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  1. Willie could certainly keep goal but was not keen on the showers apparently
  2. Our keepers range from Willie Wigham to Leo Fasan. All the rest somewhere in the middle
  3. Exactly. The £10+ is not a gift it is your entry fee into the decision making process. To get a result from your money get personally involved. Okay your views may not be in the majority but at least they are being heard. EASY
  4. That's the problem with democracy . You sometimes have to accept your view is in the minority In those situations people either accept it or if they feel that strongly vote with their feet
  5. This country voted SNP at the elections. I bet that even the most staunch supporter has questioned some of their decisions. They can then vote against at the right time.
  6. And before anyone asks I would not recognise most of our board if they came up and slapped me in the face with a fish
  7. That's the point. In a democracy you vote for a person that most reflects your views. They then influence that type of decision. Having a referendum on things like that is great in theory but hard in practice. They do a lot of it in Switzerland and people don't vote! If people feel so strongly they should get their wee bums out the house and speak to those who make decisions. I do
  8. Democracy is a funny thing. I and most of my friends voted for independence but I accept more voted remain. It was not a fix. In elections I regularly vote Socialist Workers party but never win. It is not a fix. The club may make decisions I don't like but at least I can now vote to elect someone who has my views. Make it happen at FFC
  9. As a member of FSS I really do believe that we are now run by people who want the best for us. We now have some democracy which is good. Problem with democracy is that not all voters opt for the victor so they complain. If you want a say and have strong views join FSS and try to get your views accepted It's that easy. For a long time we have had a demon we called chairman/woman and blamed them for all our ills. Now we don't and if we use our cash we can all have our views right or wrong in a place where change can happen. It may solve the problem of forums deciding on a scapegoat as the problem may lie with themselves
  10. MR had the January window to change us. He brought in players that he could which were probably not quite what he wanted but it was all that was available. He inherited a team with about 10 players who were rank for us. He has a gang of what is available plus 4 or 5 duds to make a team. Just because you sign 6 players it does not mean the whole team should be fantastic. I am frustrated with the results too but still too early to throw the baby out with the bath water
  11. Shows down at the stadium.. At least there has been some entertainment there this year!
  12. When our longest serving outfield player is Paul Dixon it does not take long to work out why loyalty and pride in the club is not what it used to be
  13. Jevon Mills will be a decent player once he develops. Potential obvious
  14. A must win at all costs. Just go for it to hell with it!
  15. if we beat QP 9 NIL in the last game that should be enough
  16. I just want to see a good football team that wins most games. I have no opinion on whether a manager shouts or cuddles as long as they make my Saturday nights happy again Hope the new board can sort it and they will have my support until we can see otherwise
  17. Do people think that there is a big shop selling players to fit every occasion that opens in the January sales? No there is not sadly. The market mostly consists of players not wanted by their current gang, free agents ( usually for a good reason) and young players who we know are hit or a miss. It can't be as easy as saying " we need a couple of strong midfielders " Oh look there's a couple over there. In you come son
  18. Getting the players in to make our midfield tick was the key. We brought in better defenders and the attack is improved but our weakest link is still our weakest link. Think the idea was to bring Liam Craig in to help. It did not happen so that money was diverted to LG
  19. Just listened to Mutch. Absolutely correct young man. We are soft as putty particularly in midfield. The midfield can't protect the defence and don't support the strikers. They are weak and a pushover for teams around and above us. It does not matter if we have a world class defence and attack if the midfield are shit bags we will never do anything Holt and Sheerin signed too many silky ( sic ) players and nobody able to do the dirty stuff well.
  20. Think his whole hands were taped up before Mutch came back. Or perhaps he is just crap
  21. What is the reason behind us signing players who look good on their CV but when we play them they turn out crap? Is it training? Is it bottom of the barrel FT players? Or what. Players who have stunk with us are now playing a league up and perform well. What do we do to them? Gone are the days when we bled our young players into the first team every year and they appeared to want to do well. Now we sign team hoppers who really could not give a damn if they win lose or draw. FED UP
  22. Just going with sidelines passion KM appears to try more. Would not like him full time but perhaps until we slither into the end of the season
  23. Would like to see Rennie pack in and Kenny Miller staying until summer. Very sad as I wanted this merry-go-round to stop but Rennie has not worked. Really wanted it to be a great return to his hometown but sadly it has not worked for him or us. Need to try things for next season now.
  24. Experiment over. Keep Rennie till summer but plan for his replacement now
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