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  1. We are now in a total signing vacuum. Getting a bit boring. Surely with a leaky board someone knows something
  2. No. I think we will have to make do with wild guesses mostly concerning old faces returning. It is that time of year
  3. Bad luck. Thought you deserved better. Over the season you played good football. Hope you keep a few of your team and get a decent new manager [emoji106]
  4. Just thinking that it must be hellish being a middle of the road pro footballer. Every summer you are bartered for like someone who is being part of a human trafficking gang. Glad I was crap at playing and went into a job with a secure future
  5. Would shake n vac not bring the freshness back?
  6. Not talking about quality I am referring to entertainment. A Champions League final can be high quality but still a DIRE watch.
  7. Arbroath v ICT 120 minutes of my life I won't get back. DIRE
  8. Obviously Paul Watson is his type of player which bodes well if it's a clue to recruitment to come
  9. Well done for the interview John How you can talk for 22 mins about a job that has yet to really get going is amazing I agree that attitude and desire is the key. Good luck with that.
  10. Most players are signed until end of May with their current club. I am sure some tapping up is going on but the board/management are not known for leaks
  11. Whilst working in the voluntary sector I worked with a group called SCORE which I think was the Scottish Confederation of Retired Executives. Those guys loved their voluntary work and because it was not about making money they put a lot of effort in. Bet there are lots of retired professionals who love the club and would enjoy putting their skills to work to get us back to where we aspire to be.
  12. Problem is- How do we attract any decent players given the mess we have created over the last few years ?
  13. As a Falkirk fan well done Airdrie. Brilliant comeback. You deserve it over the season
  14. Lewis would not be able to pronounce most of them so a no go for me
  15. Where are our new heroes. Come on McGlynn you have had at least 12 hours to complete our reformation. Work shy ?
  16. No we have not put a bid in for Santi Mina before anyone says otherwise!
  17. THIS People always try to fill a vacuum and that's what the ITK posts were. I got a wee bit annoyed at one point then I remembered that this is what a faceless forum is. Good luck to the new men and wish you a lot of fortune with either getting rid of or transforming the dross you are lumbered with.
  18. Paraphrenia is a mental disorder characterized by an organized system of paranoid delusions with or without hallucinations
  19. Two guys who are technically out of work at the end of the month getting signed up for a new job is hardly confidential! It's all over the papers.
  20. A wee swap with a fantastic young keeper called Holt might be on the cards?
  21. What's McGlynns thoughts on the Brentford Model?
  22. The hold up in announcing McGlynn is due to him bringing a team worth of winning the league along with him. Well done son
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