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  1. Peep Show

    Oh, it doesn't affect us that during the first phone contact we're obliged to set out, without abbreviation, the terms of a standard repayment plan?
  2. Peep Show

    I mean, the truth is, I have banged a lot of chicks. That's just a matter of historical record.
  3. Next Month face Albiana and Isarel

    Hanley is injured and hasn't played for Norwich since the beginning of September.
  4. Starting XI v Albania

    A. McGregor; Tierney, Devlin, McKenna, Robertson; Armstrong, C. McGregor; Forrest, Christie, Fraser; Paterson. I would be fine with McGinn in for Christie, with Armstrong moving up to #10.
  5. Peep Show

    It's the best STD. Just cute, old, mostly-symptomless chlamydia.
  6. Premier League 2018-19

    Tyler's "painters and decorators" analogy went a bit Partridge.
  7. Motherwell are very lucky that St Mirren and Dundee are in this league.
  8. Peep Show

    I'm too bloody hungry to jump! You can't make a hungry man jump!
  9. Next Month face Albiana and Isarel

    I'd definitely have Armstrong and McGregor playing, with one of McGinn or Christie on the bench. I think the previous two Nations League games have further emphasised Armstrong's importance, despite only playing one half. Forrest and Fraser supplying Paterson, with Tierney and Robertson supporting from full-back. Devlin and McKenna as the centre-back pairing.
  10. Aberdeen vs Hibs

    I read an interview with McInnes earlier this season saying that he has always believed that May does his best work with a partner. He did occasionally play both May and Rooney last season, but it didn't really work - and one was usually shunted wide, if I recall correctly. It would be nice if he could get amongst the goals, but he did plenty of good things tonight and against Kilmarnock. I hope it finally clicks for him, as there is certainly no shortage of effort.
  11. Aberdeen vs Hibs

    Mackay-Steven deserves credit for an excellent finish, but Devlin and Lowe were the standouts - Lowe was defensively strong, but still managed to support attacks where advisable. May did plenty of industrious, unselfish work, justifying his selection after making a positive impact last week; he is much more comfortable in a two (or with another striker on the pitch).
  12. Aberdeen vs Hibs

    Why wasn't Martin Boyle playing tonight?
  13. Aberdeen vs Hibs

    Anderson perhaps a bit unlucky not to start, but I do like the look of that team.
  14. Next Month face Albiana and Isarel

    Reading this thread, you could be forgiven for thinking that Clark is a genuinely good goalkeeper.