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  1. Think Rennie and Miller should be preparing for next season. They have been left with a side of duds and not even a decent window will sort it. Would be very interested what they could achieve if they had a summer to build a team. They are already improving the players who have any skill at all ( in that I don't include Hall McKay and Miller)
  2. Improvement noted in the attacking sense but that defence and holding midfielder really need improved
  3. Would take a draw seeing the team. Only hoping some confidence has been maintained from last week but that defence! Good grief
  4. Training with Rennie and Miller playing Goodcock Badcock
  5. what is the chance of us signing at least one competent experienced central defender before 3pm tomorrow? If it is no chance then so have the team
  6. God I would hate to have my son sign for Falkirk. if you are not super star material by the age of 20 then you are a waste of a wage if you dare to read SM.
  7. Played 14 first team games for Gretna so hopefully he has kicked on
  8. But he did not smile. Must want back to Arbroath lol
  9. Prince Andrew as Head of Youth Development I've heard.
  10. come on someone make up a good rumour that's not a rapist
  11. Would bite your hand off for a draw if our defence is not supplemented
  12. Hetherington? What's the story? Injured? Spat the dummy ? Just pure crap?
  13. Don't want Raplochs baddest but another target/hold up man is needed. Think we will find we will gain a few strikers if we do. Keena and Morrison need to play alongside a player like Dowds. That a big error from Sheerin and Holt. They thought those players could score without one. Wrong
  14. I thought ONEF was dull and full of negative whingers but tonight is a new low. On a day when we scored 6 (six) goals in a game for the first time in a long period the topic of conversation is whether the hatrick hero wants to be here! Geez a break and try some well needed optimism. Lordy
  15. Once Morrison gets the hang of feeding off Dowds or Keena plays up top with Dowds with Morrison in McGuffies place I think we will be a reasonable attacking team. Okay Falkirk now is your chance to ruin it all by being pish next week. ITS THE FALKIRK WAY
  16. As Rennie said play like that and you will quickly become a hero
  17. in the interview I saw a young player who was not very happy being filmed rather than what others perceived. Some people shine whilst others are a wee bit more timid. Should have his sights higher than Arbroath on today's showing
  18. I would play Dowds and Keena up front next week with Morrison in support role
  19. That really made an old man laugh. Well done sir!
  20. Think we could get a confidence boost with a good win here IF
  21. As I have said before no I don't want him and gave my reasons. The BOD also have their own concerns and they know the feelings of fan. Email the board like I and others have and don't just hope they read your posts on a forum
  22. Wish the DGW saga was over one way or another as it is the new COVID/BREXIT. Page after page after page
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