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  1. No surprise. Teams heads were at Hampden and they need to realise this league is far from over.
  2. Agreed. Some of the comments to players and linesmen was hilarious. The closeness was like Brockville
  3. Thats the one. Brilliant atmosphere and wee Russell looks like he has a handful. Thanks for these memories.
  4. I know what we can be like when we are expected to motor to a win. Hope we are over that now but....
  5. Will wee Max start on Saturday at Dumfries and if he does who drops out? Tricky one. He is deadly with his corner kick. Cause teams lots of problems
  6. It was to meet a Spl criteria that we needed so many seats in the ground. Now a thing of the past but big at the time
  7. Loved this thread this morning but stadia fightin YAWN
  8. No stadium looks good when it is only home fans watching and half the stadium is empty.
  9. What is the capacity? Is it all ticket? Are there any tickets left for the away end and if not will you be opening more sections for our massive support?
  10. Our postponed match away to Montrose, due to take place on Saturday the 11th of March, will now be played on Tuesday the 11th of April, kick off at 7.45pm. Our match at home to FC Edinburgh, scheduled for the 29th of April, will take place on the 18th of April at 7.45pm.
  11. Come in agent Bullen your mission is complete
  12. Script of game is something out of Roy of the Rovers. Lower league team goes behind and look dead and buried Get an equaliser Have a penalty against with 10 minutes to go Penalty missed Late sub scores late in game. Story only in comics usually. Well done
  13. After Akinyemi scored i felt our defence learned and stopped him mostly for the rest of the game
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