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  1. The strange thing is I don't think we need many changes in January. The players we have are playing well below their capabilities for some reason. If the reason is sorted ( probably Holt meddling like last year) I think they COULD turn it round. The team that started the season was good to watch but perhaps a little "one trick ponies"". If we can find a way of changing and mixing our playing style perhaps ..... Maybe not!
  2. How long is it going to take for Falkirk fans to look forward with excitement about the team playing football? The last few years have made Saturdays my worst day of the week. I don't ask for much just a management team that can produce good performances and a board that gives me a wee bit of hope
  3. Looks like we are building well from the bottom. Pity the top storey needs condemned!
  4. There has to be some form of demonstration Sending abusive messages to fans and family from people involved in the club is a step too far and the reason being posts on a football forum is horrible. Irate posts are not enough or emails to the club. We needto get boots on the ground to show our anger. My daughter worked for the club during the Sarah Scott and Crawford Baptie disgrace and that was bad but did not involve slating fans for expressing there views. We need to clear this crowd and quick. Fan power rid us of the butchers and Fulston and I feel the same is needed. Social media rants are easy to ignore God how I hate this computer couch potato world!
  5. Or go back solution which involves pitchforks and burning torches outside the stadium after the next game
  6. Don't think I would risk Morrison. Could see Williamson and Keena for the last 15mins if it is still all square. Don't think we have the guile to get a goal with this team
  7. Not happy at that team. It was bullied in Alloa so don't see what has changed. Really hope I am wrong but would take a draw
  8. Who would want to run our club? The fan base are very angry and quick to blame due to the recent disasters. A lot of confidence rebuilding needed from the chosen sacrificial lamb
  9. What we need now is solid investment and from where is the question. A big moment in our history which could be very tricky if the right investment is not found and quick
  10. Does not signing a proven striker help us in our net zero plans?
  11. Hope this is not some dick on the wind up. Would make my week if change was afoot. Losing Holt would also help. I still think Sheerin could turn it round without Killie Holt in the background
  12. Sad thing is that the vast majority of Falkirk fans have lost faith in our team and poor results are expected not dreaded. A very frustrating situation
  13. What about playing Eva Rule as our striker? Getting the goals
  14. We could not keep him as his stats did not compute and he might have scored goals and we don't want that Statement not a question
  15. That would be 2 points dropped against us at the moment
  16. My feelings exactly we need to stand up or shut up. If we shut up so does the club we love
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