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  1. Which hand would you hold the electric saw with though?
  2. He's just trying to get the club to make the 62nd minute the official mark of respect is he not?
  3. It's afternoon for me here so I've been up for a few hours now. I think I got up just after 7 actually. Have a great day ahead!
  4. The police have been called and apparently they're looking into it
  5. Let's not get sidetracked here - we're discussing the uncoolness of splitting bills.
  6. You'll be getting none of that from the no-cash w****** on here!
  7. Alternatively, take cash and none of the above is required.
  8. So the place has to separate the bill, or process the payment separately? Seems like as lot of hassle when cash would suffice.
  9. Re. splitting the bill - how do all those folk on here who refuse to believe that cash is still needed manage to pay their share when the bill is being split if they don't carry cash?
  10. That makes sense. Either way, the leaseholder will be able to avoid paying business rates and the leaseholder is no doubt happy to help the tenant with a contribution for set up costs. Everyone's a winner. Almost!
  11. I read about this - apparently it's as simple as the liability for business rates lies with the leaseholder if the property is empty but passes to the tenant when let. The tenant is hard to pin down and makes no money anyway so no chance to recover the inevitably unpaid rates.
  12. Good to see him being rushed off to hospital...on a forklift.
  13. He's my next door neighbour actually. I hope I look as good at 123 as he does.
  14. If they're bags for life why does she need so many?
  15. We'd also need a fair bit of underpinning.
  16. I read an article somewhere where her niece said she'd still be alive today if it hadn't been for her father. She would have been 96!
  17. Ach, he was just Speaking Straight from the Heart
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