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  1. Difficult to decide whether it would be funnier for City to end this season with nothing, or City to lose to Villa but win the title anyway because Liverpool have failed to beat on-the-beach Wolves at home.
  2. Park eight outfield players in the box and give Coutinho and Buendia free roles to run around the pitch and keep the ball between themselves for 45 minutes.
  3. Who is going to be Villa's answer to Joey Barton here?
  4. I love how, when a team are playing at pretty much normal speed in a game the opposition needs to win, the referee will suddenly demand that they also play at 100mph when the ball goes out of play.
  5. Still convinced that Jack's goal is a handball. Hearts have been robbed here.
  6. I am not convinced that VAR intervenes there, to be honest.
  7. Willie Collum is wasted in Scotland. The FA should be making a move for him to fill the void left in the Barclays by Mike Dean's impending retirement.
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