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  1. From watching HGTV it seems that the planks should be laid according to what dimension you're trying to emphasise. In a hallway you'd most likely want to emphasise the length (OK, Kenneth) - the above makes it look cramped and closes in the walls.
  2. Is that what they call female brickies?
  3. Tipping isn't really a thing here so it's whatever coins are left in restaurants etc. I try to give delivery guys a quid - that's the equivalent of 10% of their daily wage. Taxi Drivers - nope. They already double the fare going to my place so they can whistle. Barber - I double the payment. So, it costs me the princely sum of £1.50 Binmen - a fiver at Christmas Postie - 50p if I haven't seen him for a few weeks and a quid at Christmas time Water guys - 2 or 3 quid at Christmas time It's an ongoing debate amongst an ex-pat forum I'm on. The mainly American members just can't get their heads around the idea that it's not that cool to grossly overtip as it can cause issues and jealousy amongst staff and also create an expectation that all foreigners will overtip. They don't seem to follow the "When In Rome..." idea.
  4. A quick read of this thread, and numerous others, would tell you that's not really true. Stick a few coins or notes in your back pocket - best of both worlds folks.
  5. To be honest, faced with the option of doubting the source and that Nelms was pissed off for any number of other reasons or believing Nelms forgot I know which seems more plausible. And yes, I know we're talking about Nelms here!
  6. But if he knocked back the idea when McCann was boss then he knew long before he hired him to replace McPake. Not sure it's ever been confirmed he didn't know when he appointed McGhee. Or he forgot.
  7. Why would he need to read the press about something he already knew?
  8. Let's hope so - folk are gobbling up any info they can get on this
  9. Dunno. I was just continuing the Turkey puns.
  10. It certainly seems to be taking place on a wing and a prayer
  11. Especially as Manila is almost totally landlocked!
  12. Then I guess Chris Rock isn't the only guy getting a slap tonight.
  13. Didn't want to leave a bruise as evidence1
  14. He was laughing along at the jokes just before the slap so who knows what was going on? It looked like a good "stunt slap" but a real slap would, wouldn't it?
  15. Harsh, but fair. She'll probably be back later.
  16. I find a toilet brush vigorously inserted in and out creates a vacuum and does the job of a plunger. Alternatively, use a plunger.
  17. So, as it seems they do own the land you must now think it will happen then?
  18. Problem is EU legislation sets minimum standards so individual member states are free to go beyond those.
  19. It happens all the time, but not on the scale of this fiasco. As long as the company adequately compensate there's not much that can be done. Maybe a few of the employees will reject the offer and sue and see if they can make some kind of special case against P&O but I'm not sure how as employment law is pretty prescriptive.
  20. For sure, but it's possible. Only 2 wins mate away from it mate - keep the faith!
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