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  1. It is just such a no-brainer for the government to have flexitime for civil servants. It essentially allows them to allocate more work than it is possible for one person to deliver across the course of their working week, but to still deny paid overtime in the vast majority of circumstances because the option to build flexitime is there. You also have some departments, I think, where your flexitime 'refreshes' at the start of each month, so I would imagine there are cases where people just do not have the option to take it all and essentially lose that time, although thankfully I have never experienced that in any of my teams to date. It was especially useful for me at the peak of the pandemic, because I would have some days where I would be online for eleven or twelve hours. Then, on days and weeks when things were a bit quieter, I would be able to take this time back anyway. As such, I didn't actually mind doing the long days occasionally because I knew I would just be able to claim the time back eventually. Rees-Mogg is an oddball and actually just a fundamentally spiteful person, and demonstrably nowhere near as intelligent as he or some others seem to think he is.
  2. A good friend of mine, Richard, has started calling him "Erik Ten Months". I almost soiled myself when he told me.
  3. You wouldn't think Man United lost 4-0 to Brighton in May with Ronaldo playing the full ninety minutes if you were listening to this, would you?
  4. Just can't help but think how much better Sky's coverage would be here with Richard Keys instead of this "David Jones" character.
  5. United could do much worse than get Goldbridge in on a consultancy basis.
  6. Martin Tyler could barely contain his enthusiasm when that hit the net. The first goal of the season and it was like he was commentating on a funeral.
  7. Aberdeen 1-1 St Mirren Motherwell 1-0 St Johnstone Rangers 2-0 Kilmarnock Ross County 0-3 Celtic Hibs 0-0 Hearts Dundee United 2-2 Livingston
  8. Wordle 412 6/6 I'm on a pretty dreadful run of form at the moment. I think my passion for the game might be waning.
  9. Paying tribute to the Dundee United team that reached the 1987 Uefa Cup final by providing a similar picture quality as you would have experienced back then.
  10. Failed his medical due to high blood pressure. Neil Godwin signing from Swindon Town instead.
  11. I thought it would be shite when it was initially recommended to me, to be honest, but Two Doors Down is terrific. Even have to reluctantly admit that Jonathan Watson is brilliant in it.
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