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  1. You have made my day and broadened my vocabulary sir. Well done
  2. Would love to sign Craig but it shows how far we have fallen when we pin our colours to the mast on a 35 year old from St Johnstone
  3. any guess at the team for Saturday? I would go Mutch vWatson Hall ATS Williamson Telfer AN Other McCann Morrison Dowds Kabia
  4. Did Mutch play in the bounce game this week?
  5. Can't see it. One midfielder at the most I think
  6. Like Rennies style. Never once slagged the players just employed better. Knows his management well.
  7. 3 new defenders and 2 new ( if you count Dowds )strikers so far. Rennie is not messing about. Hope it works
  8. Irony and sarcasm. He looks like a lad with a future and will be using us as part of his development. Now how long will it take us to gel! That's next isn't it?
  9. At his age he should be well into the first team at Hull. Why do we have to put up with their dross? They are an EPL Championship side and we are .. Forget that Welcome Jevon make your career
  10. it's the Falkirk Way. Soon to be followed by what a waste of money sack the board
  11. Feel sorry for Hall or McKay. They keep a clean sheet and one of them get dropped. Not sorry at all
  12. Liam Craig throws his sub track suit into the crowd and waves a Falkirk flag above his head
  13. Wish Tom Taiwo was still able to play. That's the type needed
  14. sadly then as now a lot of schoolkids go for one side of the bigot divide. What's new is being fans of an English team because they watch them on TV
  15. Loved the Monty Python sketch on it Spam Spam Spam Spam Spammity Spam. Too long ago for most on here
  16. Right Later today we must sign an experienced defensive midfield thug. Defence looks better with Watson and Dixon being in there. Attack with Dowds and Kabia looks good. Now the midfield. we are too lightweight and lack leadership. If not Craig then someone with dig and command required Make it happen.
  17. They are waiting for the number 10 party to finish before announcement
  18. Wilson is a dud but jury still out on Ompreon for me
  19. take Keena and Morrison money and bribe Craig Sorted
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