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  1. Young Lennox Walker is scoring for fun at Bo'ness. Good signing if he continues to develop
  2. Think he is a " horses for courses " type of player. Give him the freedom to charge upfield against a poor team and he shines. Play him against a team who press forward and are blessed with good wide players and he will not shine as much. Thats where we need the sitting midfielders to cover
  3. Getting the ball in scoring positions is the part he is mastering. Next should be converting ( hope kills)
  4. i think the turning of Morrison into a striker is going slowly but well He is getting himself into scoring positions but has yet to add the killer touch.
  5. Great interview with Williamson. He knew he was under performing and was ecstatic about yesterday
  6. probably quoted you due to not seeing the screen as i basking in the sun before a late shift Sorry lol
  7. Perhaps the club phoned forest first. And by we i was wrongly viewing the fans and club officials as one harmonious collective
  8. So you dont think we phoned Forest before the tweet?
  9. if the club did not say that "angry of Falkirk " would be full on with hammering the board for not keeping us informed. We know it's true!
  10. A game where we score a good few would really improve morale but cant see that yet
  11. How many times do we have to play Morrison up front before we realise he is NOT a striker
  12. I have not a clue what Oliver Alegria Burrell and Lawal are capable of but i (after reading the gloom) am praying they are the finds of the decade
  13. Lawal i love a good palindrome . A player
  14. Its getting to the stage that if a board member says good morning it really means that the night before or the evening after either were terrible or going to be terrible
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