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  1. Me irl waking up on the glorious morning of June 17th:
  2. It's always brilliant on Twitter when someone in England gives Sturgeon even some mild praise and you get some Scotch Tory from somewhere like Larkhall with five union flags in their bio replying with something like: "NO, YOU DON'T LIVE HERE !!!! IT'S LIKE NORTH KOREA !!!!".
  3. Damian McBride's "Power Trip" is probably the most 'entertaining' memoir I've read from a New Labour figure.
  4. To be fair, going to Durham is usually frowned upon by the Tories.
  5. Me irl when someone in the media criticises Scott McKenna:
  6. Nice of them to let the work experience have a shot.
  7. 'Sorry for crashing into your car and hospitalising your family - I was going on a hour-long drive to check if I could see properly.'
  8. Peston's tendency to pause at seemingly arbitrary times when speaking is deeply irritating.
  9. Hopefully he's getting briefed behind the scenes like Terri Coverley when she had to apologise for calling an 8-year-old girl a 'c**t'.
  10. Stroke of genius to have Tom Harwood on the BBC just before the statement, making Dominic Cummings actually seem like a relatively normal, reasonable human being after all.
  11. We can't be too far away from Paul Gascoigne turning up at Downing Street with a fishing rod, four cans of lager and some chicken.
  12. Yes, Tim, because there was no reason to belief before the last few days that Boris Johnson might be unsuitable for high office. Not years of compelling, overwhelming evidence.
  13. Looking at his Twitter account over the last month, I can't help but thinking that Tony Blair should be seriously considering taking out a restraining order against Andrew Adonis.
  14. Glad I sprayed my nuts with aftershave, though. You never know how things are going to turn out. I'm no Nostradamus.
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