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  1. Think bannockburn might do something this year.
  2. I think the pennies post shouldve been tsken down as soon as it started going into details about people owing money etc. Bit much imo
  3. Yes granted there is the odd good side like UB and some good players dotted about....but overall its terrible and its getting worse. Years ago you had loads of good sat morning teams now all youve got is two or three. The sat morning leagues are growing but standard is declining imo And if you read my post it wasnt because i said players were crap i said they wanted to accomodate other plans on sat afty.
  4. Disagree. Its mostly guys who couldnt play amateur now with the exception of a few players. They play because they want a kick about and/or want their sat spare. Nowt to do with amateur game fading imo. A bigger impact is sat morning fitba ans its frees up the guys for celtic/rangers games, family or pub in the afternoon. Sat morning standard is mostly dire and guys are having to drop standard to they can accomodate the above.
  5. TNW

    SAFA Bans

    Head to head is just a square up really. Happens..6 games tho.
  6. TNW

    SAFA Bans

    Suspension system is a joke. Our player got banned for 6 games for head to head. Wtf. Happens every week!
  7. Best wishes from all at Caledonian league
  8. Saw 2nd half ditched milton at dumbarton as the noise and crowd over the road looked far more interesting! What an exciting battle. Agree no 7 shouldve went late on for his dive but colville disallowed goal was foul on GK all day long. Two superb sides! A great game to watch!
  9. Too many cup competitions. Nake league cup knockout in all leagues instead of groups.
  10. They are not goldenhill eastfield or Possil best players from what i've seen.
  11. I dont know mate as i dont really know the players apart from one or two. I just think some of star men are older now and much slower.
  12. I think shortlees are weaker now than they were back then.
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