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  1. This increasingly has echoes of the 5-0 game at the beginning of last season. Leigh has to be much stronger in the tackle before the second goal. Presumably scared to concede a penalty, but he should have been winning that all day long.
  2. Big fan of Sam Johnstone, clearly undeterred by being caught out at the first penalty, deciding to come off his line early again when attempting to save the retake.
  3. McInnes has said that McLennan was down to be in the starting XI, so I'm taking that as a hint that we are, or were, planning to stick with the back three.
  4. Started to type out a possible line-up for this with McCrorie, Ferguson, Hayes, McGeouch, Watkins, McLennan and McGinn all out and stopped pretty much immediately as it was just too depressing. Reading some talk that Wright is injured now too.
  5. Very bald, very fraudulent.
  6. Patel is fundamentally incompetent and obviously a terrible person, but probably has a better grasp of what pushes the buttons of the Tory membership and core vote than pretty much any of her senior parliamentary colleagues.
  7. DrewDon


    Amusing end to my first Aberdeen season. Niall McGinn scored an injury time winner for us at Ibrox in our penultimate game of the season (his first goal of the season), and then we drew 2-2 with Celtic at Pittodrie on the final day. Celtic subsequently won the league over Rangers on goal difference. Gerrard has since accused us of lying down.
  8. I'm not convinced we should stick with the 3-4-3 for this, especially with McCrorie ineligible. I'd rather have an extra body in the middle of the park in a 3-5-2, or even switch to a back four. Hayes will be a big miss if he is still out, especially if we do play with wing-backs.
  9. They're definitely not nationalists, though. That's the important thing to remember here.
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