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  1. Was working last night and missed the game. What a unit Burrell is according to the highlights. Not greedy as he set up a few for others to miss. Looking forward to seeing him on Saturday
  2. If McGlynn does nothing else he has brought us Yeats Donaldson, McGinn Lawal and the exciting Burrell. They appear to want to excel. He has also put a booster in a few others.from last years capitulation. Big tests are the Montrose and Airdrie games. Wins would be massive. The scum fans appear to fear injuries and suspension as in their words their squad is very thin
  3. Would love to see Lawal get a start on Friday. We need to see what he can do over 90mins
  4. well said. Hopefully we get a bigger sign up if we put a good product on the park. Fuel prices will be a problem for some so we need to be patient. Get the tenners in if you can lads!
  5. If Burrell is dropped then i must think McGlynn is a fop! A player today
  6. Why not just call it a draw and have a nice day. It is the best way to respect the Queen ( dont give a damn hoot) and prevents the hiding i think we will get!
  7. Noticed the Kelty disaster was not mentioned in the pre match interview. I wonder why? Not
  8. Our defense has not been as solid since Brad McKay got injured Did i just say that?
  9. Cove game postponed so i assume so will all the rest
  10. See the crowd and listen to the noise. Wish we could still get that excitement. Miss the feel of being a regular part of the "choir ". Far too sanitised these days. Great game
  11. Kelty's only point before our game was against Dunfermline. Worth a thought?
  12. unless there is something we dont know Burrell and Alegria look like a good pairing with Oliver in the 10 role
  13. Bad team choice. bad team performance. We learn and move on.
  14. Player of the month open. For the first time in a while it does not go to the least worst!
  15. Not a very attacking team on paper at least
  16. What will this shape be? 4 at the back or back 3 with McCann as wing back?
  17. Dont think pro football is for him. Far too delicate
  18. I meant in the league. Crikey 6 years ago. Thats mental!
  19. Stato Alert When was the last time Falkirk won 4 games in a row?
  20. if Cardle is magic can i ask him to make you feckin disappear
  21. He violently handled the ball on the goal line. Lucky the ball didnt burst!
  22. Is now a good time to advertise FSS. Mood good and results good. Surely a few people could be tempted to pay a tenner a month? I know budgets are tight but £10 a month is less than 2 pints of beer in BTW over a month
  23. Brightened up my evening. Thanks. Great goal by young lass at half time Nutmeg on the keeper
  24. Agree. If we are linked with a player i always go to the other clubs website for info so i suppose its the same for other teams. I get most of my info from our social media( imagine an auld duffer like me even using it! ) but a club resource needs to be at least adequate. Not losing any sleep but there must be a volunteer who could make it their pet project
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