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  1. Nathan, 17, from Nottingham, reckons his Gran could score 40 goals every season in Scottish football. Surely worth a punt?
  2. It's very possible that I'm guilty of scrutinising Devlin more closely than McKenna, especially as I was making a particular effort to watch those I hadn't seen before (for Aberdeen). I would have to see the goal again, but my initial impression was that he was too easily beaten in the air by Rodriguez in the build up. I didn't think he was great with the ball at his feet, either; I'm happy to attribute that to rustiness, though. I wouldn't be as concerned about him if we didn't have Burnley just around the corner, but we don't have another right-footed option available at centre-back. I suppose, if necessary, that Considine could fill in there if Shinnie is at left-back. Wright was up against a good player in Gibbs, but I think many of the same frustrations arise regardless of the quality of the opposing full-back, especially regarding his decision-making. It is certainly an aspect of his game that has to improve in the coming season, otherwise he will continue to struggle to seriously threaten McGinn or Mackay-Steven's place in the team.
  3. Positives: I expected Ferguson to either be stuck in the U20s or go out on loan this season, but, on that evidence, he will be competing for a regular role in the first team; an intelligent, dynamic and energetic performance, and he is more physically imposing than his age would suggest. Forrester is clearly a technically gifted player, although I fear that he will suffer some 'treatment' against more agricultural opposition. Shinnie, playing at left-back, was impressive both defensively and offensively, especially in the first half. Cosgrove took his goal very well, and he showed instances of genuinely intelligent movement and other decent forward play. He is not the finished article, but he is definitely capable of being a useful squad option this season. McKenna was typically McKenna. Just a good, solid, no-nonsense performance, especially as the game wore on. Saw off Robson-Kanu when he started getting wide, too. Negatives (of sorts): I didn't think Devlin was very impressive, but he is just returning from a long-term injury, so I understand that he needs time. He will obviously be rusty after such a long period on the sidelines; I'd be lying, however, if I said I wasn't a little bit concerned about him going into competitive - and likely frantic, fast-paced - games against Burnley and Rangers. Wright didn't play particularly well, although he did pick up a knock in the first half. He will be turning 21 next month, so a big year for him to prove that he has what it takes to make a proper breakthrough. Better decision-making required, for a start.
  4. I know we have just sold our top scorer, but I really think West Brom starting Bono in goals is disrespectful to our remaining strikers.
  5. Tonight's kick-off delayed by 15 minutes, until 7.45:
  6. Rooney probably got better in the minds of the fans when he wasn't playing last season, especially as May underwhelmed, but I think it is the right move for him at the right time. It is a poor level at which he can play regularly and hopefully score plenty of goals, and he also increases his income at the same time. I'd imagine we will have a new striker arriving in the next couple of days. Ideally it would be before the West Brom game so we can get them some time on the pitch pre-Burnley.
  7. I'm happy with Ball signing, although I have a bad feeling that he will be temporarily played at right-back to cover Logan's upcoming suspension.
  8. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    I'm currently mulling a job offer in China, and this utter clusterfuck is going some way to making up my mind for me.
  9. Good luck to him. The hard truth is that he is not good enough to be a regular starter for us next season, but he served us well and I wish him all the best. I might be in the minority, but I think now is about the right time for a parting of ways. It must surely mean that McInnes has a replacement striker all but tied up, though.
  10. Strange that I'm probably feeling more positive about Dominic Ball's return than the possibility of having Ryan Christie for another season.
  11. Love Island 2018

    Daniel Candeias making moves on Laura, here.
  12. What is the point of Labour

    RT if you want these legends to come back and save the Labour Party!
  13. 'Rumour' can now officially be defined as 'name that has been mentioned on a forum by literally one anonymous person'.
  14. I'd be happy with Ball signing again. Hopefully gets more game-time in his correct position this time around. Decent player.