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  1. But will Leigh be able to keep Wilson out the team?
  2. LG scores 6 goals in two games and is immediately sold for 20million to Sevco. Sorted
  3. Well done Gary Holt. He must have had this in the pipeline before he left NOT
  4. Quite often a different management approach brings different results. Keeping optimistic as some of our worst performers have been half decent at one point in their careers
  5. Perhaps his race was run and he was subbed. He did put in a hard shift
  6. we got hammered 6-0 by this mob not long ago so people who are saying there is NO improvement need a closer look. We are not a team of world beaters but at least the defence are starting to defend better and the attack are getting goals. Its the middle where we lack. We have invested too much on skillful lightweights and not enough on strength. The teams who are beating us have a couple of no nonsense midfielders who sadly just elbow us out easily
  7. Would have taken that before the game but with the second half performance it feels like 2 points dropped. Better but no coconut
  8. Nesbit replaces McGuffie. Softie for Softie
  9. Wonder what DGW it doing today? Pub or bookies?
  10. Basically dreading the game. With a new look to the team there is hope of positive change but this is Falkirk we are talking about where hope usually means a kick in the nuts
  11. Hetherington is fit. Problem or problem solved?
  12. 3 young lads Give them a chance to develop. Weekes looked raw but industrious when I have seen him The loan MAY develop him
  13. Perhaps the on field performance is also having a bit of a dampening effect. A few decent wins combined with good promotion could see a big jump. We are in the doldrums at present and I know that's when we need to band together but life is not like that
  14. Because we missed out on DGW apparently we are using the money for a loan deal for Mason Greenwood from ManU. What could go wrong?
  15. David Goodwillie Why does he want to stay in the limelight? If he was a brickie he would just be insignificant but he wants to be a big shot
  16. ITK I have heard from a very reliable source that we will not be signing David Goodwillie before the end of February. You saw it here first
  17. Midfield? What is the chance of Hetherington being a better player when paired with Jacobs? Probably not but it may give him a bit more support
  18. Come on Falkirk sign somebody for midfield. Look I am a member of FSS and I give you permission to spend my £20 to get us out this mess
  19. Give them a chance. Three players in that team who barely know each other. Jacobs signed this morning so won't know what his team mates had for breakfast.
  20. I have had the pleasure of working with members of travelling communities and it is a word greatly hated by them
  21. Offers additional steel Great assessment of what we lack Mr Rennie
  22. Perhaps they are sufferers from pseudologica fantastica
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