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  1. No OAPs in wet t-shirts.
  2. I'll tell you what, though...
  3. Well, I dunno. There's no way that I'm waiting for 40 minutes to go on a ride.
  4. I fully expect Chris Gunter to still be turning out for Wales when I'm watching them in, like, 2038.
  5. I'm with a young lad, and he is sick. Didn't have to say anything else. He read between the lines.
  6. I especially enjoyed Murphy legitimately trying to argue against the awarding of a penalty by observing that he'd "gone down after he touched him".
  7. Enjoyed the certainty with which Murphy said "just offside" seconds before the goal was given.
  8. O'Donnell's performance was excellent, but his foul on Grealish at the end topped it off for me. Not only the morally correct thing to do, but just very, very funny. Actually started clapping my TV like a deranged psychopath when it happened.
  9. He might well be a perfectly nice bloke for all I know, but I absolutely despise Mason Mount based on his facial features alone. Just looks like an insufferable little c**t.
  10. I can understand having McTominay in the back three, and I would rather have him there than Hendry, but I hope we don't miss his athleticism and physicality too much in midfield.
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