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  1. Who decides it's unfounded? Isn't that the whole point of the jury i.e. to separate the mud from the shite? I'm not suggesting outlandish claims, just enough to be possible/believable. Regardless, it's all immaterial as it won't go to trial as neither party would want it to unless Giuffre really is focused on outing Andy as the old perv rather than money. It's possible but is it likely? As for stripping him of his titles, it's a risky strategy as it could be viewed as an acknowledgement of guilt by Buck House - probably a more likely bet than a ploy to build sympathy.
  2. You mean that diary that was lost in one of his house flittings? The problem with this case, and one which may work in Andy's favour, is the time that has elapsed between the incidents and the "trial." That said, IF (he won't) he goes in front of a jury he will only be able to use that excuse so many times before he appears to be being evasive.
  3. Think that was a different Prince.
  4. Worse the comparison to the 1930 Deutschmark - GBP to USD Ave 2019 - 1.28; Ave 2020 - 1.28; Ave 2021 - 1.38.
  5. Aye, of course but aren't all jury trials about throwing as much mud as possible and hoping some sticks as well as deflecting as much as possible. It's certainly not helpful to Andy but I don't see it as being so damning. I'm sure there will be plenty of stuff that comes out that is though. I'm pretty certain we will never know as he'll settle before it reaches court. We're just seeing posturing for now, on both sides.
  6. Not much sheltering there though, too open to the elements and no seating. Poor effort and should be demolished.
  7. It wouldn't take much of a lawyer to dissect that and make a difference between "meeting" and being "introduced to" though. Or explain that the Secretary was "misremembering".
  8. Leaving plenty of options for the players we're getting in before Monday IMHO.
  9. Bloke wondering if he can afford a half-loaf back in Nov 1923
  10. Reminds me of the time many moons ago when we took the bus home from Tesco - when we got home we discovered the roast we had bought was no longer with us and there was a nice hole in the bottom of the plastic bag instead. However, a couple of weeks later we found a tin of paint on the bus so swings and roundabouts I guess.
  11. For me, it was the burning smell which I assume was the eye tissue being burnt by the laser. You can add that to your memory bank to complement the video you watched - enjoy!
  12. I think you've misunderstood - I don't think die hard doonhamer was the surgeon, he was the patient
  13. I always knew he'd have a hat on the first time I saw his photo
  14. Hard to believe that after 4 years she hasn't subconsciously remembered the route. Probably shouldn't be allowed out never mind behind the wheel of a car if that's the case.
  15. I got it done about 25 years ago in Boots. Started to wear off after about 10 years but still don't need specs.
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