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  1. Lichties v Loons 26-01-19

    Can’t see Arbroath getting beat, Spence to score debut league goal
  2. The Arbroath Thread

    Can’t believe Hester has been let go, great local lad just wanting to play football, really bad move [emoji35]
  3. The Arbroath Thread

    The crowds will start to get bigger and bigger as the we edge closer to the end of the season Phillip, some hangers on already started , there will be more!! Wait till the day we lift the title , hanger on central!!
  4. The Arbroath Thread

    Don’t you know pump it up
  5. Airdrie v Rovers

    Yous are Shite maybe??
  6. Can see Arbroath winning this and bringing home the 3 points
  7. Arbroath vs Brechin

    What’s happening that day? Party for being second place? Idiot
  8. Arbroath vs Brechin

    Shut up you bridie shagging mink
  9. Arbroath vs Brechin

    Can imagine raith fans looking at their phones seeing we were dropping points , then we score a header , once again GIRFUY , hope you have a horrible Saturday night raith fans, goodnight
  10. Arbroath vs Brechin

    I think Hester should get a chance, he’s a good local lad?
  11. The Arbroath Thread

    Do you have any idea of who it is?
  12. Arbroath vs Brechin

    Part of the pitch that doesn’t get sun and goalmouths
  13. Montrose vs Arbroath

    Tink lol, very good