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  1. All things Dundee FC

    3-0 Dens demolition on the last day of the season to send you down - that's all it will take
  2. Megabus - Glasgow to London

    That was a lucky break!
  3. Megabus - Glasgow to London

    I can see the flaw in their service there!
  4. Work colleagues

    If God had wanted us to walk about the office barefoot we'd have been born that way
  5. Calling Cards of Morons

    I bet you congratulate someone on getting pregnant which requires less skill!
  6. I worked in the same company as a guy whom I spoke with at least once/twice a week - still don't know to this day if he was Irish or Scottish. As time passed it became more awkward to ask him.
  7. All things Dundee FC

    I doubt he'd be able to kick his own arse
  8. Dundee FC 19/20 Season

    C'mon McIntyre - it's fuckin depressing down here so get the finger out
  9. Things you want to share with P&B

    The consultation doesn't need to be done in the Office or, in case of senior/key employees a Compromise Agreement would be put in place that would allow the laws to be circumvented.
  10. Think yourselves lucky - we lost the league in the second half on the 1st day of the season
  11. The Race for the Play-Offs

    They are. Unfortunately!
  12. Dundee v Celtic

    Must've done - there are no starving Biafrans now
  13. I don't think I am in a minority of 1 t,b,h, - take a look around other sites and you'll see I'm not but hey ho. I can see the state we're in and probably could If I were on the moon but this has become a McCann v Mcintyre - who is the shitiest? type topic which is pointless so I'm bowing out at this point.