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  1. Closest I can think is earnshaw with morton and Rodriguez? With Stirling
  2. I'm done with football. Wasn't there but had it on Flash scores. As soon as it went 4-2 I knew it was gonna end like that [emoji24]
  3. Anyone else remember livetv?. They had topless darts and then some pole dancing afterwards.
  4. Silent Hill 3 was absolutely brilliant. I didn't go any further than that but the silent hill games were always that wee bit better than resident evil for me.
  5. Yeah just realised that the Flash scores live table hadn't included today's score for skne reason
  6. We do. Livi currently on 8 points and we have 7
  7. You want PSV to win if you would rather play Galatasaray
  8. It's the loser of this game that's saints play and celtic could play the winners in the champions league
  9. I want it exactly like that
  10. I assume there was a reason that you guess the are training with us other than just two young guys in a hotel?
  11. Thomas Muller hattrick tonight to get me back in the game
  12. Had a dig around in my maws attic earlier and managed to find a few old strips, programmes and tickets. That's my night sorted
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