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  1. How I miss having a team that WANTED to play for Falkirk instead of wage thieves
  2. Wonder if Mills will play defensive midfield? Did in bounce game. Worth a shot as that's where we are crap ( Miller Hetherington etc)
  3. Change needs to be thought about now for next season Awful
  4. Is McCann more used to a back 4 and is happy we are doing it?
  5. DGW will be playing outside left. Sorry that was meant to be left outside
  6. Problem is a decent team on paper does not always equate to a decent team on the park. Some of our current crap have decent enough Cv's
  7. NLC saying its his lack of remorse or care that's the problem. Just how I feel. People who abuse and don't acknowledge what they have done and don't show feelings for the victim can never be rehabilitated. Bin
  8. I am longing for the days where we bled young players who had come through the development ranks are their goal was to play in the first team for Falkirk. Some succeeded some did not but they all seemed proud to wear the shirt We don't have that now ( yet hopefully ). instead we sign up players who just want a wage and are sure they will be punted so why bother. Sad state of affairs
  9. and the needle returns to the start of the song and we all go along as before
  10. Is Dixon our longest serving player apart from Mutch? A team who have no loyalty or pride in playing for Falkirk as they know they are merely transients
  11. I really do think constantly changing manager and players is one of the reasons we are where we are. Nobody going to get a testimonial with this waltzer of a club. MAN U had a new manager who the fans wanted rid of until they won the league Cup. Ferguson proved that stability can bring results We just need to stop wishing for a wonder manager who will make us all happy and try to get a regular developing team. Cove Rangers have a settled team with just a few additions this season
  12. This league has three slightly better than absolute pish teams and 7 totally pish teams of which we are in the latter Anything can and will happen
  13. The way we were headed it would have been 4 points from 30. We had dropped off the cliff very quickly
  14. Rennie has the job of polishing the turd he was left with plus the odds and sods that were available during the window. A job no-one would relish
  15. I remember a very successful Arsenal team that they called Arsenal 1 -0 because that was usually the score. Fans loved them. It's all you need for 3 points
  16. Alex Ferguson? Ex player, not working and looked fine on TV a couple of days ago
  17. Horrible performance as usual but at least we scrapped a win. Those who said LG was a waste of money should look at his performance today. Dowds a bit out of sorts but we have all been told he is EF through and through. Need Jaze back and quick
  18. And even when times are bad and Saturdays are to be dreaded me still have hope. Its what we do. The 70's were a nightmare and the crowds dwindled. It WILL get better but not overnight
  19. Yesterday we played against a team who are top of the league on merit They have a settled side who have developed as a unit. We on the other hand are a team that has been recently assembled to help us from possible problems. We were never going to beat them at this stage and we will struggle against Airdrie too. All we can hope for is a gradual improvement and hope we can fire on to the play offs.
  20. I have watched Great games up my local park. Two team of pub amateurs going for it can be very entertaining. It does not matter what level you are at you can get entertainment skill or not. The game is popular not just for the big money stars with their fantastic skills but for the passion it can create no matter what level you play at
  21. Did not expect much from today so move on. Good result was EF holding QP
  22. Hetherington with Jacobs will be interesting. I wondered if this would happen as it gives us a bit of experience in midfield. Hope it works
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