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  1. Imagine having Christine Jardine as your MP and Alex Cole-Hamilton as your MSP. Grim state of affairs for some Edinburgh voters.
  2. Still, good news about the Chocolate Oranges.
  3. You just know that Labour members will completely fail to learn the lessons of the last four years and will go with someone like Long-Bailey or Rayner next. Another unmitigated disaster.
  4. Enjoying the Corbyn supporters scrambling to convince themselves that this is all to do with everything and anything except their hero being a complete and utter failure.
  5. There is a small and menacing part of me that would enjoy the despair of the exit poll forecasting a whopping Tory majority. Twitter in meltdown. I am a terrible person.
  6. It's a cross next to your least favourite candidate, right? Massive 'X' next to the Tory candidate from me this morning in Aberdeen South. Just hoping enough folk will do the same!
  7. I received all those in Aberdeen South today. Literally everything on all three was about the SNP, Sturgeon or independence. Also got a token flyer from the Lib Dem candidate. I had a couple of things from Stephen Flynn, the SNP candidate, a few weeks ago but nothing since then. I've had nothing from Labour's paper candidate, bit mad to think they held this seat from 1997 to 2015 but now don't even seem to be campaigning here.
  8. If we were going purely on this season, I'd say Niall McGinn is Aberdeen's best and most important player.
  9. Hearing the Scottish Christian Party are confident in Ross, Skye and Lochaber.
  10. It's a problem with my... testisticles.
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