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  1. Totally correct. The high transmission is having a big effect on transport and care
  2. Don't like to say I told you so but I posted the news re Omicron being weaker yesterday. Good news
  3. Once you take in teams , background staff and hospitality there will be very little tickets left. Much better to have closed doors. Won't bother me as I am working all the way through the festive period. Yo Ho feckin Ho
  4. The big problem I have is the selection of football crowds but not shopping centers. I would probably go for a real lockdown for a month as a circuit breaker. Hospitals are more impacted by the backlog from last time. People getting admitted are much more ill even in mental health. This has been caused by services being stopped for too long to redeploy staff. That's the current situation but more Omicron patient will just compound it.
  5. unvaccinated or immunocompromised are the most admissions but there are a few poor elderly who are vaccinated but their body is too weak to deal with even mild symptoms very sad.
  6. I really hope you stay health because at 17.00 today there was not a vacant bed at FVRH. Keep well DPB
  7. Yes. The findings I heard today were from lab tests done this week in this country which backed up the SA data. The tests were lab based on tissue so they say it may be different in reality
  8. Recent findings from S Africa suggest it is more spreadable but not outdoor . The virus is still spread through breathing in droplets from an infected person but in seems that fully vaccinated people can easily catch, have no symptoms and spread. All NHS and care staff have to LFT daily which is causing mayhem. Research has shown that catching the virus from surfaces is almost unknown and hand to hand a slight chance. This OMICRON virus appears to be more focused on upper respiratory tract ( nose and throat ) than the lungs. It may present more like a cold so they are hoping fatalities are going to be less.
  9. Don't like this move as it seems a token gesture. The virus is mostly spread in closed poorly ventilated areas the science shows. why leave shops open but limit stadia ? I am well aware that the +ive rate is soaring and in the NHS sickness is getting beyond a joke but surely it makes more sense to allow open air events no matter the crowd
  10. Crowd limited to 500. Will it be a lottery as to who gets in?
  11. Take Holt and you can have Brad McKay as a bonus. He even has your tattoo. He works tirelessly behind the scenes doing a 400 hour week
  12. Apparently Keena beat 6 defenders, sat on the ball, played keepie uppie then back heeled it in from 25 yards. Pity it was foggy and we could not see it
  13. Well Martin and Kenny you choose to take the job. Regrets I've had a few
  14. Any thoughts on our line up today? Should be interesting or perhaps the same old shit so Rennie/Miller can see where the issues lie
  15. Getting rid of Hall and McKay whilst sounding good would leave us with zero central defenders. Think recruiting better players would be first option
  16. We make a charitable donation to Gary Holt on a monthly basis for little visible work
  17. Problem is where do we find said striker? Not many decent ones who would want to play for us at present. A really big shortage
  18. Still feel that Williamson ( if fit) McCann,Nesbit Telfer and Morrison are good players if played properly. We are in desperate need of a player who can score goals and a player who can organise the centre of defence. Motivation is the biggest problem and perhaps Rennie can ignite that in the players
  19. actually looking forward to tomorrow albeit with a degree of trepidation. How low we have sunk to have us worrying about a game against the bottom team in the 3rd tier in Scottish football . No disrespect intended
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