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  1. Going by the last few seasons we will need to take 13 more points from other teams that Inverness as we will inveriably lose all 4 games against them as usual
  2. For me he still has to stay. The euros were a nightmare. I still reckon if we had equalised with one of our many chances before the wonder goal then we we go on and win the match. After the England game we could have been on 4 or even 6 points and all of a sudden he is a god. We had 42 attempts on goal over the 3 games so the finger can hardly be pointed at the manager. Its fine margins at this point.
  3. Why the f**k are you feeding it a caramel wafer? It's gonna be fucking massive after that
  4. To give them some credit they are probably trying to drag it into an enclosed area where there is no live coverage before beating the shit out of them
  5. Christ someone has had a massive change of opinion in the last few weeks. A while back this could have been a fixture in league one according to you
  6. Right I'm having a nightmare so I'm out of this [emoji23]
  7. Trying to figure this out and it's hurting my head. I take it that the percentages are taken based on 6 points being taken off your total. If we draw in Moldova and they still finish bottom could that not actually benefit us?
  8. Got to admit I read the original post and wondered how long it would take but hoped no one had so I could
  9. Shit I completely misread that. Bollocks but maybe there is a situation that could actually benefit us in another group if we do the job in Moldova
  10. No because its results against the 6th seeds that drop off rather than results against the bottom team
  11. Are supporters allowed in tonight or was the luke shanley interview recorded and they are using an old picture in the studio?
  12. Still not happy that Harry souttar didn't get called up
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