but our main problem on Saturday was the lack of invention and thrust in the penalty box. The play was good the chances created were many but what was missing was a finisher. QP are not a great team but in Murray they have what we lack
  16. Since Ronaldo has signed for MU perhaps Rashford needs game time?
  17. How long have we got to get a scorer in? This season hinges on us being able to score goals. If we are playing wide players with nothing for them to aim at what's the point? A loan is basically a chance we are taking so it may not work. Sheerins quote about goals coming from all areas is code for we can't get anyone to lead our line. Think we will regret this omission
  18. Going nowhere without a goalscorer sadly
  19. Most of us long suffering Falkirk fans wouldn't say winning the league was likely if we were 10 points clear with 4 games to go.
  20. Pity I am Saturday back shift or I would have snaffled that!
  21. I think we have worked hard for the right to feel slightly positive for a wee while. Enjoy it while it lasts and don't look hard for old grievances
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