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  1. Possibly, but he looks drunk in the photo.
  2. Yep, I was in Hong Kong and a good few of them were in the service industry there too...nudge,nudge, wink, wink!
  3. I'd love to shite on his bedroom floor but he's back sleeping in our room again and I never shit where I sleep. Almost never anyway. A fag stubbed out on a plate - manky as f**k.
  4. It's a little ironic that many of the kids'mothers here are the ones being paid to clean up behind kids like them in places like Hong Kong,Singapore, the Middle East as you mention.
  5. A fag discarded in a pint glass must be one of the most disgusting things know to man.
  6. Our son's school had a football tournament a year back. They provided McDonald's for the kids - the next day there were dozens of discarded boxes and cups. It's swimming against the tide here when you cannot even get the school to get the kids to clean up. Here, the mentality is very much I'm not picking up rubbish, that's for the street sweepers to do. No matter how many times we tell him/shout at him/kick f**k out of him chastise him our son just doesn't get it.
  7. I wish you'd said that 10 minutes ago!
  8. My son, 7, is guilty of just throwing stuff on the ground. Of course, we chastise him but when all around there is litter it's hard to get a 7 year-old to understand. So, the more people litter, the more people litter.
  9. Ah, so your weapon of choice would be an axe. An excellent choice too I must say. Plenty blood for the office cleaner to clean up behind you. Or you could do it in Falkirk and the council will sort it.
  10. Which of those heinous crimes would you use for your 1st one?
  11. Like many, I've visited the US but never really interacted with their police but their Immigration Officials aren't the friendliest. I can imagine how the police would be.
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