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  1. Don’t think it was, supposedly came from rod petrie that conferences at tier 6 wasn’t acceptable. Again I strongly believe that splitting the premier is the most sensible idea they have came up with even if it was the best blatantly obvious solution, for me though the rest of teams now at tier seven and in conferences have again been shafted. It was four fair conferences at the beginning. I can’t how “legally” the premier can now be a conference
  2. Very sensible idea but I thought the whole thing about the premier was no conferences at tier 6?
  3. It would’ve been a better suggestion to go ten ten with both winners playing off.
  4. Peter are you saying to fit those 38 games in for everyone those with floodlights will have home games midweek?
  5. It’s what was proposed earlier in the season by rod petrie, knocked back and now covid has given it another opportunity Don’t be suprised if this is what’s pushed going forward. A big attraction for many teams transferring to the wosfl was the opportunity to gain a licence and play in Scottish cup
  6. We will invite you along when in place
  7. New park will be laid by start of September 200 seater stand hopefully installed by October
  8. Can officially welcome Gary to Gartcairn. Tremendous signing for us
  9. Gartcairn keeping membership
  10. sctv

    Gartcairn FC

    We don’t have many tbh and our budget is not based on gate money so maybe makes it a touch easier
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