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  1. Tyler with an all-timer there, "Old Firm/unfirm". Not quite "De Bruyne. De Gea. De-rby", though.
  2. Quiz and Training on BBC Two tonight. In the words of Mr C Finch: 'Christ, that'll do'.
  3. Never seen a player look more disgusted to score a goal than Buendia there.
  4. Bates is currently ramming it right down my throat. Long may that continue.
  5. What do people actually want from Glass? Because, if it's a team which has the same attacking threat and plays the same quality of football from middle to front as we have seen over the last two games, but is also unbelievably solid at the back and doesn't give away virtually any chances, I think they are going to be disappointed.
  6. Yeah. When it has been good this season, it has tended to be very good. It is fine to say that we need to be more compact and pragmatic, but you also need the players to make that work - I'm not sure either McCrorie or Bates, as good as both have been this week, along with Ojo and Hayes at full-back is the sort of defence you would want to be executing that type of game plan.
  7. Assuming Celtic win tomorrow, we will finish the weekend just four points off fourth place. The relegation chat was perhaps just a touch premature.
  8. Reluctant to say this as it will almost certainly end with him chucking one in next week, but it seems like we might have our number one back.
  9. Ramirez definitely benefits from having others, especially Watkins and Hedges, on form and close to him. It allows him to do his best work within the 18-yard box (or even 6-yard box), as we saw at both goals today. Saying that, he has also shown signs of acclimatising physically more recently, which is important. I remember when we were beaten by St Johnstone early in the season, he took a dull one from Shaun Rooney (I think) in the opening minute of the game and basically disappeared from view for the remainder. That sort of thing isn't as much of a concern now.
  10. If there's not a young fan with a homemade 'CURTIS, PLEASE CAN I HAVE YOUR SHIRT?' sign waiting by the tunnel at full-time then that's a tragedy.
  11. I enjoy how, regardless of the urgency of the situation, JET stubbornly refuses to break into anything more than a leisurely jog. An inspiration.
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