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  1. Wordle 221 5/6 I hate this game sometimes.
  2. McGrath will be seeing first hand here the immense pressure of playing for this Aberdeen team.
  3. This is painfully slow and predictable. The approach of a team managing a game at 2-0 up rather than chasing it at 1-0 down.
  4. I'm not making excuses because we have been very poor, but I am struggling to recall seeing a referee more out of his depth at this level in a while.
  5. It is easy to mock the irate St Mirren fans at the game, but their shouts were by far the most entertaining feature of the half.
  6. Wordle 220 3/6 Kicking myself at not getting that in two.
  7. The amount of our fans who actually managed to convince themselves that he wasn't trying against Celtic, rather than just struggling against them a bit more because they were head and shoulders the best team in the country for ages, was amusing and bizarre in almost equal amounts.
  8. It was worth taking McGinn back for the 19/20 season alone. Honestly think McInnes might have come under some serious pressure that season without him. It is the right time for him to move on, but he has been a superb player for us - underrated and unfairly maligned by many in our support, but undoubtedly our stand-out player of the 2010s for me.
  9. This can’t be right. I was told that wanting to sign players from forrun leagues was a fantasy for guys who spent too long on FM.
  10. I really do find Neville a fundamentally insufferable human being.
  11. Jota seems to arc his run towards Guaita when he realises that the angle is probably going to be too tight even if he does manage to keep the ball in. If he had kept his 'natural' run going and Guaita had taken him down, I could understand a penalty being given if the ball was still in play, but not as it actually played out.
  12. Happy to keep Ojo. He has been one of our better, more consistent performers this season and has shown some versatility, too. Clearly someone Glass rates highly and trusts. I don't think he's a great player, but he's a good, solid player at this level, and every squad needs some of those.
  13. Another victim of everybody's favourite middle-class Scottish hatchet man, Stuart Armstrong.
  14. Wordle 217 3/6 Fuming I didn't get it in two.
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