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  1. Had a good response so far , still a few spaces available, football central sundays are inviting applications from new and established teams. A one off membership fee of £110 with at present no league fees ongoing year after year, we are in our third year of this. Also last seasons surplus allowed us to give every returning team a set of brand new strips. If your interested for season 2020/21 don’t hesitate to get in touch, any affiliated teams looking for a new league please do do by 21st February
  2. At Gartcairn previously with Davy greig so knows how “those guys “ work Thanks for all your support and have a merry Christmas
  3. Please share Football central sundays along with central regions 35s are inviting applications from new and established clubs for season 2020/21 Sunday’s start July and over 35s March. A structure and certain criteria need to be in place to be accepted. Pm in first instance. For Sunday’s established clubs must apply and be accepted prior to February 28th but are urged to do so quick as numbers may be limited.
  4. There used to be, tbh I think the current rule helped evolve Saturday morning which is great, I also think players maybe only want to play one game now.
  5. Used to be you could play for different teams in different leagues, Saturday morning then afternoon That stopped and now only permitted to play one game any day. Is this a benefit to players? To clubs? Should it be looked at again to revert back? Would it help clubs struggling with players or hinder it Any thoughts?
  6. Fk me we really must’ve been watching a different game, you had 15 minutes at the end of first half where you failed to score, we had one chopped off for no reason or it would’ve been three points, we also had a number of players out but we don’t look for excuses we go with what we have, We don’t have a third of your budget or half the size of your squad but just you keep piping in. Yourselves and cumbernauld are certainly to go up and credit for what your doing and how your playing but ffs give us credit when it’s due
  7. Thank fk I’m bald as watching Gartcairn would have you pulling your hair out. The inconsistency this season is horrendous especially when you know they are better than what they are showing, we show what we can do against teams that are in leagues above us or favorites for this league yet against teams that seem about our level we struggle. We need to be better and be up for every game, as I said they are more than capable. The worst about it I’ve not seen a team this season that I’d be worried about playing again, the only team that worries me is us. Now for the reality check..... We are only in our fifth season and to be where we are , the championship and beating premiership teams each year in the cups shows we are ahead of schedule, some junior teams with over 100 years have never been where we are. We need to solidify this season and enjoy cup runs but start preparing for next season. Not giving up the league but being realistic, as I said last week it was great beating kilbirnie ladeside but the leagues our bread and butter. Mtc
  8. Wow, you come on completely disrespectful to our manager and rest of your sons teammates and you don’t think there should be a reaction? Really You made an arse of it completely , childish and ignorant. Your son is a cracking player and doesn’t need your distractions. Showtime? Ps you’ll need to explain personally to me about the broken bottles. For the record I’m the chairman not secretary
  9. Your whole point was about one player, I told you it’s a team, I’m no disagreeing about how the games played every game is different, you should let the gaffer know how to play the game I’m sure he could be doing with the insight.
  10. Brilliant.... I’ll introduce myself at next game.... you go to all them?Tell you what £100 donation to club by whoever has been at the least gartcairn games, you up for it?
  11. Nah you’ve lost me.... and yourself As I said team game so stop spouting if one certain player plays, it’s childish and ignorant
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