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  1. Only the 3 "newer" teams have the suffixes. Whatever that signifies.
  2. Agreed. But that's not what I was commenting on, it was the suggestion that Utd getting into Europe vindicates Watt's decision as per the original post.
  3. Aye, fair point. Doesn't make it less true though!
  4. That's better than most of us Dees t.b.f.
  5. Without wishing to sound churlish, it's hardly the Champions league!
  6. There might be a Saints (take you pick which) or an Aberdeen though.
  7. Oh, we wouldn't have him but seeing as we're so box office it's hard to stop others linking top-quality managers and Tam Courts to us.
  8. I think it's just as a mark of respect to McGhee that he hasn't been linked to us yet.
  9. In the Philippines it's done every 5 years - they come around each household and fill it in on the spot. Knowing the Philippines as I do, I suspect if somebody isn't at home the census staff will fill in the form on their behalf (ahem)
  10. Zero chance, Saturday was our final chance to put pressure on the teams above us and we failed. Relegated.
  11. Publicity isn't marketing though. Marketing is with a view to selling more whilst publicity is with a view to getting something talked about. Whilst the burger van's publicity strategy is undoubtedly successful I'm not so sure about it as a marketing strategy.
  12. I have to hold my hand up and say it's disgusting (probably).
  13. I can imagine so, the wee light will be brighter at night.
  14. I know, I was just making light of what is infuriating behaviour which is only endearing to those not impacted by it.
  15. That's like asking which Dundee manager is shitier, McGhee or McPake.
  16. About 3 months less than James McPake got is the correct answer.
  17. It sounds like they're playing a storm t.b.h.
  18. You certainly would have been if you'd wanted to buy a ticket for a match if parsforlife had his way!
  19. How about the unsuspecting family member or even stranger who comes across the body of a shooting suicide, though? Wouldn't be pleasant I'd imagine.
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