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  1. Anyone remember the Caribbean band that played in the temp stand one game? Or am I imagining it?
  2. A semi? Think for most fans last night was a bit more than a semi!
  3. Are there any spaces left on the bus to Hampden? Who would have dreamt that the above statement would be written on a Falkirk thread at this time last season?
  4. Loved the game when that clean living chap Tony Stokes destroyed your mob at EEP. Keepy Uppy in the corner to really rub it in
  5. Blaine Rowe is a brilliant right back. You don't see him making many mistakes, Good in defence when needed and a real threat going forward.
  6. Anyone with a phone catch that first McGuffie screamer. IF so 0lease post as I missed it and was looking away as it was at the half way line so little danger. NEXT it was in!
  7. Applause for them . Must be hard watching their team every week. Shows what being a fan is.
  8. Can see the 1/4 final between the two least fancied teams getting a TV slot. This would follow the march of the Diddy teams theme
  9. Watched on TV and can honestly say that is the best performance I have witnessed from us since we landed in this league. Professional and focused throughout. Even the desire of Hendo for the 4th. Brilliant
  10. Looking forward to going to this. Never easy against Alloa. Burrell giving McGlynn something to think about he said in his interview. Burrell starting with Allan being added if we can't score
  11. Just watched highlights( cue part time fan ) Burrell with a strikers goal and a strikers assist. A good half hours work!
  12. I do not know any of the old board or any of the new board but I do know I want to see Falkirk Football Club to be successful on and off the park starting with a resounding victory today.
  13. What do we need to do to get a result against this mob?
  14. Usual great interview with McGlynn. Breath of fresh air
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