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  1. Wow. Breathtaking game. I am sure that I will not be alone in thinking this. I am an intellectual, so naturally enjoyed that game much more than the earlier match (which was also an excellent spectacle, by the way). I am going to watch the full ninety minutes back right away so that I can review it from a tactical standpoint.
  2. This game kicking off at 2pm feels a bit odd to me. This should be a 4:30pm kick-off, with Leeds v Aston Villa kicking off at 2pm and getting thirty seconds of perfunctory 'analysis' at full-time from the Sky studio.
  3. I love Hayes. Even when things aren't coming off for him, which hasn't been often lately, he is a player capable of injecting character into a performance. He is the sort of player who doesn't think twice about taking responsibility and trying to make things happen. They are invaluable traits. He was excellent again today. Ramadani was as good as I have seen him, after the game against Hibs bypassed him. Kilmarnock's midfield was admittedly pretty hopeless, but his reading of the game was excellent. So calm in possession too. He was in complete control throughout. I don't think I have seen Coulson have a bad game yet. I am desperately hoping he can stay fit because we are clearly a more dynamic and just better all-round team with him than without him.
  4. That was much, much better than I was fearing. If it had ended up as five or six, I don't think Kilmarnock could have had too many complaints - we were miles ahead and completely controlled the game in the second half. It helped that Kilmarnock had absolutely nothing about them from open play and, to be honest, looked like a Championship team. But you can only beat what is put in front of you. I was critical of Ramadani after Hibs, but he was imperious today. Dominated the midfield basically on his own, always aware of his surroundings and made great decisions with the ball at his feet. Watkins was good foil for Miovski, so credit to Goodwin for throwing him in. Besuijen, Kennedy and Hayes all had very effective games. Coulson was also outstanding - the third goal might have been scored by Miovski, but it was all about his determination and ingenuity. Pleased for Stewart to get his goal, too - he has been a bit up and down since joining, but I do think a successful Aberdeen team in this league will benefit from having a centre-back like him. Some of our movement off the ball was especially pleasing to watch - Kilmarnock made it easy for our better players to shine at times, but it is hopefully a sign that we are beginning to come together more as a team.
  5. Shock news as McInnes reappointed Aberdeen manager an hour before kick-off.
  6. 'Interesting' line-up. Watkins back in. I do wonder whether Coulson will move to centre-back with Hayes at left-back and McCrorie remaining in midfield.
  7. I think we will probably win, but I am really not looking forward to this game. Mainly because, if we do lose, the #narrative will be absolutely dire stuff.
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