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  1. His Wikipedia page doesn't have a photo
  2. BA and Air France were the only airlines who owned them but Braniff and Singapore airlines had 1 each on lease.
  3. £40 in diesel from Edinburgh to Dunfermline and back? What the f**k type of fuel drinker you driving? He's thinking of Dumfries - must run in the family.
  4. You're probably being too kind there.
  5. Tales of the Unexpected was the best horror series when I was growing up - some creepy shit on show.
  6. I'm not sure to what extent schools can really ascertain which students have access to suitable IT at home. So many variables - parental support; hardware (PC/printer) - internet connection - physical space (imagine 2 or 3 siblings trying to study together in the same place) etc. Where I am we are doing online for private schools and modules for public. From what we've heard, the modules are a semi-disaster whilst the online classes are going OK but a fair bit of parental support is necessary.
  7. In the Old Overgate in Dundee (although not the original Old Overgate)
  8. It's not even big enough to have geographic differences like you suggest - fowk move around the city anyway so even it there was a difference, which there isn't, it would be highly diluted.
  9. Yip. A system that may work in places like China and N Korea but not so much in other places
  10. Better than the 0% that it would have been if there was no testing. Edit to Add - I'm not saying it's good enough - not by a long way but...
  11. If someone tests positive, they can be isolated and stopped from spreading the virus. Sure, a percentage will ignore the test result and carry on spreading but a percentage will not.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the case in many countries.
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