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  1. We are currently on a run of four straight defeats, including one against sixth-tier opposition and another involving the concession of six goals to Lee Johnson's Hibs. We have not scored a single non-penalty goal in any of those four games. We do not have a manager, and our confidence is utterly shattered. If we win then Motherwell should fold.
  2. I know teachers have been on strike recently, but Potter knows it isn't supposed to apply to him, right?
  3. Opposition fans assuring us that they are completely hopeless and that Aberdeen will definitely beat them, before we duly turn in a solid 0/10 performance and lose the game comprehensively, is becoming something of a common occurrence on here. Motherwell seem to be especially gifted at this, though. I am fearing Robson's line up, to be honest. I would probably go with a flat four, with Richardson and Coulson as full-backs. I mean, Richardson isn't very good and Coulson is mercurial, but I wouldn't say we have necessarily improved since we stopped with those two as our regular full-backs. I would probably keep Scales on the bench, and drop Kennedy and Hayes too. I have a feeling, although not really based on anything, that Robson will start Scales, go with three centre-backs, and probably have Kennedy and Hayes as wing-backs. I quite like Ramadani, but I might even be tempted to bring in Barron for him just to change things up a bit after such a dire run of results and performances. Barron is a bit more of a battler, too, and that is what we will need here. I would probably start Markanday as well. I can't see Robson going for that many changes, though.
  4. Gary Neville is an utter rat of a man.
  5. You should simply sack Hammell tomorrow, appoint Goodwin before the weekend, and then turn up to Pittodrie on Saturday and claim your three points in the most hilarious possible circumstances.
  6. I understand why Cormack is minded to take his time about the next permanent appointment, and presumably that helps to explain Agnew being drafted in to help Robson, but my gut feeling is that this only holds if the results don't continue to slide. If we lose, or possibly even don't win, on Saturday then the pressure to get somebody in quickly will be turned up.
  7. Lewis has been a great servant for us, but what a mess he makes of Gallagher's goal. Our fans who still think he's better than Roos must be at it.
  8. I suppose Stewart and Scales have been so porous and error-ridden recently that two unknown quantities almost feels like a gamble worth taking. We could definitely benefit from one more, though. With Stewart, I did occasionally see evidence that he was decent at the defensive fundamentals. He looked at his most capable and comfortable when he was basically parked on or behind his own eighteen-yard line, like in the game against Celtic in December. But anything remotely outside that comfort zone and he was a fish out of water. He would probably look decent in a team that spent the majority of their time sat in a low-block, but he just wasn't the right fit for us.
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