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  1. In fairness that’s been the same every year in any association
  2. More a change of start ie February to November
  3. Not the way I heard although I could’ve picked it up wrong, the breakdown was £300 bond paid pack year one 50% the 25% year two and three The other £200 was league fees As I said that’s how I heard it it may be wrong
  4. It includes a bond to be paid back over three years in sure
  5. You not think there should a little bit of loyalty to the association your club has been part of for all these years, pwg is Monday give the guys some back up, as you say “what do you have to lose” if nothing comes out of it then go ahead and put your application in. Bit disappointed in how your going about this tbh seems very much a two fingered salute and expected better from you. We’ve only been in the juniors five years, a fraction of the time Glencairn have, we are very interested in joining the pyramid too but we are showing some loyalty to all the teams we have played that may not get in or afford the £500 up front fee if it’s each to their own. Gordon ronnie along with the west region committee and at least 52 clubs who signed a pledge to take every team over with us. #whathaveyougottolose
  6. Thanks for having me on, enjoyed it
  7. We look to be part of the pyramid preferably within the juniors
  8. Very similar at gartcairn with some exciting plans for seating etc booked in for the summer
  9. Had a good response so far , still a few spaces available, football central sundays are inviting applications from new and established teams. A one off membership fee of £110 with at present no league fees ongoing year after year, we are in our third year of this. Also last seasons surplus allowed us to give every returning team a set of brand new strips. If your interested for season 2020/21 don’t hesitate to get in touch, any affiliated teams looking for a new league please do do by 21st February
  10. At Gartcairn previously with Davy greig so knows how “those guys “ work Thanks for all your support and have a merry Christmas
  11. Please share Football central sundays along with central regions 35s are inviting applications from new and established clubs for season 2020/21 Sunday’s start July and over 35s March. A structure and certain criteria need to be in place to be accepted. Pm in first instance. For Sunday’s established clubs must apply and be accepted prior to February 28th but are urged to do so quick as numbers may be limited.
  12. There used to be, tbh I think the current rule helped evolve Saturday morning which is great, I also think players maybe only want to play one game now.
  13. Used to be you could play for different teams in different leagues, Saturday morning then afternoon That stopped and now only permitted to play one game any day. Is this a benefit to players? To clubs? Should it be looked at again to revert back? Would it help clubs struggling with players or hinder it Any thoughts?
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