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  1. Game attendances to be capped at 500. Wont effect most of league one
  2. But I would take some of their watches
  3. Brief and sadly very infrequent for the last 3 years
  4. Big Lee in the SPFL team of the week. No that wont happen as he is 37 and would only be good for 10-20 min cameos! Think we don't really know
  5. Not sure but I think the ball may have hit the arm he is waving above his head! No need for VAR
  6. We will get 24 points in the remaining games. End of !
  7. Is Danny Devito not a bit old small and fat. I remember him in Taxi
  8. Will the Covid 19 virus put this off. They are planning a stop to mass gatherings. Oh wait
  9. I thought I would be really up for this but after Saturday I am not bothered in the slightest. Started looking at who is second bottom in the Championship
  10. Lee and Louis on for those blank firing shits
  11. Football Daft podcast a must listen to. Big Lee hardly a happy bunny with Hartley I think
  12. Think Clyde should treat this game like a cup final. A few injuries and a couple of red cards please
  13. The dressing room should be covered in match reports and scores from our last games against Clyde. If the players have a new found pride that should be enough motivation. We have a point to prove
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