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  1. i thought the ref and linos were pretty anonymous which is really a compliment in this league
  2. Do you go to specsavers or do they come to you?
  3. According to wiki he has only scored 7 goals since 2015 so he will be over the moon tonight! Done son
  4. Perhaps the Kelty result was not as bad as we thought. Looks like they are a team who can raise their game against the better teams and struggle against the rest. As McGlynn said this league will produce a good few surprises
  5. Looked at the bench and thought WOW. When did we last have a bench who are all ( well almost ) capable of doing a job ?
  6. We need someone to donate anonymously £400000 and say it is for FSS. Right lads i want every one to search down the back of chairs and couches. i just have so we now need £399998.64p. Get searching gang
  7. It comments like this that give me the fear. If only Falkirk could produce what fans think they should but invariably we duff it!
  8. Had a refreshing look at pre match McGlynn and Yeats and have now discovered the club is not all doom gloom and wo is me. Looking forward to watching a football match as that is what matters
  9. I think they are trying their best on paper to get the people who nominally pledged to donate then have not. No one knows more than me the impact the current financial crisis is having on people and their families as i often work with the less financially affluent and see it ruining lives. But if this email can get a couple of hundred who perhaps can afford a small amount a month then it is great. Hope it does as selling shares to someone who has a different agenda to the fans would be very sad.
  10. When the questionnaire about signing up before The Campbell Fiasco around 1500 people pledged no sign up i seem to remember. That was the numbers then but ........
  11. But that was against a weakened Falkirk side so does not count ! Like us via Partick according to the neighsayers
  12. We need to get him to do something. Perhaps he would be good on the turnstiles?
  13. lol i know. But it is the only position he has not ruined!
  14. Williamson was once described as a wean chasing a balloon on here. Well done whoever posted that as it will stay in my memory for life CLASS
  15. We have 3 experienced RB'S injured. Williamson, Watson and Wilson !
  16. Whilst Yeats is doing a job at RB remember he is an 18 year old boy with a bit to learn. McGinn is just the one to mould him
  17. Was working last night and missed the game. What a unit Burrell is according to the highlights. Not greedy as he set up a few for others to miss. Looking forward to seeing him on Saturday
  18. If McGlynn does nothing else he has brought us Yeats Donaldson, McGinn Lawal and the exciting Burrell. They appear to want to excel. He has also put a booster in a few others.from last years capitulation. Big tests are the Montrose and Airdrie games. Wins would be massive. The scum fans appear to fear injuries and suspension as in their words their squad is very thin
  19. Would love to see Lawal get a start on Friday. We need to see what he can do over 90mins
  20. well said. Hopefully we get a bigger sign up if we put a good product on the park. Fuel prices will be a problem for some so we need to be patient. Get the tenners in if you can lads!
  21. If Burrell is dropped then i must think McGlynn is a fop! A player today
  22. Why not just call it a draw and have a nice day. It is the best way to respect the Queen ( dont give a damn hoot) and prevents the hiding i think we will get!
  23. Noticed the Kelty disaster was not mentioned in the pre match interview. I wonder why? Not
  24. Our defense has not been as solid since Brad McKay got injured Did i just say that?
  25. Cove game postponed so i assume so will all the rest
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