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  1. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    It's heartening to see the '#StandUp4Brexit #LeaveMeansLeave' and '#JC4PM2019' cranks finding a good deal of common ground.
  2. Netflix

    I watched Quicksand and found myself despising every single character, including Maja.
  3. It should go straight to Holyrood. Thankfully our boys conducted themselves admirably under extreme provocation.
  4. Mickey Mouse wears a Steve Clarke wristwatch.
  5. This is a SHAME GAME for Kilmarnock. Three red cards - kicking our goalkeeper in the head, crippling our captain and now headbutting an innocent bystander. Clarke must apologise.
  6. Your stream must be a bit behind...
  7. Even the guys on KillieTV, who have been very fair-minded, are saying it was a stick-on red card - and it was. Lewis has the ball under control and then gets Broadfoot's studs to the face. It was an oafish, dangerous challenge, and even Broadfoot didn't really protest when the card came out. Aberdeen have probably shaded the game without creating anything of note. Cosgrove is probably one foul or incident away from a red card now - Broadfoot going off is probably a help in that regard. Devlin not looking too clever against Brophy at times, and he is also probably a foul or two away from getting his marching orders.
  8. Not as much as that big donkey Broadfoot, though.
  9. Cosgrove is a walking red card here.
  10. Stewart gets more excuses made for him than just about any other player I can recall in my time watching Aberdeen.
  11. Daft little ground, silly game, f**k off.
  12. That's two Scottish Cup semi-finals that have exposed our recent recruitment as nowhere near to being good enough. Big rebuild coming up, with Shinnie, Mackay-Steven and probably McKenna departing, and we can't afford expensive mistakes like Forrester, Gleeson and Wilson again - latter two should be stepping up in situations like this game, but they're total jobbers.
  13. Pretty impressed by Campbell's performance in the circumstances. That's about the only semi-positive I can take from that shitshow.
  14. Daft little ground, silly game, f**k off.
  15. The contrast between pre-injury Devlin and post-injury Devlin is quite something.