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  1. 68 quid apparently. https://www.popsike.com/CHUCK-BERRY-JOHNNY-B-GOODE-RARE-78-RPM-RECORD/250624191131.html
  2. Object? Did you miss the word object?
  3. Cheers. Where I am it's not Sky so I'm out of the loop but it seems that Man U in particular are on more weeks than not over here, at least on Sat and Sun. I don't watch the midweek games so maybe my view is skewed.
  4. Not the best example maybe - they pretty much show all of the EPL games so it's just a matter of deciding which time slot each game will get. I'm pretty certain Man U and Liverpool games are always televised - and mostly at the prime slots as well. Regardless, It's true they don't give a f**k about Scottish football.
  5. I'd hate to see how you'd talk about a player you were singling out for criticism mate!
  6. So folk are not so much too fat as too short
  7. Samsung still do curved TVs - don't think anybody else does though.
  8. Excellent decision given salt has no calories.
  9. I'm not so sure how widespread being trapped indoors with no food is as they have different levels of lockdown and only the severest doesn't let folk go out to the supermarket - food is then delivered to them by the local government. I teach a couple of guys living in China and that's the script in their area at least. Sinovac is used here in the Philippines with relative success if case numbers can be trusted - a big IF to be fair. I don't think the lockdowns are anything related to the efficacy of Sinovac, rather the zero Covid policy they were pursuing. They are in the process of testing 25 million folk in the Shanghai area. The Chinese don't f**k around.
  10. Is that why vegans are such miserable c***s?
  11. It's something they do every time over here to give a sharp edge to the outline. They even use it to trim the ear and nose hair. And they throw in a quick shoulder and head massage which is awkward.
  12. Surely a hedge trimmer rather than a lawnmower?
  13. I've been married twice and was lucky enough to have had a destination wedding for both. 1st was in Arbroath and the 2nd was The Hard Rock Cafe in Hong Kong (we were living in Hong Kong at the time). All well and good having a wedding abroad (that's what we called it when I was a lad, feck knows when and why they became destination weddings) and giving an open invitation to family and friends to join but wouldn't be comfortable actually formally inviting folk to one and thus putting some sense of obligation onto them - unless you're paying of course!
  14. Makes sense as the thought of the things that push my buttons doesn't really make me squirm, it's just when they happen in reality.
  15. I wonder what makes some folk hate stuff that others find totally innocuous? Cannot fathom why people are turned off by wooden spoons or carboard or polystyrene but totally get the fear of cotton wool. Another one for me is the feeling when my nails are cut right down and then they run across some rough fabric.
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