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  1. Probably not a hassle, easy enough to move money around these days. With my 1st wife, we set up a joint account when saving to get married and had our own as well. As we moved jobs we just set up everything to the joint account - I think we had 2, one for saving as well as day to day stuff. With my 2nd wife we have separate (she doesn't have any income anyway) 'cos inheritance law where I am is very, very iffy. She has never touched anything in her account. Horses for courses.
  2. Obviously the physical abuse the poor kid suffered is beyond shocking but it's the stuff like this that breaks me. Welling up again just thinking about it.
  3. It's heartening to hear of a wife so happy to have her husband at home with her.
  4. Can't even bring myself to read anything beyond the headlines. Like many, I cannot help but imagine my son having to live such an existence. Truly horrific and for so many reasons and mainly because we all probably know nothing will change.
  5. Just watched the highlights - we won't win many games by just the odd goal whilst completely dominating and without looking like the points were at risk like last night.
  6. They should also get their fans involved - again this may help avoid them assaulting opposition players
  7. FFS...are finances that bad you're needing players to carry out maintenance?
  8. Not the one who said their vaccine was LIKELY to offer strong protection
  9. When I was of that age, a tie was required to get into a Disco (no nightclubs back then). Not sure about jeans - I think it was a dress trousers policy though. We were also able to buy fish and chips and burger and chips in the disco - both came with peas.
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