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  1. Where I am, they start the countdown from the '...ber months' so September! Most families will start putting up trees in late October-early November but I hold out until 1st Sunday in December. Still to early IMO.
  2. Typing as he would speak would justify that alone
  3. So, by the same token winning the league at Dens was meaningless. In the sense that winning it anywhere would have been equally meaningful?
  4. I doubt if they are all fucked when the power goes out - where I am we have power cuts 2 or more times a week and everything recovers fine - oven included. P.S. The oven is gas mind you
  5. Yep...the only difference between them and us is them and us!
  6. If true surely it would be on BBC Scotland sport's news?
  7. Sounds like she was planning to no matter your performance
  8. Why do they go to such effort providing theoretically tasty food then? Should just hand out a load of plain bread to fill us up.
  9. But isn't that a bit like arguing it wasn't the punch that killed the man, rather his head hitting the ground? Semantics surely?
  10. If there was no preamble to this I'm not surprised at his response - well, slightly surprised it was less colourful than I'd expect!
  11. Go to bed and sleep around 1am, the wife and son are up and about from 5:30am to 6:00am (wife often bakes at that time???) so the smell of cakes etc and the clattering of baking tins breaks my sleep - so probably 5 hours of solid sleep and then 3 hours of tossing (snigger,snigger) and turning!
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