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  1. we are bad and looking at the bench gives me the fear. Wonder if the players can produce more under a new manager or are they all really that bad?
  2. Big game tomorrow? Could not give a damn sadly
  3. my big memory of that horrible 70's period was that games against the Shire were actually looked on as must win derbies!
  4. it is called the Peter Principle. People generally rise to the level of their incompetence. Hence Sheerin
  5. what about a Falkirk reality show like I'm a Football Manager get me out of here. A group of managers all tasked with trying to get the best team. the one who gets most points and wins the COYB public vote gets the job. We have done worst than that before
  6. I will sign up and did with the past fans initiative but first I want to see that all is rosy at AGM. Can SA and MR as large shareholders not throw a spanner in the works of this very good plan?
  7. Sheerin needs to go and soon. His game plan is pish and other teams know it. I wonder what the players think? Problem is who sacks him? The board is not there after questiongate. Who will make the necessary decisions?
  8. Just admit it. We are a very poor team who are mid table league 1 at best
  9. Apathy has now firmly found a place in our fan base. Shame
  10. A really big game for us. Win and we will be in the mix,lose and I think we can forget this season. Williamson and Morrison must start as Montrose usual play on the front foot and we need a bit of skill. Sad for those who drop out but it should be horses for courses not always play well and keep your Jersey
  11. Wullie Wigham . Now that was a character. My first Falkirk hero. Rough as dugs
  12. Always remember fans singing " we love the boaby"
  13. Since we descended into this mire I have always though Montrose were a good footballing team in this league. A win on Saturday would be a big result. Can we have Schmeichel back?
  14. Scotland trying hard to beat Falkirk keeper Schmeichel. He would not be where he is without our input!
  15. Glad to hear Sheerin not saying we have turned a corner. Glad to hear him highlighting a settled team even though I am desperate to see Morrison and Williamson start a game. It worked today but Montrose should pose different threats.
  16. No that's just merely a stepping stone thank you
  17. I think this league is just a different form of football. A lot of skillful players just get clugged. Look at Morrison injury rate as an example. Some are better suited to Championship game pity Holt signs them for this league
  18. Why can't we play just one game where we feel that we have got the game won. Every week we just expect a sucker punch no matter who we play
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