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  1. Another one - https://uk.yahoo.com/news/gunman-kills-six-people-including-055935449.html
  2. Yep, that's right. The guy in the pizza shop is a pizza cutter.
  3. You're having a Zoom meeting with Robert De Niro?
  4. On one hand, yes but on the other the sort of folk who have info in such cases and don't share it are exactly the sort who would be swayed by a few quid.
  5. Did you even read the article - they are talking about events from May 19th, not late June or early July?
  6. We only got left a Standard Lamp in the attic of one place we bought. No shade though so it ended up costing me £50 for a lampshade and a few quid for a tin of paint. When we were leaving our house in Manchester to move to Hong Kong we ended up leaving a lot of good stuff as we couldn't take it with us - this was in the days before selling stuff online was popular so other than car boot sales we were left with no choice. Not sure if the standard lamp from above was included.
  7. Yep, it will but that's not where we are now. On your last sentence - nope. I am not suggesting binning the vaccination programme at all. I was pointing out that the same perceived "discrimination" exists within the vaccination programmes as within the segregation plan. So, if you're saying bin the segregation plan then you're saying bin the vaccination programme.
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