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  1. Not the way I saw it. Doyle and Dixon are being used more as an attacking option than defensive. They are both playing better because of it. Gomis played well for the first 60mins but faded as he always does. Miller has been a revelation in the holding role and will improve when he gets more experience in the position. Would like to see us using Tidser as an attacking midfielder but something tells me it's an attitude problem with him.
  2. Dixons interview leads me to think he is Ray's best pal. Interesting to see if he stays that way. A lot more fight tonight than I have seen since September
  3. Longridge can dribble and dribble and dribble. Looking for the perfect chance to shoot tonight not just any old chance!
  4. Dixon is better further up the park but our 3 at the back need to gel a bit.
  5. For me it looks like usual back 4 . Toshney and Gomis midfield. Longridge and Miller wingers and two strikers
  6. I think we should get automatic promotion on concert attendance figures alone #boxofficebairns
  7. d Big Lee has been one of us since signing as a kid. The way he celebrated goals when last with us showed he cares. We need that passion instilled into our current crop of pussies. Don't feck it up BSLM
  8. I remember we once had a striker who fancied being a manager. Got a job at the Shire. Think his name was Ferguson. Wonder what happened to him?
  9. Praise the lord! Now I am worried about the next appointment. Damn
  10. First time I have posted or looked at forum since Saturday. Sad to see we still have Ray. Saturday hopefully
  11. As I said after Clyde I wont be back till McKinnon goes
  12. Funny when Falkirk go behind this season you know they wont come back
  13. Stenhousemuir? A walk over for a championship side I remember
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