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  1. For $11,450 it should! To be fair, It's an annual membership but that includes a lot of S***e that's not of much value t.b.h. Single match tickets are much cheaper than in Scotland though, anything from $18 to $25. I can't imagine any reason to buy the Annual Membership except being able to get tickets for all games - As I recall it was difficult to get tickets for most games.
  2. No but I did get a message a couple of times asking me to wait until my browser checks something or other before I was able to access it.
  3. For Portland Timbers 2022 prices vary from $475 to $11,450. So, the cheapest ticket would be comparable to our 375 price.
  4. It's not difficult (for most of us anyway)to understand - The stadium project is not dependant on what league Dundee are playing in. Just as Ludo said.
  5. I believe it's being released at the same time as "Premature Ejaculation" - it's coming soon I hear.
  6. In true P&B style, she deserved a kick in the fish pie for that type of behaviour. I worked in Hong Kong for 10 years in a language school - there were 6 or 7 local teachers who treated the place as a home-from-home and they would bring in the stinkiest food imaginable and stink out the whole school. And not just lunch, but breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  7. Can you not get around that just by saying "If you would recommend this person please get back to me." or such? Yep, you can and do. I was an HR guy and it wasn't unusual for these type of "off the record calls" to take place.
  8. I see. Strange they haven't been in touch before now then. Probably worth getting in touch in case there are some benefits payable.
  9. I think they've been too busy spamming this site to bother with other stuff.
  10. Would he have been coming up for retirement around now?
  11. My petty thing would be folk who eat at their desk, especially strong smelling foreign muck!
  12. Not at all surprised. For me, the law around references has resulted in folk such as the one you describe being able to keep getting jobs despite being incompetent at best.
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