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  1. East Fife 2-2 Montrose Falkirk 3-1 Forfar Partick 2-1 Airdrie Peterhead 0 - 3 Cove
  2. First home league game usually brings a big crowd. Not today! Hope it brings big goals for us
  3. Just a question from a person with no idea of capitalism. How long does it take for board members to ratify the Rawlings deal. What is the procedure as they say that is all left to do.
  4. Dixon has always wanted to play CH i remember. As said before not as demanding a role physically
  5. 3 nil Falkirk A hatrick by Rawlings assisted by small FFC SHAREHOLDERS
  6. Think GD deserves a lot of praise. Since he took over we have appeared less of a joke club. Can't remember any real clangers YET
  7. I am not a shareholder in the club but have been a supporter for 57 years. I would like to take this opportunity to THANK all minor shareholders for taking their chance to improve the club. Well done all. The Rawlings money and previous track record give us finally a small light at the end of a long dark tunnel. A great day for us. Hope I don't have to regret saying that but we are Falkirk remember
  8. Think some sort of demonstration is due IF we pass up on this deal. Okay they are a buy low sell high couple but with that in mind they will do their upmost to increase the share price. If I had a couple of hundred grand spare I would think we are a great investment opportunity.
  9. Excellent podcast. If we do move forward with this then we may see the back of our behind the scenes troubles. The academy was a big loss but don't expect it to start and be successful overnight. Times have changed
  10. Thought with 10 to go HWFG again. Did not miss that sinking feeling. Big Lee changed it all. He is an old fox and knows how to get penalties. Great to see Leitch take his chance. He is a baller
  11. Think Montrose were the best football playing team we played last season. We will need to up our game to win this one. Keena will be a big miss. Glad we kept Sammon. Not
  12. Don't think we have the quality to do anything else. At least we can shut up shop a bit better. That's the part I feel the Bairns will need to work on. Come on who is the mystery defender we have on trial ? Somebody let us know. Phone Lex ?
  13. Time for McCrackin to get his boots polished? Only 38. Russel was in his prime at that age
  14. I would take that to Aleek Francis looked safest at the back for us which says a lot. I wonder what Sammon could do at CH? Worked with Yogi
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