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  1. Yes I think it’s time to stop getting all worked up over some misguided wording, and look at the bigger picture here which is safeguarding the future of our club today…..
    Had a refreshing look at pre match McGlynn and Yeats and have now discovered the club is not all doom gloom and wo is me. Looking forward to watching a football match as that is what matters
  2. The 90%/10% comment is what everyone is focused on though so the rest of the message isn’t as impactful.
    I really don’t get how a group of successful people, supposedly with a high level of business acumen could proof read that and not pick up on it.
    I think they are trying their best on paper to get the people who nominally pledged to donate then have not. No one knows more than me the impact the current financial crisis is having on people and their families as i often work with the less financially affluent and see it ruining lives. But if this email can get a couple of hundred who perhaps can afford a small amount a month then it is great. Hope it does as selling shares to someone who has a different agenda to the fans would be very sad.
  3. I never seen the bounce game he played in at right back but the only game he started at right back he was woeful. 
    Positioning all over the place and both Alloa goals came from the right side.
    I think I'll stick with wild 
    We need to get him to do something. Perhaps he would be good on the turnstiles?
  4. If McGlynn does nothing else he has brought us Yeats Donaldson, McGinn Lawal and the exciting Burrell. They appear to want to excel. He has also put a booster in a few others.from last years capitulation. Big tests are the Montrose and Airdrie games. Wins would be massive. The scum fans appear to fear injuries and suspension as in their words their squad is very thin

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