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  1. I've taken what you put up but I went paisley Park instead of sire du burlais
  2. Prediction for the season after watching episode 1. Nathan will return to Richmond and help them escape relegation
  3. I also missed both of our goals and the first Morton goal that night waiting on a coffee. Was maybe yourself I was talking to
  4. The team spirit is amazing within the squad. The way the players celebrated the final whistle and then came over to the fans was great to watch
  5. Anyone else find it strange that Mcdonald threw the ball short at the start of the second half despite not doing it all in the first when it would have been more benificial?
  6. Thought 1-0 at half time was a great score with the wind in our side second half. Wee cheeky fiver on a rovers win at 8/1 at half time too. Obviously cashed out with 2 minutes to go just in case
  7. Running out of hot food before half time was even over was also very tinpot
  8. So I've bought an adult and u12 ticket tomorrow and paid £23 but now my daughter wants to bring her friend. I can't seem to buy a single u12 ticket and too late to buy the adult and 2 u12s for £25. What's the best way around this?
  9. What difference does that make? I'm not a fan of it but Hibs have just been correctly handed a goal they otherwise wouldn't have
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