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  1. ATS at CH is a must. Jamie Wilson is our new secret weapon upfront. Nah just bull
  2. If you spread rumours you are a blabber mouth. If you don't past on everything you are secretive. Glad I am not an FFC director
  3. Unfortunately I know a lot more than I can say
  4. where he denied but was found as not a reliable witness seen by the comment on the accuser. If he sees nought wrong well that is a problem. Taking advantage of a drunk lassie does not seem to matter That's why a lot of women just fail to report. Proof is often impossible unless the perpetrator admits
  5. Wee problem. I am 64 so my gran would be 140. Think she deserves New Years day off!
  6. Our new signing. Looks a bit old but has the ability to trap the ball
  7. I worked in Criminal Justice for a time and I am really passionate about people being rehabilitated. To do that you must accept your crime and work towards never repeating it. In the case of DGW he does not feel he has done anything to be remorseful for which is completely different. A big no no no from me.
  8. I often think when players become " injured " when a new regime takes over it is more a psychological injury than a physical one. Some players don't adapt well to new approaches and I can see big changes at our club. Wait and see. Hetherington and Ruth spring to mind
  9. From twitter I think we have signed a young striker called Alex Ferguson
  10. Think we have signed 4 brilliant players today but the media team are rat arsed so we will have to wait for the announcement. It's the hope that kills you in the end!
  11. Big wish for 2022. I hope we win more games than we lose. Not a big ask but this season is gone sadly
  12. I have signed up but do have reservations about my cash being lost through Holts horrendous signing history. The club needs fans and money but it also needs to have faith in our recruitment
  13. The system that worked for decades was Keeper 2 Full Backs 1 Centre Half 2 Half Backs 2 Wingers 2 inside forwards 1 Centre Forward It is so old it could now be called new and revolutionary Bring it back!
  14. Surely the board see the lack of faith the fan base have in any Holt recruitment. Everything he has touched since his arrival has brought us disaster. We can't trust him with our FSS hard earned cash. BPM PLEASE LET YOUR COHORT KNOW.
  15. We certainly are. This team is spineless and talentless and no manager can work with rhis squad. a defence that can't defend and an attack that cannot score Praying for a good window or we WILL be playing 4th Division football. Angry especially with Holt who signed these imposters
  16. Well Martin and Kenny this is your raw materials. awful
  17. my views completely. Health does not matter as much as Boxing day sales but matters more than football
  18. On much better matters. Really looking forward to Sundays game. Hope we see a much better performance with a solid defence and perhaps a better chance of scoring a goal. Its the hope that kills you in the end !
  19. That's the one A fantastic game of football. I thought I was older than 6! I was 11 Viva Johnny Graham was a hero at that time.
  20. I will raise you a brilliant game Falkirk 6 - QOS 3 in December 1963 I think
  21. I agree but not about people wanting to see others die. I also think the high profile Omicron is getting is mostly due to the general public becoming a wee bit too complacent and not getting the booster. Raise the profile, spread the fear and prevent mass spreading through mass gatherings
  22. Think the government is at a wee bit of paranoia creating. A good thing if it stops the usual spike in January
  23. really think it would be better to have no supporters at the game than all this sabre rattling. We have a lot more to think about than who gets the golden ticket for Willie Wonkas
  24. I am refusing to go back to games until the new board do the conga round the pitch to let us know they are all pulling in the same direction
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