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  1. I am somebody who generally follows politics quite closely, but I have absolutely zero idea what is going on between Salmond, Sturgeon and the SNP at the moment. Like, absolutely zero. I immediately zone out whenever something about it comes on the TV. Given the sort of people I see referencing it on social media, I don't think I have ever been happier about my own ignorance.
  2. An impeccable source has just told me that it's John Terry as manager with Harry Redknapp as Director of Football.
  3. I suspect Cormack will move to a DoF model when McInnes eventually does leave, and whoever replaces him will be a head coach rather than a manager. Whilst it's not a good reason to keep him at all, I do think the transition from McInnes to his replacement has the potential to be quite tricky because the manager's remit is currently quite comprehensive and he has been here for so long now. Hopefully a structural change would have the advantage of making those transitions a bit smoother and less painful in the future.
  4. Genuinely burst out laughing at that from Cancelo. Brilliant stuff.
  5. Tierney looks absolutely knackered, which is probably understandable.
  6. Can you delete the history thing on the computer? We should, really.
  7. As a proud and loyal Manchester City fanatic since 2011, I'll admit that my faith was tested last season but I'm back in the fold now and looking forward to a famous title win. 💙
  8. Motherwell fans are always at risk of holding their cigarettes too close to the match.
  9. I love that Barnes/Maddison/Vardy tripartite. So much quality and a little bit of pretty much everything between them. I think it's safe to say, on this evidence, that Villa would not be in the top half of this league without Grealish.
  10. Fair play to McGinn for getting away without even a booking for that.
  11. McGinn didn't look particularly comfortable in open play yesterday, but it was only his piece of quality between us winning that and another utterly turgid 0-0. There's a case to say that he has to be starting at the moment because he is the only fit player we have in the squad who can produce moments like that on even a semi-regular basis.
  12. As long as that utter welt Cole-Hamilton loses his seat, I will have something to be happy about. He does, as per the vernacular of teenagers on Twitter with football players as their avatars, reside in my head "rent free".
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