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  1. Nah, I'm well ahead of schedule on that score.
  2. I had a 1st date with a lassie from 4th year around Clatto Park. Couldn't have been your wife's pal then.
  3. I'm never in bed before 11:45 and usually wake up at 6am when the wife and son start their day. Not a fan of napping at all but there is no greater pleasure than an unplanned nap which just happens naturally. I had one last night watching TV. Or am I thinking of a W***?
  4. Hmm...there are a total of 13 merchants in the Philippines accepting it - pretty much all individual stores in Manila only. I won't be ditching my cash just yet!
  5. Yep, when they're being nice you are pretty much fucked.
  6. Long story short, you're partner's infuriating thing is getting you to the train on time. You don't know you're living mate.
  7. You don't live to be a big cat without developing a keen road sense. Quite likely all those wee kitties we see at the side of the road would've grown up to be big cats if they'd just look right, left and right again.
  8. Anybody who says Rich Tea are bollocks rather than the dog's bollocks are misunderstanding their true talent. In the same way that dry toast wouldn't titivate the taste buds, you need to add some topping to Rich Tea to truly appreciate them. A light skim of butter by way of a glue to hold a couple of slices of cheddar in place is a true feast of an evening. That said, replace the Rich Tea with a digestive and you've moved to the next level.
  9. Got my 1st dose of AZ today. Had to leave at 6am and arrived to find about 300 folk already in front of us - it was a walk-in session today. Things moved pretty quickly though and we were done by 9:45 so off to Macs for breakfast. When we left there were about 700 folk in line, 1/2 of them in the hot sun! They managed to f**k up the wife's address but all in all a successful morning.
  10. Cheers - yep, we're in the 'ber months. About 20% of the folk around here already have the trees up!
  11. Agree with pretty much all of that except the last para. I think you're being harsh including the Arabs in that list. Harsh on Livi, Accies, Morton etc that is.
  12. Might be a knock-off copy. According to Heinz they stopped making them in Feb 2015. A quick Google shows posts that B&M do indeed still stock them but these posts are ancient and Heinz themselves say Non. Who Knows?
  13. They do. I don't think any locals watch it (in fact I don't think anyone does other then me and my 9-year old son) so nobody gets offended. Anyway, anyone who has lived in Asia will know how racist they all are!
  14. Don't wear them then! Living in the Philippines, Love Island and 90 Day Fiance are somewhat of a highlight for me compared to reruns of Happy Days and Mind Your Language! Married at first sight is 100% shite with no redeeming features. I love 90 Day Fiance and I'm not ashamed to admit it.
  15. All we can be sure of is it won't be from old age
  16. It doesn't sound like it would be unexpected
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